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Beer Cafe by Dentsu Marcom, Gurgaon

Advertising Agency: Dentsu Marcom, Gurgaon, India
National Creative Director: Titus Upputuru
Senior Creative Directors: Jitendra Kaushik, Vishal Mittal
Art Director: Harshul Uthra
Copywriter: Aneesh Ayyappan
Illustrator: Harshul Uthra



Splash by The Classic Partnership, Dubai

Splash unveiled its new collection – We Love Pants – with a simple cheeky launch ad.

Agency: The Classic Partnership
Brand: Splash Fashions
Title: Kickass
Executive Creative Director: Alok Gadkar
Creative Director: Alok Gadkar
Art Director: Ashwin Pednekar, Alok Gadkar
Copywriter: Prakash Elumalai
Account Director: Pulkit Vasisht
Production Head: Vitthal Deshmukh
Retoucher: Pixel Paint


Spec work for Gym

Issue: Persuading obese people to work out.
Thought process : Obesity creates an inferiority complex. A sense of dissatisfaction creeps in.
Deep down within there is this gloom (of not fitting into apparels, of watching own-self
in a mall mirror ) that often controls the thought.
Idea: Touching this sensitive spot by tweaking the most popular and accepted visual frame.
Credits: Creative Director: Sourya Bhattacharjee
Art Directior: Shubhobroto Bose

Diabetes Specialty Clinic by P(x), Bengaluru

Advertised brand: Diabetes Specialty Clinic (Health Care)
Adverttitle(s): Jarred LifeHeadline and copy text (in English): “India’s Sweetest Serial
Killer ‘You will be Jarred for Life’.The death count caused by Sugar is more
compared to Smoking, Alcohol & Terrorism”
Advertising Agency: P(x), Bangalore,
Creative Director: Deepak
Art Director: Drishya & Amaljith
Copywriter: Nikhil Kashyap

Short rationale (optional): Consumption of sugar is causing millions of death each
year. Our client Diabetics Specialty Clinic Diagnostic and Laboratory is treating
people suffering from diabetes each day. To creating awareness about the harmful
effects of sugar consumption, we designed an illustration displaying sugar being
sentenced to a rough life time imprisonment for killing millions of people
mercilessly. This Ad would grab the attention of the masses and get people inquest
in knowing the harmful effects of consuming sugar.