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Kurl-on : Leave Letter

Shivrathri is a Hindu festival which marks the marriage of Lord Shiva with Goddess Parvati. People stay awake on the night of the festival performing pujas and various other rituals. To engage with consumers who stay awake, Kurl-on the mattress brand (which promises ‘sound sleep’), did a innovative ad on the newspaper the following day. By clicking on a QR code, consumers were happy to see a mailbox open up with a leave letter in the mail body. They just had to key in their superior’s mail id and send the letter – to avail a day’s leave and much needed sleep on Kurl-on. India’s largest selling mattress brand.


Creative Agency: Nicheminds.

Titan Penand Bridge Marathon by Ogilvy Bangalore

Advertising Ageny: Ogilvy, Bangalore, India
Executive Creative Director: Joono Simon
Creative Directors: Arko, Jaffer Vemmully
Art Director: Vibhin PC
Copywriter: Sanjay Ramanathan, Pawan
Illustrator: Yamini

Business Standard ‘Quiz’ by Doosra

The brief was to project the quiz as a tough one for serious quizzers, and also retain an element of fun for non-serious quizzers.

We created a 3-ad campaign for the regional rounds followed by one more for the national finals.

The client also wanted a backdrop at the event to promote the Business Standard brand as well as the sponsors.

Rather than do a standard backdrop with just the logos, we decided to make the backdrop a quiz in itself. Each panel holds a lateral clue to a well-known brand-name. Some of the clues are simple and straightforward, some require a bit of thought, and some are for die-hard quizzers, who can connect the clues to the story behind the brand-name. The backdrop became the audience round for the quiz.

The National Finals had a different backdrop. An A-Z culled from brand logos. The audience had to identify the logos.

Agency: Doosra
Creative team: Kaevan Umrigar, Ganesh Naik, Dayanand Chilka

Bs Quiz 2015 Northern Region Color Option Press Ad 16 x 25 cm-02


Stop Female Infanticide by Independent Creatives, Pune

Advertised brand: Public Interest
Client: Balika
Advert title: Stop Female Infanticide
Advertising Agency: Freelance, Pune, India.
Art Director/Illustrator: Ashwin Hirwe
Concept/Copywriter: Amol Mahajan

In India, preference for a male child and gender-bias has corrupted our minds into ruthlessly killing girl child. This campaign appeals to put an end to this barbaric practice and give the girl child a future that she deserves. We know this world will never be the same without her. This Women’s Day, let’s pledge to save the girl child and celebrate the spirit of womanhood. Stop Female Infanticide. Happy International Women’s Day.


Cards For Sexuality : Miami Ad School

Problem : In society’s sexual conversation, it often seems like men do most of the talking.

Insight : For some reason, there are silly stigmas associated with sex stuff from a young woman’s point of view.

Solution : Cards Against Humanity is a great way to break the ice. What if they released a new stand-alone pack to empower women, and subsequently all genders, with a game that breaks the ice on sex talk and lets females hold the cards of the sexual conversation.

Art Director : Rajath Ramamurtny

Copywriter : Edward Miller

School : Miami Ad School, Miami