Watercrab : Agency Profile

“We work with brands to create telling stories across mediums. Our design has a strong content connect and it attracts brands looking for the same. We operate like a record label, encouraging senior artists to manage their own studio and team. We now have studios in Bangalore, Goa and Kochi.”

What made you start Watercrab?
It was three of us. It was a seemingly good idea at the time.

Tell us about your creatives. Did they go into fine art or design schools? How do you pick them up? The copywriters?
Most of the designers are from Fine Art schools. The copywriters are usually people who had enough of other industries. We look at portfolios, rather than resumes. Although, quite a lot of people apply as first-timers, especially for copy, so we administer a copy test. Most of the recruitment happens through our network, which is still the best way to find creatives in India.

Is there a ‘Creative Brief’ format that Watercrab follows? We know the better the brief, the better the creatives…
Yes of course, we have a skeleton brief for each medium which we then tweak heavily for each client.

What does Watercrab do which sets it apart?
One as I mentioned above is the strong content-based design. Secondly, and it’s something clients learn as they go along; we put a lot of effort into even the smallest of creatives, even if it’s an email signature or an employee ID badge, as long as it is part of the story, we try to make it unique. And third, since each of our studios is headed by a senior creative partner, there are uniquely different creative styles to choose from.

Were there any particular role models for you when you grew up?
Answering this collectively – None that were related to design.

Who was the most influential personality on your career in Brand Building?
The founder at the previous agency we all worked in. He taught us how to be entrepreneurs and he taught us the power of good design.

How important is the focus on good design in Watercrab?
Good design or die.

Do you function like a traditional advertising agency? Or would you call yourself more of a graphic design/branding agency?
At this stage we are neither. It’s always a combination of things that tells the story best. Branding, graphic design, advertising, UI Design, motion graphics, whatever it takes.

What do you feel about the state of design in Brand Building in India?
It’s a good time to be alive. From small studios, to international powerhouses, the design landscape is evolving at top speed. Everyday we come across new studios, and are awe-struck by their work.

Any other Indian agencies you admire?
Ishan Khosla, Taproot, Elephant Design. There are so many that we admire (but can’t remember)

What advice do you have for aspiring creative professionals? Would you advise them to take on graphic design as a career option? Or Advertising and brand building?
Learn all sides of the industry. Designers need to understand copy to create great design. Copywriters need to understand design to write relevant copy. And they both need to understand servicing.

Who would your design team like to take out for dinner?
Humble Politician Nograj, Saul Bass when he was alive.

What’s on the company iPod?
Gangster Rap

Mac or PC?

Whats your Twitter Handle?
We don’t have one. Find us on Instagram : crabogram

Watercrab Goa Office
Watercrab Goa Office
Jeevan Sebastian
Mom. Azhar
Shilpin Patel
Stylish Kumar

Graffiti Collaborative : Agency Profile

Graffiti Collaborative is a 4.5 years young creative agency. Its expertise lies in identifying the problem of a business and finding a creative solution. It believes that the solution usually lies in identifying the problem. Most people identify symptoms but it’s another skill to be able to differentiate them from the actual problem. That is the USP of this agency.

Although it started out as a digital agency, it soon realised that problems cannot be solved through a single medium alone. Once a creative strategy has been thought through, one needs to choose the right channels of communication based on several criteria. Today, Graffiti develops 360 degree creative communication strategies for its clients and delivers on digital, design, films, events, tech and everything creative. It strictly sticks to its expertise of strategies and tactics and doesn’t venture into the more ‘lucrative’ media buying space. The company will continue to evolve in the coming years keeping up with the times. The best is yet to come.
How was Graffiti Collaborative born (and when)?
This is a little complicated story and quite honestly, is being told to a larger public for the first time. It started out as a digital agency in a small shared room – sitting knee to knee for a few months. Once we realised we had more to offer to the communication industry, we packed off to a beautiful space which became our home for the next few years. As we learned more, we observed how this industry functioned – and we found it rather competitive. We figured that the quality of work is higher when collaborating rather than competing – and that’s how from Graffiti Media, we became Graffiti Collaborative. With that small but very significant change in our mindset, we have now become an agency which strives to change many standards in this industry. Our tagline – served with love – is a testament to it! We hope to bring out love in this industry. Love for what we do, love for people working with us and love towards nature and all things around us.


Avignyata : Social Media Marketing

AVIGNYATA meaning omnipresent, is a Social media marketing firm founded by the brothers duo in order to create a marketing ripple for brands across social networks. We strive each day and consider the clients goal as our own for achieving equilibrium across digital platforms.

What made you start Avignyata?
In 2007, we anticipated that there will be surge in demand for digital marketing and started Avignyata; we are one of the pioneers in social media marketing industry in India.

Eggfirst : Agency Profile

Eggfirst is a full-service, mid size advertising agency offering end-to-end creative solutions. It is now a ten-year case study of value creation and building beliefs. It’s passionate about delivering what is now known as ‘Eggfirst quality’. The team is an embodiment of the ‘work hard play hard’ work ethic.

What made you start Eggfirst?
I was in the thick of marketing strategy and consulting before I started Eggfirst. I wanted to get closer to consumers and connect with them some more. There’s nothing like advertising that touches human lives and changes behaviours; perhaps on a daily basis. Equally importantly, advertising is one step closer to action than consulting advisory. It helps us make a visible tangible difference to the lives of our clients and their consumers.

Trip Creative Services : Agency Profile

Trip Creative Services is a visual communication design house. Their team of creatives, developers and producers are always on the lookout for new and exciting ways to help you communicate. Their strength lies in their ability to fuse your vision with their various backgrounds, to create constructive ideas, movements and experiences.
Their services include: Film/ Video / Animation / Motion Graphics / Branding / Graphic Design / Web+ / Digital / Apps / Games



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Is Trip Creative primarily an illustration and design company? Do you also work on brand building and corporate identities?
Trip is not just about any single medium like illustration or graphic design. We have a more holistic approach to projects and work towards finding a creative design solution, using whichever medium, that is best suited to the project- be it film or animation or illustration or in rare cases the need of strategy rather than creating another campaign.
Yes, we do work on brands and corporate identities. We also provide video, digital and on ground solutions as well.

Tell us about your designers. Did they go into fine art or design schools? How do you pick them up?
We’re always on the lookout for this inherent ‘keeda’ in our crew, something unique or new that each one brings to the table. Yes, most of our designers did go to design school but it really doesn’t matter where they come from as long as they have that creative mindset which they’re willing and able to apply to any given spectrum.

Reverse Thought : Agency Profile

Reverse Thought is a young, vibrant creative hotspot. It is a confluence of designers and developers who aspire to create something out-of-the-box, outstanding for clients and more importantly themselves. Reverse Thought specializes in the BAD- Branding, Audio-Visual & Digital.

Is ReverseThought primarily an illustration and design company? Do you also work on brand building and corporate identities?
Reverse Thought is all about Branding, Audio Visual Communication and Digital. At our core we are a design company with deep strength in technology to execute the design. Illustrations form a part of our projects in many ways. We have built corporate identities for a number of upcoming companies and clients.


Audi – Little Thumb Navigation System by Verba Milan

“Driving is a totally different story.
Update your Audi navigation system.”

Agency: Verba, Milan
Client: Audi Service Italia
Copywriter: Luca Bartoli
Art director: Daniel Cambò
Executive creative directors: Luca Cortesini and Michelangelo Cianciosi
Post production: Max Sarotto

Concept Digital : Agency Profile

They (our clients) had a vision and we had a dream. They actually demanded and made us realize the need of the hour. Since the scribble on the wall said, Go Digital, go forth and conquer, we went North! They helped us carve a niche with the opportunities they gave us and brand building, communication – the entire gamut got a digital boost.

Any background on naming Concept Digital?
Respect for the Mother Brand! Why would we ditch the banner we were born with? We take pride in being associated as To the Manor Born!
We had the privilege of being born with a silver spoon in our mouth, as Concept had been a vanguard in advertising in its heyday! So we cruised along with the name and carved our digital identity, as digital was our new avatar.

What has been the reaction of clients and industry to this kind of thinking?
Our digital birth got a red carpet reception as it was keenly awaited by all our clients – they were already ready for it. Minimizing cost and maximizing reach and effectiveness, what more could a client want? So digital was like manna from heaven.


Wow Makers : Agency Profile

We are a young, dynamic creative agency based in Cochin. We make superb designs while helping people, making friends, winning hearts and having fun! Our mission/obsession is to make you go “Wow!”

What made you start WowMakers?
Two reasons: To make lots of money, and to make it by doing what we love. We have one life; don’t waste it by living someone else’s dream.

Tell us about your designers/animators. Did they go into fine art or design schools? How do you pick them up?
Actually, most of our team members don’t have a degree in fine arts or design. Many of them weren’t even designers to start with! The fact that we’ve come this far speaks volumes for their raw talent and learning ability. That’s how we hire team members: their talent, attitude and willingness to learn.


Chirpy Elephant : Agency Profile

We are tightly knit, pint sized shop with an eclectic bunch of talent. “We believe the ingenuity of any well crafted communication should sport a lively, engaging, mammoth idea and bring a massive smile to all concerned stakeholders.”

What made you start Chirpy Elephant?
My partner Jairam and I (Leela Ram), were feeling jaded, working for top MNCs and shops where it was all about toeing the line, humouring clients and heavy emphasis on billing. We felt we were moving away from the core reason of why we joined and enjoyed advertising. Besides we strongly felt, we were on a creative crusade to raise Chennai’s brand communication standards.

Tell us about your designers/animators. Did they go into fine art or design schools? How do you pick them up?
We have a fine mix of art talent. Our senior most resource is well rounded with local, national and international work exposure. We have Viscom grads that were handpicked because they had an eye for the ridiculous and also because they hailed from small towns, this helped bring fresher perspectives to the table and ensures a sane work culture.