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Splash Brand Identity by Anoop V Chalil

Anoop.V.Chalil, an independent Brand Identity Specialist and Design Expert has more than 10 years experience in reputed brand Identity firms and medium sized advertising agencies. He worked for more than 4 years with Ray + Keshavan | The Brand Union, one of the best branding studio in India. At Ray + Keshavan, he designed the brand Identity for NCC (Nagarjuna Construction Company Ltd), Ashoka University and Symega and has involved in many big projects like L&T, Jindal, Mantri, Gayatri Developers, Hero Cycles, Danone and Sterling Developers. Before Ray + Keshavan he worked with Idiom Design & Consulting Ltd. in Bangalore and many other medium sized advertising agencies. ANOOP V CHALIL is a graduate in Applied Arts from college of fine arts Thiruvananthapuram.

As a much in demand branding and Packaging specialist, Anoop marries logical thinking with aesthetics to create designs that are conceptually robust. He has leveraged his well honed skills in painting and drawing and his understanding of typography to hand-craft typefaces that are truly unique and one of a kind. Anoop’s understanding of print, packaging and media is truly commendable.

After leaving Ray+Keshavan Anoop worked independently with many Indian and International clients like SuperHelse Norway, VMX Creative Studio Dubai, Wayanad Club Pvt Ltd, Wayanad Tourism Organization, I Point Consulting Ltd India.


His works have been published in many international books like Hightone Book’s Big packaging, Choice Gallery’s Package 3. Many design blogs too have featured his works.

One of the best packaging online portfolio sites even selected his work
as one among world’s top 100 of 2013.

His work can be found here.

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Adidas by DDB Mudra Delhi

Advertising Agency: DDB Mudra, Delhi, India
Chief Creative Officer: Sonal Dabral
Creative Head: Sambit Mohanty
Creative Director: Subhashish Dutta
Art Directors: Suketu Gohel, Prem Alayil, Srikant Behera
Copywriters: Dushyant Singh, Tripti Surana, Sambit Mohanty, Vishnu Srivatsav, Vijay Joseph
Illustrator: TwinBrains
Photographer: Tarun Khiwal




The Connecting the Dots website by Athena Infonomics

Athena Infonomics recently did a project on Climate Change called Connecting the Dots commissioned to us by British High Commission.

In-House design team of Athena Infonomics created the branding & website for the project. ConnectingTheDots is a unique website based in India providing climate data in an interactive & infographic manner.

Below is a shot media brief on the same.

The Connecting the Dots website was launched in the Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly by the Honourable Speaker, Dr. Kodela Siva Prasada Rao on Monday, 28 th March, 2016. The website is a one-of- a-kind platform that aims to equip MLAs in Andhra Pradesh to take environmentally sensitive decisions based on key climatic and socio-economic information collected from their respective districts. It further identifies potential climate financing opportunities that can be accessed in order to fund project ideas. It also includes an interactive platform that can be used by the public to connect with the climate champion MLAs.


Website Design: Athena Infonomics In-House Design
Website Development: Vdesign Technologies
Data: Athena Infonomics Research.



@TravelBot by BBR Saatchi : Innovation in Digital

So you decided last night you’re going to the Cannes Advertising Festival after all but didn’t get a chance to book your hotel.
No problem! All you gotta do is message @TraveloBot on Facebook and he’ll do the rest for you.

Launched at the Cannes Advertising Festival, with a billboard strategically placed at the entrance to the Palais, TravelorBot is the first hotel booking bot of its kind. A user friendly and highly intuitive bot it allows travellers to seamlessly and rapidly find and book a hotel using the Facebook messenger app.
All travellers need do is enter the name @TravelorBot in the messenger window and say “Hi” to start the process. From there the bot will guide them through the search and ordering process using a series of simple questions.

With the rise of the spontaneous traveller, increasing app fatigue and the growing number of people using messaging as their platform of choice, a hotel booking bot seemed to make perfect sense for the Travelor hotel booking website.

To get started type @TravelorBot in your Facebook messenger

Agency: BBR Saatchi & Saatchi
C.E.O: Yossi Lubaton
Chief Technology Officer: Roy Zoaretz
Executive Creative Director: Jonathan Lang
Copywriter: Ronny Azulay
Art-Director: Yuval Zuckerman

Paloma Olive Oils by Silk Route, Pune

Advertised brand: Paloma Olive Oils
Advert title(s): Evoo – No More Hurdles!
Headline and copy text (in English): No More Hurdles!

Advertising Agency: Silk Route Communication, Pune, India
Creative Director: Dnyaneshwar Jadhav, Amol Mahajan
Art Director: Dnyaneshwar Jadhav
Copywriter: Amol Mahajan
Illustrator: Mandar Kulkarni
Senior Visualizer: Vijay Gopale
Additional credits: Vivek Wani

There are various health issues faced by diet-conscious and over-weight
people. They have to take extra-care when eating food, be it cholesterol, fats or carbs. Some oils are not healthy and can damage veins by creating blockages. With Evoo Olive Oil all your hurdles concerned with eating food are taken care of, because it’s light and fat-free adding to the health-quotient of your food!

Evoo - Boom Barrier


Evoo - Speed Bumps

Sharandhar by Xebec, Pune

Advertising Agency: Xebec Communications, Pune, India
Creative Director: Ashish Sadare
Art Directors: Ashish Sadare, Vijay Kumbhar
Copywriters: Ashish Sadare, Ameet Joshi, Souraja Sengupta
Illustrator: Vijay Kumbhar




Kruti Saraiya : Typography And Design

Kruti Saraiya is a graphic designer/ typographer based in Mumbai. The focus of her practice has been to allow for a contemporary Indian design narrative to emerge to fill the gap between mtv kitsch and traditional Indian crafts.

As a typographer, she sees her role in infusing context into letters and bringing the written word alive. Her strengths lie in working with scripts of Indian languages to create an equal space for them alongside English in urban India. Her commercial and experimental work celebrates the Indian aesthetic in a fusion of east and west. ‘The key’, she says, ‘is to change our mindset from an either-or to an AND.’

Besides this her portfolio includes branding, packaging, editorial and web design across verticals. She has been a speaker at the Indian Design Forum – IDF 2013 and a part of the core team to set up Design Museum Dharavi (2016). Her work has also been published in International design magazines like Creative Review (UK) & Visible Language (USA). She has exhibited in a group show ‘Pushpa Patha: The Flower Trail’ in gallery BMB, Mumbai.

She graduated from the London School of Printing. She has worked with Rabia Gupta Designs, Mumbai and taught at Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology, Bengaluru for several years.

She currently has an independent practice and teaches in the Visual Communication Department at the Indian School of Design and Innovation (ISDI) and Ecole Intuit.

Why are you a Graphic Designer?
I actually identify more with being called a typographer – I love words. I’m super excited by words of all languages – what they mean, how they sound and especially how they look.It is an immensely satisfying feeling waking up each day and infusing context in to the words.