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Licious Friendship Day

Licious Creative Studio, India

Creative Team: 
Creative Director : Tejas Phansekar, 
Sr. Copywriter : Arjun Shriyan, 
Design Lead : Balamurugan, 
Head of Design :  Janardhan Nataraj, 
Director – Content & Copy : Mustafa Hasan.
Brand Team: Santosh Hegde, Chandni Mukherjee, Divya Sud, Aina Barker.

Producer: Archit Bansal
Production House: OMG Mediaworks
Producers: Durgesh Dadhich & Bhakti Sakpal
Film Director: Sayan Mukherjee
Executive Producer: Durgesh Dadhich

Titan by 22 Feet Tribal Worldwide

Client: Titan
Agency: 22 Feet Tribal Worldwide

National Creative Director: Vishnu Srivatsav
Executive Creative Director: Diya Sarkar
Group Creative Partner: Tejas phansekar
Senior Creative Partner: Pramodh Sebastin, Katherine John.
Senior Creative Partner: Nayantara Shah
Creative Partner: Rhea Kotia, Apoorva Anand
President: Preetham Venkky
Sr. VP & Branch Head South: Ken Sekhar
Client Solution Head: Jayson Cherion
Client Solution Director: Laveena Barapatre
Client Solution Associate: Meghana Sunil

Titan Smart PRO by 22feet Tribal Worldwide, Bangalore

Introducing Titan Smart PRO. A watch that will bring out the PRO in you. It comes with exciting features like AMOLED Display, Built-in GPS, Body Temperature Monitor, 14 Days Battery Life and much more.#TunedInToYou for a smarter life!

Agency: 22feet Tribal Worldwide, Bangalore.
Client: Titan India
Product: Titan Smart PRO
Creative Team:
National Creative Director: Debashish Ghosh
Creative Director: Balamurugan Subramaniam, Debdatta Bajpai
Group Creative Partner: Tejas phansekar
Associate Creative Partner: Simran Aneja
Creative Partner: Naimish Srivastava
Sr. VP & Branch Head South: Ken Sekhar
Client Solution Head: Jayson Cherion
Client Solution Director: Neha Shaw
Production House: The Bombay Ducks
Darshan Barot
Director: Rhitam Das

McKinsey : Spec Work By Miami Ad School

Brand Name: McKinsey: The Case For Her
Campaign Title: #TheUnholyGoddess
Media Type: Ambient / Outdoor
Industries: Public interest, NGO

In India, people worship many goddesses, and also consider women goddesses. But still, women aren’t allowed to enter temples when menstruating, because they’re considered “impure”. #TheUnholyGoddess is an activation that showcases idols of Indian goddesses outside their own temples. Through this activation we shed light on the myth, to promote menstrual education in a society that truly needs it.

Art Director – Hitarthy Shah, Ria Kulkarni
Copywriter – Rohit Wani, Omkcar Shethe, Saloni Mittal

Dove Men+Care : Spec Work from Miami Ad School

Brand Name: Dove Men+Care 
Campaign Title: The Non-tradable Bond
Media Type: Experiential / Outdoor

Most men think about the missed work opportunities if they take paternity leave, and choose to not take the leave. But they forget about what they would miss out on, at home. How could Dove Men+Care change this?

So, we executed a stunt at the New York Stock Exchange, a marketplace dominated by men. We took over the screens at NYSE showing moments of babies to new fathers working there. The campaign pushes fathers to invest more time in the bond they share with their new born.

Art Director – Hitarthy Shah, Ria Kulkarni
Copywriter – Rohit Wani, Omkcar Shethe

Chivas Regal : By Independent Creatives

Brand Name: Chivas Regal
Campaign Title: The Rarest Chivas
Media Type: Digital
Industries: Alcoholic Drink

Chivas Regal wants to continue building on its legacy while being relevant to the next generation of hustlers. So, we made the only whiskey that grows in value after you buy it. We converted a barrel of our whiskey into an NFT, called ‘Chivas One’. Whoever purchases the NFT gets to decide how long they want to age the whiskey barrel. As the whiskey ages, the price of the NFT appreciates too.
Art Director – Hitarthy Shah
Copywriter – Rohit Wani

Titan Smart by 22feet Tribal WW, Bengaluru

Agency: 22feet Tribal WW, Bangalore
Client: Titan India
Product: Titan Smart Watch
Creative Team:
National Creative Director: Debashish Ghosh
Group Creative Director: Janardhan Natrajan
Creative Director: Balamurugan Subramaniam/ Debdatta Bajpai
Group Creative Partner: Tejas phansekar
Associate Creative Partner: Simran Aneja
Creative Partner: Arjun Raj
Associate Creative Partner: Bhavna Rao
Sr. VP & Branch Head South: Ken Sekhar
Client Solution Head: Jayson Cherion
Client Solution Director: Neha Shaw
Production House: The Bombay Ducks
Darshan Barot
Director: Rhitam Das

Walmart Global Tech by Zensciences, Bangalore


Halloween brings its own flavor of humor to horror and while jump scares have a way of getting to just about everyone – engineers are an exception. They face many surprises on a daily basis and think on their feet to overcome challenges. This digital film captures an engineer’s resilience, in a funny and relatable way.


Agency: Zensciences, Bangalore
Co-Founders: Rahul Koul & Rohit Kumar MS.
Client: Walmart Global Tech India, Bangalore
VP Brand Solutions: Sathya Kumar
Head of Marketing: Mili Biswal
Creative Director: Madhura Chakravarty
Marketing Director: Mayank Panjratan
Account Director: Nikita Saxena
Copywriter: Sripriya Ganesh
Director: Naresh Nathan
Editor: Jovith Tellis & Dina Pallath
Actor: Kirubakaran Kumar, Senior Software Engineer at Walmart Global Tech India.

Digital Campaign for Fathers’ Day by 22FeetTribal

Agency: 22feet Tribal Worldwide
Client: TTK Prestige
National Creative Director: Debashish Ghosh
Group Creative Director ; Janardhan Nataraj
Group Creative Director: Mansoor Jamal
Creative Director: Balamurugan Subramaniam
Creative Director: Maitri Ramkumar
Group Creative Partner: Tejas Phansekar

Illustrator : Chaitanya Limaye
Creative Partner: Devika Bakshi
Copywriter :C. B. Akhilesh
Creative Partner: Vineeth Mavally
Account Director: Neha Shaw
Client Services Director: Ankita Mitra
Account manager: Arjuna Inbanathan
Content Cluster Head: Samarth Ahluwalia

Save Our Stores: Miami Ad School

Advertised brand: Google
Advert title: Save Our Stores 
Media: Integrated, Social
Advertising School: Miami Ad School, San Francisco 
Art Directors: Aarti Thamma, Katelyn Gelfand, Darian Ghaznavi 
Copywriters: David Webb

Synopsis: Small businesses compose 44% of the US economy. But the pandemic could change that forever. Over 100,000 small businesses have permanently disappeared during the COVID-19 pandemic. They desperately need help but don’t know how to ask. So how do we help small businesses get customers into the store while being cautious?

Well, sometimes the only way to get help is by being transparent about the problem. The pandemic has caused a lot of suffering across the spectrum. In times when everybody needs a helping hand, those who can help are confused 
about who they can help. In such times, if you don’t ask for help, you may not get it. 

So, let’s use the world’s most popular map to show us which businesses need help and how one can map their impact. Google Maps releases S.O.S Mode allowing small businesses to map their financial health in real-time during the pandemic.