Analogue Photography

We love shooting film. And so, to help the analogue shooting community we are publishing a small list of places in India where you can buy negative film for stills. This list will be constantly updated so do keep checking back. See our support pages on Facebook, Still Shooting Film, and The Celluloid Project. 

Buying Cameras:

Sethuram Anant Chimalgi, Hyderabad, has a good supply of used cameras in good condition. +919963697628

You could also write to us if you are looking for cameras. Admin At DesiCreative Dot Com

Massive chart for film development information.


Film Chemicals :

C-41 ( Color Negatives) – Liquid Kit (Tetenal) – 2 ltr Kit
E-6 ( Color Slides ) – Liquid Kit (Tetenal)
Available through Tetenal India 033 22881157


Bangalore : Analogue Film Cameras and Processing:

Processing Labs :
1) Prabhu Digital – Near brigade Road
080 4112 4222
Processes 35mm, medium format black and white , colour and can arrange slide processing. Can mail film rolls.

Film Supply:

1) RK Photo Guide

80-41139000, 80-22251929 (They can mail fim rolls.)

2) Buy film rolls from +91 8197084085

Buy Film Cameras in Bangalore: Prasanna has been selling repaired vintage film cameras like Prakticas and Exaktas from Dresden and Zorky and Fed cameras from USSR. Call +91 80 28602228


Delhi : Analogue Film Cameras and Processing:

Processing Labs :

1) SV Photographic D-732, Lower Ground Floor, Chittaranjan Park, New Delhi-110019
Ph.+91- 11 41603702, 41604001, 26278131. Mob:+91-9899015059

They develop B&W, C-41, E-6 and do darkroom printing as well.

2) Siddharth Photographix

B&W Color neg 35 ,medium format, Large Format 4×5 inch.
Ph : 09810372921 and land line no. 01124319210

Film Supply :

1) Eastern Photographic

2) Madanjee

Shop No. 12, Chandni Chowk, (opp. Moti Cinema) Delhi – 110006 Mobile : 91-9810026678 LandLine : 91-11-23276958


Bombay (Mumbai) : Analogue Film Cameras and Processing:

Idea Creative (This is perhaps your most complete processing to scanning and digital printing shop in Mumbai): Shop No. 1, Sharma Bldg., New Prabhadevi Road, Prabhadevi, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400025 Phone : +91 97023 40540

Processing Labs :

Creative Photo – 9594055751 (Unverified)

Film Supply
Nitin Photo +91 9962283553
Allied Photo Graphics 9324291934, 02266338211
Dave Brothers : Shop No.9, Oriental Building, 170, Opposite. Regal Cinema, Museum, M.G. Road, Maharashtra 400039 | Phone : +91 84220 20042

JJ Mehta : (Buy film) +91 98337 71200


Madras (Chennai) : Analogue Film Cameras and Processing:

Processing Labs :
Konica Studios (Sterling Road , Balfour Road) – 35mm color developing / printing

Apsara Color Labs (Ashok Nagar) – Opp to hot chips and near Reliance Digital , close to Ashok Pillar.

Krishna Studios – 35mm color , black and white developing . Also stock 35mm fuji film color rolls. Can mail film rolls. Near Geetha Cafe , 3 stores away from Rathna Stores, Pondy Bazaar in T Nagar Phone ( 044 – 24341657 )

Sathyam Studio – Near Mylapore railway Station . 35mm colour , black and white printing /developing Phone: 044 – 24640574 , 9790960574

Film Supply :
1) Ellis road location: Fotopoint ( Fuji colorplus 200 film , 35mm format)
2) Sasikant Mehta 9444136308 ( Fuji Provia , Neopan )
3) Krishna Studios – 35mm color , black and white developing . Also stock 35mm fuji film color rolls
Near Geetha cafe , 3 stores away from Rathna Stores, Pondy Bazaar in T Nagar ( 044 – 24341657 )
4) Gujarat Photo Suppliers +91 79 2656 4322 (Ahmedabad)

Ravi Prasad Labs : Process your film with confidence at Ravi Prasad Film Lab, known worldwide for our Super 8mm and 16mm award-winning processing. We process 110, 126, 127, 35mm, 120, 220, 620 black and white films, E6 slide film, and C41 colour negative film by hand to ensure excellent quality results.
No. 8 – 11, V.O.C MAIN ROAD,KODAMBAKKAM, CHENNAI – 600 024. | Phone : +91-44-2472 1234 | +91-44-2472 5678


Calcutta (Kolkata) : Analogue Film Cameras and Processing:


Bikash Bose 9331607940 (Only BW darkroom processing)

C-41 processing

Zoom 16 color film laboratory (
Zoom House
23/38, Gariahat Road,
Kolkata – 700 029, INDIA
(Near South City College, Golpark)
Telephone 033 4061 2166

Kwality Color Lab
2 Central Road, Jadavpur, Ist Floor
Kolkata 700032 West Bengal
Telephone 033 24830627

Vishal Colour Lab
Judges Ct Rd, Alipore, Kolkata, West Bengal 700027
Telephone 033 2449 9722

Vishal Colour Lab
137, Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Rd
Kolkata 700026 West Bengal
Telephone 033 6521 2224

Lashmi Narayan Digital
137, Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Rd
Kolkata 700026 West Bengal
Telephone 033 6520 0951, 9831244152
Film Stock:

Metropolitan Photographic Stores” (next to Bourne and Shepherd) call +919831261470. (Next to chowringhee road Big Bazaar.)

Mr Yazdhani (Repair of old Japanese cameras like Yashica)


Hyderabad : Analogue Film Cameras and Processing:

Sethuram Anant Chimalgi 9963697628 . can mail film


Gujarat : Analogue Film Cameras and Processing:

Processing :
Surender Patel (Sukruti) – 07926587335 ( 35mm, Medium Format Color Slides, Negatives, black and white development , scan) – Ahmedabad. mails films too.


Trivandrum (Film Processing) : Analogue Film Cameras and Processing:

Zepia Studio and Color Lab
L M S Complex, Opp. Corporation Building
Trivandrum – 695033
Kerala, India
Ph : +91 471 2317380, +91 9947777494


Pune : Analogue Film Cameras and Processing:
Processing :
Heera Photo Lab, Tilak road – Black and white. Email: . ph : 24478941
Pooja Photo Lab, Tilak Road – Colour processing , scanning. ph : 24477986

Buying Analogue Film, Chemicals and Papers Online In India:

Eastern Photographic Company







And this FB Page

197 thoughts on “Analogue Photography

  1. sanjay says:

    Hi, I run a film group on facebook called film photography India. please feel free to join

  2. jainulabdeen says:

    i would like to processes my self negatives taken by my 35 mm film camera for that where can i get manual negative processing kit like plastic container and 35 mm spool 120mm spool and ready mix chemicals like C41, RA4. Please guide me

  3. admin says:

    Hello! Will soon publish a guide too processing your own negatives at home.

  4. Srinivasan says:

    Hi…admins such a wonderful page with priceless info…I’m new to film photography I would like to process my own films….

  5. Jason says:

    Wow. Thanks for this. Really helpful.

  6. Katyani says:

    I want to know where I can get my negatives scanned into high resolution digital files in India. Any ideas?

  7. Stuart says:

    Please clarify who sells 120 film, who processes 120 film and who scans 120 film. Appears nothing in Chennai. Thx

  8. admin says:

    Hi Jainulabdeen, we will soon publish a detailed guide.

  9. Amith says:

    Does anyone know of place to buy films Patiala? Kindly let me know

  10. Manthan Patel says:

    Looking for compact point and shoot film camera with flash like oly mju, oly xa can anyone suggest where i can get one?

  11. Joe Hockley says:

    Hi, visitor to Delhi, has anyone used Prominent Digital Color Lab & Studio in East Delhi?
    I am looking to have C41 films developed there.

  12. G.Yelleswara Rao says:

    I want to join in your group
    I am using 4×5 camera speedgraphic

  13. G.Yelleswara Rao says:

    Does any one know where 4×5 sheet film can process in India?

  14. Achyut says:

    You guys know where can I buy a film camera in Mumbai??

  15. Achyut says:

    Where can I buy a film camera in Mumbai??

  16. admin says:

    @Joe Hockley : Pleaase check the Delhi details. These are the lanb processing in Delhi. Unfortunately I am not sure about East Delhi, but your best quality bet is SV Photographic:

  17. admin says:

    @achyut I have sent you an email with contacts.

  18. Samrat Biswas says:

    I wish to do film photography in black and white. My queries:
    1) Where can I get my black and white films in Kolkata?
    2) Where can I get it developed and printed in Kolkata?

  19. Ramasamy krishnan says:


    Chennai seems to have Zero support for Film Processing and rolls availablity, Any info regarding chennai will be helpful.


  20. Nirali says:

    I have the same question. Any reliable place in Mumbai where I can buy a film camera? Thanks!

  21. admin says:

    @Nirali : Please chek your email. Also if in Mumbai go to Fort, ask for Camera Gully. Walk through it to find a treasure of used film cameras in good condition at throw away prices.

  22. admin says:

    @Samrat : Scroll up to see Kolkata details. Did you try calling them?

  23. admin says:

    @Ramasamy : Scroll up tp see Chennai contacts. Did you try calling these?

  24. Prasanth Sylvester says:

    Hi Admin,
    I want to develop film at home. I know nothing .. except that I’ve been shooting Digital for few years. I bought one SLR and ordered few film rolls. Except loading and unloading, I’m clueless about rest of the procedures. Can someone in this forum help me to understand the film processing?

  25. Varun DK says:

    This article gives me hope to shoot in analogue ! Please support !

  26. Peter Noble says:

    Good to hear that (film) life goes on.
    I will be spending 4 months motoring india and capturing what remakns os lord hastings 2 year journey Calcutta to Lahore 1814 recorded by Sita Ram in water colour noting the prominent buildings: see
    I will get my pinhole 60×60 ektar processed locally.

  27. admin says:

    That’s a very interesting project. I guess that would be along the Grand Trunk Road?

  28. admin says:

    Hi Varun! Good to hear you want to shoot analogue. What kind of support are you looking for?

  29. Saran says:

    I am looking for an 120 A film to buy in chennai or Mumbai. Any leads would be appreciated.

  30. Goutham says:

    Hi, I have bunch of undeveloped black and white film rolls. I am in Chennai and it seems there is no place that offers support. Would appreciate your help. The above contacts hasn’t been much of help.

  31. admin says:

    Hey Goutham. let me check with the Chennai contacts. Meanwhile, you can speak to Idea Creative in Mumbai. They do it for sure. +91 22 6573 0184

  32. G.YelleawaraRao says:

    I want some 4×5 films for trail work where I can get them mob no. 9441236706. if anyone help in this matter maybe appreciable. I am living in a small town.

  33. Jaspal says:

    Hi I’m looking for a film camera in varanasi. I am a tourist and my camera got flooded and doesn’t work. Any help would be great!!

  34. Hi there! Thanks for all your great information! Any places in kolkata for buying used film cameras?

  35. Daisy says:

    I have been shooting film photography from quite some time. I am based ot if Bangalore and I usually go to Prabhu Digitals to develop my roll. Since last 2 years the developing price has exponentially rises, due to high demand of film photography I guess. Does any of you know of a cheaper and less expensive developing studio other than Prabhu Digitals at Bangalore. Thanks

  36. Sneha S says:

    I had been scouring for places to buy films in India (mainly South) tried a few contacts mentioned above, fortunately found a reliable site with reasonable prices that has a lot of film varieties, for those still looking, check out these guys are very fast.

  37. Marta says:

    I need to buy ra4 paper in rolls (same like for noritsu labs) and chemicals for the same. Any suppliers in India?

  38. Rajna says:

    Hello. I just found my 4 rolls of film sitting in my back cupboard! Must be 18 yrs old. Need them developed. Where do I go. I live in Gurgaon, Haryana. Help please

  39. Charlotte says:

    Looking for 35mm colour 50/100/200 iso film – does anyone know anywhere in Rajasthan that I might be able to get some? Or anyone that mail in the next 10 days. Thanks, Charlotte.

  40. archit says:

    does anyone know where can i get a good condition film camera in jaipur ? or is there any contact from delhi who sells it ?

  41. Good to find you, friends. I was checking up for availability of 35mm film for my cameras and landed here. Would the admin also start writing posts for guiding new-to-film-photography people. That will help them tonnes. Also, inclusion of how to develop b&w film can be explained. IN today’s environment, most film photographers will prefer their film scanned after development ranter than printing. Could you also let us know where scanning can be got done in various cities in India? Thanks. You are doing a great service.

  42. Aryan says:

    Can you please suggest any place to buy used 35mm still cameras in the Delhi NCR region. i am a student looking for a cheap slr to explore the analogue format. Preferably a pentax k 1000. Any leads appericiated.

  43. Igor says:

    Hi ! Any places in GOA to buy/sell film cams, film and any labs for c-41 processing ?
    Maybe Panjim, is there any place place were I can finde an old film cam as maybe Leica ?
    Thx for answers!

  44. Vinay says:

    Can you give approx prices for 35mm film developing and printing?

  45. admin says:

    If you are in Mumbai you can call Idea Creative Phone: 097023 40540. Even if you aren’t in Mumbai, you can courier your rolls to them and they can courier them back after processing and email the scans.

  46. Arijit says:

    I process B&W films in Calcutta.. Arijit Chakraborty- 09830977875

  47. Sanidhya Shetye says:

    Hello i want to learn to develop 35mm film any one can teach me or know of any workshops conducted in Mumbai please lemme know

  48. Ashish Wakhlu says:

    Hi Friends,

    I am doing analogue photography 35mm, medium format and large format. I buy film from eBay and whatever my local photographer friend has left. Looking for E6 and C 41 chemicals now, tried Tetenal India (then now only sell pesticides!) and Champion photographics (now only sell paper and paper processing chemicals) even contacted Fujifilm India in Gurgaon (they asked to send an e mail enquiry to which they have not responded in over a month. So any help to buy E6 and C41 chemicals would be highly appreciated, regards Ashish

  49. Lene says:

    Hi, can you suggest any place to buy film cameras somewhere in Delhi? Thank you!

  50. PORE HD says:

    I want to sale Mamiya RB67 ProS Camera
    Mamiya RB67 ProS Camera with SECOR cf = 90 mm, 50 mm and 250 mm lenses with three film ProS Film magazines. Linof Camera Stand.

  51. Mamta says:

    Hi ,
    I am looking for a canon A-1 or an Olympus XA.Since , I am a beginner I am also looking for someone with whom I can share a darkroom with.

  52. Moin says:


    If you want to buy Film Camera in Delhi, contact my friend Mr. Rajesh Mittal on 9313524528. He got few for sale.

  53. Subho says:

    Admin sir, nice guide and thank you for sharing with all of us. I’m Subho from Kolkata and I am a film shooter. I can confirm that there is nobody developing color negative 120 size or medium format in kolkata as of September 2018. You have to send it outside. I am yet to try them but Prabhu at Bangalore (look for info above in this page) seems to be the best bet.

    In about three months time, I will be opening up a studio for 35mm and 120 film development for C-41, Black and white film and E6 with a jobo setup and a high quality plustek opticfilm 120 scanner service for india wide development work. based in kolkata for all india service, with nominal charges. I hope that information will be included above once I am operational. Watch this space.

  54. admin says:

    Thanks amazing Subho! All the best to you!

  55. admin says:

    If you want to buy Film Camera in Delhi, contact my friend Mr. Rajesh Mittal on 9313524528. He got few for sale.

  56. Salim moti says:

    Where can I get my 35mm black n white negative processed n developed n printed in Mumbai

  57. Swarup says:

    Currently I am shooting Minolta srt101 35mm, but now I am looking to buy a medium format camera, preferably mamiya c330. Any idea where I can buy it or a similar used camera in Delhi at a cheap price.

  58. admin says:

    Hi Swarup! If you want to buy Film Camera in Delhi, contact my friend Mr. Rajesh Mittal on 9313524528. He got few for sale.

  59. Adnan Arsiwala says:

    You Guy’s Missed our name in Mumbai
    We have both 35mm and 120mm B&W and Colour Rolls in Stock
    We also process both Colour & B&W.
    Dave Bros.
    Opp. Regal Cinema at Colaba

  60. admin says:

    Hi Adnan! Lovely to hear from you guys. Please mention your contact details for all the film lovers.

  61. Gowri Mohan says:

    Hey there. I’m someone whos got an inkling that film photography may just be my secret calling. I really want to start from somewhere and explore this nagging thought. Are there any workshops anywhere in India where I could get an introduction. Also perhaps a place in Delhi where I can get a camera for a beginner.

  62. admin says:

    Hi Gowri. I will get back to you for both. One of the cameras I would recommend for beginners is a Nikon FM10. But let me get back to you where to source it from in Delhi.

  63. Mariana says:

    hi any film developing processing labs in jaipur, will be moving there in february! also where to get film and where to scan. thanks!!

  64. partha mukherjee says:

    a very informative page. My self too engaged in film photography. Want to know where can I get a enlarger to develop b/w negatives. based in kolkata.

  65. Chandra says:

    Where can i find roll film at kolkata? Please advise… thx you

  66. Ekam Gulati says:

    Anybody processing film in Delhi? I tried a couple of shops in Chandni chowk but I’m not happy with my results. I would be open to suggestions. Also I was thinking if there’s any film enthusiasts in Delhi maybe we could try to develop film ourselves. Thank You 🙂

  67. Manoj says:

    Film never dies

  68. admin says:

    SV Photo does, I think they are in CR Market, Delhi.

  69. naranjan dev says:

    Any Old BW Printing Lab in Visakhapatnam

  70. admin says:

    Not sure about Vizag, but there’s one in Kolkata.

  71. Suraj says:

    Hi, I am looking to buy a film camera in Bangalore.
    Any leads (including that of Prasanna) please ?

  72. Dev says:

    anyone that can mount Xpan slides in Delhi?

  73. admin says:

    @Dev try SV Photo or Print Point. Both in CR Park. See this:

    “Processing Labs :

    1) SV PhotographicD-732, Lower Ground Floor,

    Chittaranjan Park,

    New Delhi-110019

    Ph.+91- 11 41603702, 41604001, 26278131.Mob:+91-9899015059


    They develop b&w, c-41, e-6 and do darkroom printing as well.

    2) Mr. Tupinder Singh – his contact number is : 9810562997.He does process E-6 as well.

    3) Siddharth photographix

    b/w color neg 35 ,medium format ,large format 4×5 inch.

    ph : 09810372921 and land line no. 01124319210

    Film Supply :

    1) Eastern Photographic

    2) Madanjee

    Shop No. 12, Chandni Chowk, (opp. Moti Cinema) Delhi – 110006 Mobile : 91-9810026678 LandLine : 91-11-23276958

  74. admin says:

    @Suraj Check with Prasanna : +91 80 28602228

  75. Hasin Hafiz says:

    Hey admin, I’m from Kerala, do you know where I can get film rolls around here? Also are portra rolls even available in India?
    Thank you!

  76. A Thendral Vairavan says:

    Hi I am from dindigul, Tamil Nadu nearby Madurai. I have 04 film rolls for developing but I don’t know how & where can it. My contact number 9436650739

  77. admin says:

    You can send them to Idea Creative in Mumbai

  78. Natasha says:

    Where can i develop a film rolls in the northeast side

  79. Aryan says:

    Thankyou so much! With help from your site i finally have bought my first slr camera. Have ordered some kodak colourplus as my first roll. Will share images in the fb group soon. Thankyou so much for this. Pages like this keep the artform alive. Keep up the good work.

  80. admin says:

    Thank you Aryan! Do share your photos with us…

  81. Prajeet says:

    Hi All, Do you know where can I get a 35mm film roll in Pune.

  82. admin says:

    @Prajeet : try Pune :
    Processing :
    Heera photo lab, tilak road – Black and white . . ph : 24478941
    Pooja photo lab, tilak road – Colour processing , scanning. ph : 24477986

  83. Prajeet says:

    Thanks, Admin.

  84. Tyler says:

    Hi i am using super 8mm.
    Finding hard to develop and scan it, can you tell me where to develop it?

  85. admin says:

    @Tyler : let me get back to you on this…

  86. Varsha says:

    Hi, I’m from Hyderabad, do you have any contact in Hyderabad to buy a camera? Thank you

  87. Dinesh says:

    Can any one tell where i can buy 35mm film roll in chennai, the address u mentioned are not selling now

  88. Avijit says:

    Kolkata update:
    Metropolitan Photographic Stores have closed business. Please remove the name and number.

  89. admin says:

    Thanks Avijit. Its sad to hear that. Any other store that you found?

  90. admin says:

    Hi Dinesh! We can try and find out.

  91. Darshan says:

    Where can i find films in lesser price in Mumbai ?

  92. Dominique says:

    Hi there! Do you know if the place mentioned in Ahmedabad is still open and processing film? Thanks!

  93. Yelleswara Rao says:

    Dear Admin
    Who will scan 4×5 negatives in Andhrapradesh.

  94. admin says:

    Hi Yelleswara. You can try speaking to Janardan +919848090000
    They process as well. They are based out of Hyderabad.

  95. admin says:

    Hi Dominique. Will find out and let you know. Did you try Surender Patel (Sukruti) – 07926587335 ( 35mm, Medium Format Color Slides, Negatives, black and white development , scan)

  96. admin says:

    Hi Darshan. I have sent you an email on this matter.

  97. admin says:

    Hi Varshaa. Check your email please.

  98. Janardhan Iyer says:

    Hi, is anyone in Bombay open for processing colour films? Idea creative is currently not active till 15th April.

  99. admin says:

    I doubt anyone will be in these times. How many rolls do you have? I will try and find out for you…

  100. George says:

    Does anyone know where I could get the Tetenal E-6, 3 bath kit in India?

  101. Aparna says:

    Where in Kochi, Kerala, can I get the negatives of my old 35 mm Kodak photographic films developed? It would be OK if it’s in some place near to Kochi.

  102. Mukund says:

    hi admin
    where can i get film cameras in mumbai after this lockdown thing is over

  103. admin says:

    I will email you the details.

  104. admin says:

    Hi Aparna, Will get back to you on that one.

  105. admin says:

    Hi George, I have emailed you…

  106. admin says:

    Hi Mukund, I have replied tp ou over email.

  107. admin says:

    Hi Aparna, have replied over email…

  108. Allan Fernandes says:

    Hey! Amazing job with this blog and keeping film alive in India. I would like to know some places I can order film from that I can trust and places that provide scanning and developing too. Mostly in the areas of Mumbai, Pune or Goa. Thank you so much!

  109. admin says:

    Hi Allen! The above post contains phone numbers of various suppliers…

  110. N SUBRAMANIAN says:

    Hi, whether I could mprint my old 35mm negative films in Coimbatore or in Tiruppur, Tamil Nadu. Please give me name and contact number.

    Thank you very much in advance.

  111. admin says:

    Hi Subramanian, try the contacts listed above under Chennai…

  112. Akash says:

    Hi anyone wants to convert there negative slides to DVD ( Print prix in Bangalore) contact number 9611968690

  113. Siddharth says:

    Wow, this page is pure gold for camera lovers.

    Do you know any place in Bangalore where I can learn developing films? Also, as mentioned above, I will contact Prasanna for buying film cameras.

  114. Vanchinathan says:

    Hi, does anyone offer Frontier sp 3000 scanning (HQ scan) ?
    Thank you

  115. admin says:

    Not sure if anyone takes regular classes. Let me find out…

  116. admin says:

    Hi Vanchinathan, not sure. Most of the high end scanning shops have wound up. The Fuji Frontier is a fantastic scanner though. Most of the shops we know use something like an Epson V700 Photo.

  117. Vanchinathan says:

    Thank you for you quick reply!
    Yeah, I can see that.
    It would be great to have one.

    Thanks again
    Best regards

  118. vishnu says:

    Dear admin
    is 8mm or super 8 cartridge sold and processed in India? Or is it better to invest in something more mainstream like 35mm cameras?

  119. Siddharth says:

    Thanks. Anyone who can teach me part time or if I can learn while they are working will also help.

  120. VIswajith says:

    Looking film roll and developing studio in Cochin Kerala ?


    Krishna Studios in Chennai have stopped developing
    SIlverstones in Ulsoor Banglore do only B/W developing

  121. Viswajith says:

    Where to buy and develop Film rolls in Cochin Kerala ?

  122. admin says:

    Hi Siddharth! Will find out about this…

  123. Devyani says:

    Hi admin, do you know of any other shops in Delhi which keep 35mm film rolls? Also, if you’ve used expired film, please share your experience 🙂 Thanks

  124. Pulkit says:


    I am in Bhopal, just fixed my Yashica FX 7 and have used a 35 colour film to test the outcomes. Where can I buy a, do it yourself, film developing kit here. Or order online.

    Appreciate the work. Thanks

  125. admin says:

    Hi Pulkit. You can find it on Flipkart, Amazon,, etc. Search for “35mm Film Roll” or “photo film”.

  126. admin says:

    Hi Devyani. See the Delhi section of this page. Also there are many online stores selling 35mm film rolls in India. Expired film is always fun. You get unexpected results, pretty much like using certain Instagram filters. The grain and base fog is generally high. Sometimes you may get a magenta or blue-purple colour cast. Sometimes, if one corner of the roll was partially exposed to light, may have a higher density. It is fun.

  127. Siddharth says:

    Hi, any idea where can i find Yashica MG1 battery? My father has this camera but I cant find the battery anywhere. Not sure about the battery type. Can someone help pls?

  128. admin says:

    Hi Siddharth. Try Amazon for “Exell Battery A32PX 6-Volt Alkaline Battery”. This battery, as per a review, works on Yashica MG-1 you mentioned.

  129. Joseph Marvin Oliver says:

    Hey admin. Can you give me some details on getting started on film photography in Kochi? Where can I get these supplies? Thank you very much. Great work on the site!

  130. admin says:

    Hi Joseph. While I am awaiting results from Kochi please look into Trivandrum…

  131. Anil says:

    Does anyone know where I can buy c41 Kits in India? or which website I can import it from?

  132. admin says:

    Hi @Anil. I have mentioned many places online you can order your C41 kits from.

  133. Anon says:

    Hello, Any places that sell c41 kits? Online or Offline stores??
    I live in Chennai but I can arrange logistics pan India.

  134. admin says:

    Please see the online links given above. Plenty of guys selling it…

  135. Hari says:

    Is there any way to buy film cameras online in india? Or anywhere else in kerala?

  136. admin says:

    Hari, its difficult. You can try the phone number of Sitaram Chimalgi given above. He is from Hyderabad and has some good options available.

  137. Hari says:

    Do you know any film developing studio or stores in kochi or near kochi…

  138. Akshat says:

    Can anyone tell me if there is any film development labs in Patna, Bihar? Please let me know thank you

  139. Siddharth says:

    Hi, I have my dad’s Yashica MG1. But I am not sure if it still works. I dont see the aperture closing when I click shutter. is there any place where I can get it checked in LUCKNOW?

    I also have to replace its battery but i thought before buying that, if i could have it checked.

  140. admin says:

    Hi! Not sure if it can be checked in Lucknow. Can you send it to Mumbai?

  141. admin says:

    Will find out and let you know…

  142. Siddharth says:

    I am trying to get it checked in Bangalore at the contact mentioned above. Will keep you posted on the progress. thanks

  143. Siddharth says:

    An update – I reached out to Mr. Prasanna for getting my camera serviced in Bangalore. He spoke very nicely and warmly. He sounded very old and experienced. He only deals with German and Russian cameras.

    He gave me contact details of Mr. Yazdhani in Kolkata. His number is 9836215823. He handles japanese camera like Yashica. I will have to send my camera to him.

  144. admin says:

    Thank you So much for updating us. Will add the number of Mr Yazdhani to the list.

  145. Solomon says:

    Hello, I would like to know where I can get film developed in Kochi. The one provided in Trivandrum (Zepia Studio and Color Lab) doesn’t do films anymore.

  146. Lomography says:

    Hi there,

    We’re looking to connect and engage with more passionate film photographers and creatives within India!
    So if you are a film amateur yourself, own a photo lab or know the best film photography store in the area – feel free to drop us a line at or!

    Stay analogue,
    Lomography Team

  147. Kishor Kumar Das says:

    I have some ten (10) used 14 years old clicked film rolls Kodak 400 and Fuji Film might be with some memorable events. Want to get these developed and scanned/ printed. But don’t know how and where ? I am residing in Delhi.

    Can the Admin help me find the appropriate place in Delhi and any idea about the price for development and printing / scan ?

    My Mob : 9350926472 (also for WhatsApp)
    Email Id:

    With kind regards.

  148. admin says:

    Hi Kishore, just check the contacts listed for Delhi above. We have curated contacts of people who still DO process 35mm.

  149. Pete says:

    Hello admin,
    First off I wanna thank you for putting up a thread like this based on film photography,
    Anyways only recently I’ve been gaining interests in film but its been disappointing and discouraging to say the least, cuz im from northeast India and there is zero shops or studios who even develop film
    All the research led me to your site, but again as I visited the links you provided, I’ve failed to come across any site where they sell development kits and chemicals, even the mainstream sites like Amazon,
    So I wrote this to get help from you!
    Please help!

  150. admin says:

    Hi Pete. Where are you based out of?

  151. Anish says:

    I wanna start developing film myself but im having trouble finding the equipment like the tanks and chemicals, im based in pune so could u help me out. In future i also wanna start a darkroom for black and white printing so i also might need an enlarger any idea where i could find these supplies
    Also I feel happy to find this website, its of great help to the people who want to get into film photography

  152. admin says:

    Hi Anish! Good to hear you want to try film… I will send you details about buying tanks and chemicals to your email ID…

  153. Aloha says:

    Hello, can anyone offer leads for 35mm film photo developing in Hyderabad?

  154. admin says:

    Hi Aloha. Let me verify and get back to you.

  155. Sakshi B says:

    I just want to thank the admin for still being active! I have read each and every comment and I love to see how you have replied to all. I am an amateur film photographer based in Vadodara, Gujarat. The last time I did film photography was in 4th std (11 years ago) on a school field trip and recently started my passion again (with the same Kodak Kroma). I send my films to Surender Patel (In Ahmedabad). And for buying new films I try to contact as many suppliers as I can cause they are expensive (I have to get them couriered in Vadodara). I contact many shops and repair guys because I want people to know that there are people who still follow film photography! But yes admin THANK YOU FOR THIS ARTICLE! AND ALL THE BEST TO ALL OF YOU, don’t give up if you don’t find any leads!

  156. admin says:

    Hi Sakshi! Thanks for the kind words! Do share your analogue photos with us…

  157. Asr says:

    Hi! Do you know any places to get film developed in Bhopal or in MP? Thanks!

  158. admin says:

    No but let me check.

  159. NABEEL WALI says:

    I am very excited to start film photography, but I’m unable to find film rolls or labs to develop my films from, so if you can please help me, I would be be content.
    I live in Gurgaon, NCR

  160. admin says:

    Hi Nabeel. Check the Delhi NCR numbers on this page above.

  161. Debjeet says:

    Hello, My name is Debjeet. I really need help finding a lab in Kolkata which actually processes and develops films. I have an Interesting view about film cameras and I really consider them a pure class. So I need some help with it.

  162. admin says:

    Hi Debjeet. Let me see. Have you called the people on the list above?


    Hi could you please share any active contacts for film rolls/processing in Kerala?
    The one in Trivandrum listed above has stopped.

  164. aarnav says:

    I called the listing for Hyderabad, “Chimalgi”, and they only develop black & white film so I think that should be updated

  165. aarnav says:

    Since I’d have to mail my film regardless, does anyone have any recommendations or idea about the absolute best place to get it developed in India?

    Also what are the range of prices for film here in India, say for a portra 400. I live in the US but come to India every summer, and have only one roll of film to last my entire summer now so I’d love to know if I can buy more film here or should I wait to get back to the US

  166. admin says:

    Hi Aarnav. Get Idea Creative, Mumbai +91 97023 40540. I continue to develop film with them.

  167. admin says:

    Thanks. Will update.


    Hi is there any centre in India where you can still develop Super 8 or super 16 and take D.I. of the same?

  169. Pashmina N says:

    Had great results with buying films and also getting my films developed at Film foto store (Prabhu Photos) in Bangalore, I would absolutely recommend them! Although I dont stay there, I’m from Mumbai, if that helps…

  170. Camera store says:

    Thankyou for sharing informatin. It will help us a lot.

  171. Irfan says:

    Hello! Are there any places in Chennai where I can buy slr film cameras?

  172. admin says:

    Hi Irfan. See the list above and. Calle Ravi Prasad…

  173. Hello, I read our content its awesome if anyone wants to buy camera lenses can visit our website we are offering great discounts there. With authentic product.

  174. Priti says:


    Thank you for sharing all this precious information. I have been wanting to learn how to develop and print film, who do you recommend I get in touch with.

    Appreciate your time…

  175. admin says:

    Hi Priti, let me get back to you regarding that. You can meanwhile try the Go Center for Alternative Photography :

    c/o Prashant Falari, House No. E2 / 268,
    Dongorpur, Near St. Alex Church,
    Calangute 403516
    +91 8584981918

  176. jay says:

    where i get E-6 developing kit

  177. admin says:

    HI! Try this link to buy E6 Processing Kit in India:
    Also, are you in Mumbai?

  178. Prabal says:

    Where can I get my film rolls developed and printed in Kolkata as well as in Hyderabad?

  179. admin says:

    Hi Prabal.The Hyderabad and Kolkata phone numbers for film processing are mentioned above in the article.

  180. felfel says:

    hello is Mr Yazdhani still able to check cameras?

  181. Must says:

    Hello, where can i find film rolls for lesser price in Mumbai ?

  182. admin says:

    Yes please connect with him.

  183. admin says:

    Call the Mumbai numbers listed.

  184. Deeksha says:

    Hi, I’m very new to film photograpy. Just want to do a price analysis between film camera + development cost vs hybrid instant camera prints. Can you give me a ballpark of how much colour development costs for 35 mm roll – 36 exposures?

  185. Jay says:

    Kudoss to admin for making this comprehensive guide. I shoot film plainly as my hobby. I have a few recommendations and updates regarding the contacts mentioned above.
    1) JJ Mehta and Sons: they supply film. 098337 71200 (new addition)
    2) Dave Brothers: 084220 20042 (updated phone number)
    3) Nikhil Enterprises confirmed me that they have stopped selling films today. (fyi)
    1) Gujarat Photo Suppliers: they supply film. 079 2656 4322 (new addition)

    Again thank you for the page.

  186. admin says:

    Hi Deeksha. Typically a 35mm roll should cost around Rs 200 to develop.

  187. admin says:

    Thanks Jay. Updated the page with your info.

  188. KISHOR says:

    Hi, pl. suggest how to convert digital photos in to film slide (colour)…if possible pl. suggest contact

  189. admin says:

    Hi Kishore. The cheapest way is to play the digital stills on a high resolution compter screen and photograph them using a good slide film.
    Or you could go for what is called ‘Reverse Telecine’ which will be expensive and probably won’t be worth it for stills. It is a process used primarily for motion picture work.

  190. KISHOR says:

    Thank you Admin,
    Pl suggest for Slide film roll & E-6 processing kit suppliers…

  191. Rajshekhar says:

    am selling my Hasselblad film camera magazine A12 in good condition. Anybody with Hasselblad film camera will find this useful. I had a Hasselblad and sold the camera some time back due to financial reasonsbut had kept this one film magazine in the hope that I might buy a hasselblad camera again. But in the meantime I got a mamiya rb67 film camera. The Hasselblad camera film magazine has no use for me now. So I am selling this.

  192. Alex says:

    I texted both Allied Photo Graphics and Nitin Photo in Mumbai and both numbers are wrong. Does anyone have different numbers?

  193. admin says:

    Hi Alex. I have sent you an email with new phone numbers.

  194. S. K. Roy says:

    I want to develop my color films in kolkata.. plz share information and contact person

  195. admin says:

    Hi! Check the numbers for Kolkata given in the article above.

  196. y. nageswara rao says:

    i want 9×9 cms. color tiff, jpg or pdf image to convert positive film like movie film. each 9×9 cms. positive film cost. pls. mobile : 7032630900, guntur, a.p. tq.

  197. Stella says:

    Hello! I’m looking to get as many rolls as I can of black and white 35mm film, 3200 speed. I’ve contacted several shops, but haven’t heard anything back. Is there a go-to spot in India for this speed film? It seems many places are out of stock. Any help you have would be appreciated! You’ve put together an excellent site which I look forward to exploring more.

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