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Durga Puja for Sujalaam by JWT Kolkata

Durga Puja is all about home coming. According to the myth, during this time, Goddess Durga comes to visit her parents.
On the other hand, Sujalaam, The Skycity, India’s first aerotropolis, is calling out to Indians from across the globe to come home and join the growth story.

Advertising Agency: J. Walter Thompson, Kolkata, India
Executive Creative Director: Bipasha Banerjee
Creative Director: Sujay Karmakar
Art Director / Illustrator: Sourish Mitra
Copywriter: Moeinuk Sengupta
Account Director: Roop Ghosh


Durga Puja by Exide : JWT Kolkata

Durga Puja – the most celebrated and the biggest festival of Kolkata. Goddes Durga and her children arrive each year seated in their vahans on a nonstop journey. Goddesses on their vahans on a nonstop journey symbolically cover most of the vehicles plying on Indian roads, powered by Exide.

Advertising Agency: J. Walter Thompson, Kolkata, India
Executive Creative Director: Bipasha Banerjee
Creative Director: Sumit Das
Art Director / Illustrator: Sourish Mitra
Copywriter: Bipasha Banerjee
Account Director: Sabyasachi Sanyal


The New York Type

New York has a story to tell.

All it needs is a chance to tell it. So, when these creatives  found a discarded typewriter in Brooklyn, they took it across the city. The stories they got were heartbreaking, hilarious, and a little crazy — New York in a nutshell. Created by Waner Almeida, Saulo Mohana, Upaasna Rajaram and Joseph Thomas.

The website is here.


Nukkad Printers by Monkey Wrench, Kolkata

CLIENT:  Nukkad Printers is Kolkata’s first all-solutions print hub located in the Kalighat area. They wanted to generate awareness about the service of ‘customized’ quality printing as provided by them.

INSIGHTS: Patachitra art had emerged in the post-independence era in Kalighat​ in Bengal​. Originally, it was called ‘Kalighat Patachitra.’ This art first started out by depicting illustrations of gods, goddesses and several deities but later chose to customize its creations and instead depict stories from domestic life, tradition, folklore & culture in Bengal in the 19th century.

SOLUTION: ​We decided to ​resurrect​ one of the oldest art forms of Bengal, ‘Patachitra’ ​that is slowly diminishing​. Nukkad Printer is not only a printing hub but is also a place that accommodates your requirements according to your needs. The challenge was to depict this quality and create awareness about Nukkad Printer as
a destination for quality customized printing​. Hence,using ​famous​ characters (from different segments such as politics, art, entertainment) who are iconic and placing them in an age-old traditional/domestic life situation, we chose to bring to life the art of customization.

Agency: Monkey Wrench Communications
Creative Director: Ashis Mridha
Art Director: Sanjib Mondal, Dorin Burh
Copywriter: Madhura Chakravarty


Madhura Chakravarty | Copywriter.
Hence, Madhura is chased by big words like imagination & dinosaurs.After a stint at Ogilvy & Mather, India, she realised she’s cut-out for a graphic design studio – a place that is disciplined to create art and further push the boundaries of copywriting by crafting content using minimal words. Madhura thinks graphic design is more of a story-teller than advertising. After working with brands like Vodafone, Greenply, ITC. Linc Pens & more, she’s currently in her fifth year of creating content that aims to sound interesting even on visiting cards.

Sanjib Mondal | Art Director.
Hence, Sanjib is often chased by something erratic called time. Armed to inspire the world with his art, Sanjib believes that advertising is an intelligent form of developing art that is meaningful. A strong proprietor of ‘honest advertising’, Sanjib is determined to churn art the is aimed to help, develop and inspire the world. After 6 long years in agencies like Law & Kenneth, Saatchi & Saatchi and Inner Circle, Sanjib believes, he is in the right profession after all.

Ashis Mridha | Creative Director.
Contract Advertising, Bates, Grey Worldwide, Capgemini – the list is endless for Ashis Mridha. Apart from cooking brilliant art with his magic, he enjoys cooking up a feast in his kitchen as well. Ashis believes that advertising is something people can only grasp if they step out of their fancy homes and air-conditioned offices and take a bus ride. The power of observation defines his excellence and insight in every piece of work.

Dorin Burh | Art Director.
Perhaps, the most aesthetically-driven person in the team, Dorin has been pre-configured at NID, Ahmedabad. She believes that art is not just created on a software but derived from perspective.
After a stint in various hot shops like Kena Design (Bengaluru), Cognito (Baroda) and Monkey Wrench (Kolkata), Dorin feels that design will always be here to disrupt a trend and create a trend. She’s currently in her 6th year of design and still believes that drawing a straight line is perhaps the most difficult task given to any art director in the world

Iris and Thula for Whiskas by AlmapBBDO Brazil

Iris and Thula is the first of a series of chronicals based on real stories about curious cats chosen for the new WHISKAS® campaign. This is about the friendship between Iris, an autistic little girl from England and a kitten called Thula.

Stories of Curious Cats shared with the hashtags  #mywhiskascat #mycuriouscat could be chosen to be the next WHISKAS® story.


Title: Iris and Thula
Agency: AlmapBBDO
Client: WHISKAS®
Chief Creative Director: Luiz Sanches
Executive Creative Director: Bruno Prosperi
Creative Director: Benjamin Yung e Marcelo Nogueira
Copywriter: Cesar Herszkowicz
Art Director: Daniel Chagas Martins
Film Company: Killers
Executive Producer:  Julia Tavares
Film Director: Claudio Borrelli
Director of Photography: Ted Abel
Film art direction: Paulo Ribeiro
Editing: Claudio Borrelli and Marcelo Cavalieri
Pós-Production / Coloring: Casablanca / Andreia Figueiredo
Sound Account: Fernanda Costa
Sound Producer: Kito Siqueira / Roberto Coelho
Maestros: Fernando Rojo, Hurso Ambrifi, Mike Vlcek, Thaigo Colli, Henrique Guimarães and Daniel Iasbeck
Audio Finishing: Fabian Jorge, Rodrigo Tedesco e Flávio Gondin.
RTV: Vera Jacinto, Diego Villas Boas e Ana Paula Casagrande
Agency Account: Camila Massari, Pedro Fragata, Paulo Cabral Filho, Gabriela Dias, Richard Moloney, Oliver Clark
Planner: Cintia Gonçalves, João Gabriel Fernandes, Marilia Lacerda, Herve Hannequin, Diana Lopes
Digital and Social: Nicole Cassiano, Amanda dos Santos, Vinicius Watanabe
Media: Cassiano Oliva, Juliana Melo, Thabata Hidalgo, Tais Trevisol, Vitor Perazza
Client Approval: Cecile Angrand, Anne Ross, Gosia Faras, Daniel Calderoni, Roberto Valdrighi, Roberta Reigota