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We would love to hear from you. If you’ve created some work that you would like to share, be it creative advertising, YouTube Campaigns, print or magazine advertising, student advertising creatives, online or digital advertising, thoughts and strategy about advertising etc email it, with appropriate credits to:

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  1. Hello,

    I am a Commercial Fashion, Beauty & Innovative Portraits Photographer. I work with Clients ranging from Fashion Direct, La Lilouche Lingerie Brand, The Marriot, live empowered, Taurus Sports Equipment , Am Couture.
    My style is conceptual, colorful and glamorous. My Images not only reflect the passion and commitment of a serious and sincere artist also infused with imagination and creativity, with right blend of traditional and contemporary styles.

    Specialities :
    1. Fine art Fashion and Glamour Photography
    2. Corporate Portfolio Portrait
    3. Conceptual Advertising Photography

    I would like to setup a meeting with you to explain the my technical expertise and exciting offers.

    Warm Regards,
    Arindom Chowdhury

    Arindom Chowdhury Photography
    Fashion | Beauty | Portrait
    Cell : 9900516536, 9902070062

  2. hi heres the link to our illustration work..we are a couple, and have been working together since 2002..hope you like the drawings.

  3. Hi,

    i really like to share my works with desicreative

    smijith nandhan

  4. admin says:

    Smijith just send us your work at the email provided above.

  5. Simran Nanda says:

    Hi, this is a link to my work. I am an Illustrator, currently studying communication design at The Pearl Academy of Art, Design and Fashion. I would love to share my work! 🙂
    Here’s a link to my portfolio:

  6. Diisasters says:

    Hey! Do check our work out –
    We are a design sister duo from Mumbai India.

  7. Bansilal says:

    Hi, this is a link to my work. I am a Sr. Visualizer at Visual Plus Advertising and Designing Pvt. Ltd., Pune, India.This is my link where i have showcased works done by me:

    I would love and really appreciate to share my work.

  8. nidhikumari says:

    i am start stock images website in India best,stock photography india,indian stock photography,buy images online,images photography,images bank,images of banks,indian stock images,indian food images,you help me a lot.

    i really like to appreciate to share my work.

    Nidhi Verma

  9. Vinod Waghmare says:

    Hi, Admin,

    I have done some proactive creative Idea base posters for Fevicol & Surf Excel ‘Daag Achche Hai’ campaign.
    can we showcase them on our site? or we have to take permission from them?

    will you help me out?

    Vinod Waghmare

  10. admin says:

    Thanks for writing in. Please post them at

  11. admin says:

    Please post them at

  12. Achieved a degree of Applied arts (BFA) – Advertising & Graphic Design from University of Mumbai, Rachana Sansad College of Applied Arts & Craft.
    Advertising – Concept Development and Visualization
    Logos/Corporate Branding
    Landscape Photography
    Watercolor Painting
    Abstract Art
    Exhibition Design/Crafts

  13. Hi,
    This is my Profile
    how can i post this link to desicreative

  14. admin says:

    Go to and start posting your own work for people to appreciate.

  15. Hi
    I am Sameer Pawar

    This is my profile and Work

  16. i m amit kushwaha….i m graphics designer,logo designer,video editor,photoshop retoucher,digital artist nd photograher….i hope u will like my work…

  17. Aditi says:

    Hi I am a writer. Can I share my links here or is this only a platform for designers?

  18. admin says:

    Hi Aditi! Of course you can. As long as you are writing in the space of advertising and branding. You can also freely post your work at

  19. Bestin jacob says:

    Can i get a chance to do an intership in your firm

  20. yesh says:

    Check the Showcase page of our Website and rate it.

  21. Hello,

    We are an Institute for digital marketing course in bangalore, India. We are offering an opportunity to anyone to clarify their doubts on Search engine, Google Algorithms, Google rankings and anything about online and how it works.
    We hope to make this forum as interactive as possible. We will try and respond asap however, at times if there is a delay, dont worry we will definitely get back sooner than later.

    Admin –

  22. Aliyah Lamba says:

    Hello! I am unable to register on the desicreative forum, and keep getting the error ~ ‘You have provided an invalid answer to the question.’ I can confirm I am not a spambot, and am entering the right answer in the form (!) Help!


  23. Hello! I am a travel blogger and I love to write and share my work so that it can reach out to the maximum people. This is my website I would be glad to share my work here too.

  24. Works that you would love, Behance:

  25. Originux says:


    We are the top rated ui design agency in bangalore. How can we post in your website

  26. Disha says:


    Thanks for sharing informative article with us.. nice post…

  27. Russ says:


    We are a Production house based in Bangalore. Would love for your to review our work in the effort to connect on your next Project.

    Stills –
    Films – ,

  28. White Thoughts & Branding is a fully-armed,Award winning Branding & Advertising agency in Hyderabad that solves business problems through strategy based creative solutions for Advertising,Branding,Digital Marketing,Web development, Film & photography

  29. Siddharth says:


    I am a leisure travel and street photographer and i have recently created a website to show my work. I post strret photography and travel images on the site and also write a few travel blogs.
    The site is

    Do you support featuring photography work on your site too?


  30. admin says:

    No Siddharth, only advertising related photography…

  31. Reena vishwakarma says:

    2year experience, graphic designer

  32. Supratim Chowdhury says:

    Hi, I’m a fashion designer, illustrator based in Mumbai. I would love to share my work .
    Sharing my link of my portfolio .

  33. kumar says:

    Thank you for sharing information

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