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Trip Creative Services is a visual communication design house. Their team of creatives, developers and producers are always on the lookout for new and exciting ways to help you communicate. Their strength lies in their ability to fuse your vision with their various backgrounds, to create constructive ideas, movements and experiences.
Their services include: Film/ Video / Animation / Motion Graphics / Branding / Graphic Design / Web+ / Digital / Apps / Games



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Is Trip Creative primarily an illustration and design company? Do you also work on brand building and corporate identities?
Trip is not just about any single medium like illustration or graphic design. We have a more holistic approach to projects and work towards finding a creative design solution, using whichever medium, that is best suited to the project- be it film or animation or illustration or in rare cases the need of strategy rather than creating another campaign.
Yes, we do work on brands and corporate identities. We also provide video, digital and on ground solutions as well.

Tell us about your designers. Did they go into fine art or design schools? How do you pick them up?
We’re always on the lookout for this inherent ‘keeda’ in our crew, something unique or new that each one brings to the table. Yes, most of our designers did go to design school but it really doesn’t matter where they come from as long as they have that creative mindset which they’re willing and able to apply to any given spectrum.

How would you define the design style at Trip Creative Services?
There is no set style that we follow. We adapt to whatever the project requires, but we also make sure to add some of that ‘keeda’ we mentioned earlier to every project we take on. Having said that, we love working with a lot of colour and always look for ways to bring in a little of our madness to the work we do.

What does Trip Creative Services do which sets it apart?
We all huddle into a little room and twiddle our thumbs.

Who was the most influential personality on your career in Brand Building?
Sagmeister, Gill and Jobs.

What made you start Trip Creative Services?
Deep-fried and well done, we were tired of the rubbish that was going on in the name of design. We believe in India and Indian design. Over the years, each crew member has brought their own trip to the table and that’s how we keep evolving. Our initiative is a toast to modern India and man’s constant need for evolution.

Are you working with any advertising agencies? Any brands?
We’re currently working with brands like – Sony Music, UBM, Directi, En.V, Ryan International, NDTV, Pogo and Sesame Street. We’ve also worked with some production houses like- Aamir Khan Productions, Adapt Studios and Those Guys.

What do you feel about the state of design in India? Do you feel that our collective aesthetics need to improve?
The state of design in India is definitely improving and as with all things will get better in time. Sure we’ve had our share of eyesores and bad work that we put out, but it’s not like we lack talent or skill. We are becoming more design aware and that can only be a good thing. All we’ve to do is keep at it!

Any other Indian graphic designers who you admire?
Well there’s Aviral Saxena, Smriti Chaudhary, and Kriti Monga. Also Ayaz Basrai and Ankon Mitra who are spatial designer.

What advice do you have for aspiring creative professionals? Would you advise them to take on graphic design as a career option?
Firstly we won’t like to advocate any single form or medium of design. All we’d like to tell any young‘un entering the creative field is, don’t say no to anything. Anything and everything that you feel is out of your comfort zone, go for it first!

Who would your design team like to take out for dinner?
Devika: Food. Preferably.
Juhie: Stefan Sagmeister.
Prateek: A Crab.
Prachi: Gordon Ramsey.
Karan: Charlize Theron. And stare at her.
Avi: My Landlord.

What’s on the company iPod?
Sia, Imagine Dragons, AIB, Snoop Dog on loop, Shiba San, Pavrov.

Mac or PC?

Whats your Twitter Handle?

Trip can be reached via their website here.


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4 thoughts on “Trip Creative Services : Agency Profile

  1. Saumya says:

    Such lovely work. And nice client base as well. Yes, I too would like to take Charlize Theron out for dinner 🙂 Love her work.

    And by the way, nice socks 🙂

  2. Mukesh says:

    We surely don’t like design skill or talent. What we lack are brave clients.

  3. Udankhatola says:

    @Saumya: Thank you 🙂 @Mukesh: Agree to an extent but would like to add that clients are after all human beings and need to be shown the possibilities. In the end its not that we lack bravery or they have it or so on, its just about the characteristics of the human being taking the decisions. Some will get it, others won’t while most have to be hand held till they get it. 🙂 What do you think?

  4. Amey says:

    hahaha Avi’s Answer is funny. Who would you like to take out for dinner? My Landlord. Honest answer.

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