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Tathagata Ray : In Conversation With A Creative Strategist

A destined art director who bent fate and chose to pursue copywriting, Tathagata is now 13 years old in this industry. An Advertising and Public Relations post-graduate from the prestigious Indian Institute of Mass Communication, he has had notable stints at The Glitch, Jack in the Box Worldwide and Dentsu Webchutney. He is currently a part of the Creative Shop at Meta, India (previously Facebook).

“As a 12-year-old child, I was always fascinated with my father’s professional world, advertising. I would accompany him to the agency, print studios (OG 90’s advertising) and see him control shoot sets as an Art Creative Director. Safe to say, advertising was fated to be my love and kryptonite. Unlike my father, a bhodrolok from Calcutta who never felt like exploring the world, I wanted to work in advertising hot spots like Delhi and Mumbai. It started off by chasing his mad dream, but after spending 12 years in the industry, I believe I’m writing a totally different story, my story.”

Did you attend school for fine art or design or Communications?
I attended the Indian Institute of Mass Communication in 2009, after a rigorous all-India entrance examination. The path after that was easy peasy, I would hang out in the canteen during the marketing classes and attend the print and creativity classes from the front row. Lazy, or laser focused on what looked like my journey.

How do awards impact the creative career?
Awards is what fuels the beginning of one’s career, in my opinion. You want to get a few awards as soon as possible and have the upper hand in deciding where you want to head next. There are two ends of the spectrum I have seen in my career, A) being obsessed with winning awards, or B) not giving a capital F about awards. Both could be toxic. It’s important to settle somewhere in between as a creative individual. Awards for oneself and worth in the market, but profitable and effective business for the overall health of the agency.


Kolkata International Film Festival By Genesis

Agency: Genesis Advertising Private Limited
Founder and MD: Ujjal Sinha
Creative Director : Partha Chowdhury
Art Director: Sumit Mallick
Senior Art Director : Saptadip Dey Sarkar
Senior Bangla Copy: Akash Chakrabarty
Senior English Copy: Mahasweta Chakraborti.
Cinema specialist: Sadeep Bhattacharjee
Account Director: Arnab Dey

AMRI Hospital by Genesis Kolkata

Agency: Genesis Advertising Private Limited
Founder & MD: Ujjal Sinha
Creative Director: Partha Chowdhury
Senior Art Director & Illustrator: Saptadip Dey Sarkar
Senior Copywriter: Mahasweta Chakraborti
Client Servicing Director: Sreemoyee Chakraborty
Senior Account Executive: Anwaesha Dutta