Sukanya Bose : In A Chat With a Student Graphic Designer

Sukanya is a student at Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology, Bangalore. An avid dog lover and daydreamer, she seeks inspiration in the everyday things of life. Passion for visual designs and image making her motivation. Exploring with forms, typography and media – design is her attempt to make this world a better place!

Why are you a Graphic Designer?
I have always had an interest in art since I was a kid. Over a period of time it grew into passion for images and colors. What really pushed me to be a visual artist was my keen interest in understanding the psychology of images and how it affected each human mind so distinctly and differently.

Did you attend school for fine art or design?
Design School, I always knew I wanted to attend design school.


Prateek Suri : Interview With An Advertising Copywriter

Prateek Suri, Creative Group Head, Contract Advertising is also an avid drummer. Till his metal outfit disbanded a few years ago, he was often seen on stage at music festivals across the country. He now spends his free time as a part-time session drummer, who loves the outdoors as much as beer, YouTube, trolling the internet and annoying his wife.

Why are you into Advertising?
You stare into nothingness, day dream with your feet on the desk and ‘think’ all day long. Just when you delude yourself into believing that this is life, you get so busy that your coffee goes cold, days blur into nights and your dog forgets your face. Gotta love that unpredictability.

Did you attend school for fine art or design or Communications?
Yes, I studied advertising and PR at IIMC, Delhi after graduating in English from DU.


Sudeepti Tucker : Graphic Design

Sudeepti Tucker is a Delhi based Graphic Designer and Illustrator, and a recent graduate from the National Institute of Design. Her work is a lively mix of visual styles and themes that jump across music, mythology, nature and the mind. She finds herself happiest while lost in details.

Why are you a Graphic Designer?
When you’re small and parents push you to learn a whole bunch of different things, the only one I found myself eager about was art. It was much later that I was exposed to design as a professional pursuit and things fell into place. Design is largely about problem solving and visual design, while immediately suggests surface level engagement, is a much broader discipline. I suppose to sum it up, I’m a Graphic Designer because I enjoy using artistic tools in a deliberate creative manner to solve problems and communicate.


Shruti Esto : Graphic and UI/UX Designer

Shruti is a Graphic Designer based in Chandigarh. She is born and brought up in Shimla and studied animation & design from Arena Animation Shimla. Specializing in Digital Marketing Collaterals, User Interface Design, info graphics and Graphic Designs. She builds clean, appealing, and functional interfaces which comply with the latest web standards. She is  working in the industry for last 3 years. As a professional graphic and web designer, she brings a range of art and design disciplines to every project she works on.

“I am a Graphic Designer based in Chandigarh, But that’s just a part of it. Design is my life. It’s my roller-coaster. Without it, my world would be black and white.  After completing my course, this love of creating lead me into various directions which included becoming a vfx artist and animator. As soon as I was introduced to the world of digital graphics however, I fell in love.” I’ve got one foot in the world of digital media one in UI/UX, and a love for both.”

Why are you a Graphic Designer?
I’ve grown up like any other kid watching cartoon network or pogo. That time I always wondered how does these things are created what’s the idea behind this but never thought of making it as my career. I always wanted to something creative but it was never clear to me what. So here I’m still learning and creating something creative every day.


Maya Pillai : Interview With A Photographer/Graphic Designer/Artist

Part-time photographer, part-time cat-stalker. She pays her bills by training school teachers in the art of Design thinking and creative classroom techniques. She burns the midnight oil while trying to figure out how best to combine pencil with a roll of film.
Why are you a Communications Designer?
I have always loved to talk, take pictures and draw. In that order. So becoming a communication designer just sort of happened without my doing much.

Did you attend school for fine art or design?
I went to Symbiosis Institute of Design for their undergraduate program in Graphic design, following which I went to the National Institute of Design to pursue a masters in Photography.


Sam Mohan : Interview with a Photographer

Sam Mohan might be considered one of the most versatile photographers among his peers. He has the intrinsic ability to switch rather smoothly between different genres of photography be it fashion or documentary, people or product, landscapes or architecture, and yet maintain his own individual style through it all. It is this ability that makes him a master of the art in his own right. His most exciting works showcase a play of light & color that makes the viewer transcend into the image itself. His images have a visual texture that borders around the surreal. It is seldom one can see this on everyday images.Sam Mohan’s images are beautiful because he sees them that way.

He has been signed up by Yellow Korner France for his work from the series ‘Killing the Stereotype’. This is being showcased in 85 galleries around Europe currently. He has been commissioned by The Times UK, Children’s Heart Link USA, Samvirke Magazine Denmark, Nature Magazine, UK and several other magazines across the country and globe to breathe life into some fascinating stories about people and places. He has also recently been invited by the town of Urk, Netherlands to do portraits of people from the beautiful fishing village. His commercial clientele include Puma, Nike, Lenovo, Aditya Birla Group, Titan Fastrack, Titan tanishq, Titan Sonata, BMW, Britannia, TVS, Pepsi, Sab Miller, Prestige Estates Pvt Ltd, Wildcraft, DHL, Bulchee to name a few. Sam Mohan lives and works out of Bangalore, India.

Why are you a photographer?
My dad was in the Indian army and every time he came back home on a holiday he would bring back pictures of all the places that he was posted at — which were far and beyond. It amazed me that there was such a different world out there. It sparked curiosity in me as a child. This world and different worlds like it had to be experienced and captured. Photography it seemed was the only way I knew how to.


Suman Das : In A Chat With A Senior Creative Director

A bookworm, a foodie and driven by the passion for advertising he went extra miles trying his hands at possibly everything related to advertising. By profession a clinical nutritionist, he always knew he was meant for advertising.  Suman works with Wex Inc, Kolkata.
“There are so many problems – disease, hunger, poverty, racial and religious intolerance, crime, personal distress and failure – but each of these problems provides opportunities to make a true difference. It works the other way as well. Bringing fun, laughter, success and happiness are equally important. I apply my expertise, skills and talent to be a force for good in the world.”

Why are you into Advertising?
I had an unconscious brush with advertising the first time. It was an audio-visual advertisement. I was a baby, hungry and crying for food while my mother was my TG. That is how it all started! It’s a part of life. Nobody can live without it.

Russell Barrett : In A Chat

Russell Barrett is a Managing Partner and CCO at BBH India.

Why are you into Advertising?
I write well and I’m good at telling stories. There are few options left for people with those skills. Legally.

Did you attend school for fine art or design or Communications?
I studied English Literature. No gainful employment is possible with that degree.

You have won so many international awards etc. How has that impacted your career?
The awards have taught me a lot of ‘non creative’ lessons: discipline, hard work and resilience.

Your personal favourite campaign?
I’ll be honest, I don’t have a favourite son, I don’t have a favourite colour, I don’t have a favourite genre of music, I don’t have a favourite book, I don’t have a favourite campaign.

Were there any particular role models for you when you grew up?
My family. They are all amazing in different ways and I’m humbled by the people they are and what they’ve accomplished in their lives.

Who was the most influential personality on your career in Advertising?
My brother, Gavin Barrett. He wrote the original Give Me Red campaign and soon after, left India for a career in Hong Kong and then Canada. He now owns and runs Barrett & Welsh, Toronto with his partners.

Where do you get your inspiration from?
From any and everything around me; from life.

Tell us something about the work environment at BBH…
Working at BBH is like playing with Lego. What you make with your time here is entirely up to you.

We believe in the primacy of the idea and we abhor politics. The junior most person has the opportunity to crack the biggest idea of the year. BBH is an open transparent place that attracts incredibly talented people who are really nice as well.

Do you have any kind of a program to nurture and train young talent?
We do not have a formal training program, but we all, even now, learn on the job. So we are committed to hiring fresh, exciting, young talent, who learn with us.

What about new and young film makers/photographers? Do you consciously keep looking for newer talent and try someone completely new?
Absolutely. The industry is in dire need of talented people. I’ve worked with many new directors and new production houses. Some have been worth the risk, others not so much.

What do you think of the state of Print advertising right now. At least here in India, the released work is most often too sad?
That’s putting it mildly. The regular print work is mostly shit. But that changes in December. Then we see some amazing ideas, brilliantly crafted. You know, if you do a study, you’ll realize that the most number of awards India has won at international shows has been for print. So there’s obviously great talent and ability. It would be amazing if the marketing and the advertising community commit to ideas, budgets and craft in every media, not just in film.

More and more young people are web savvy and want to work on the internet or on more entrepreneurial ventures. Has that affected the quality of people advertising has been getting?
Like everything else, if advertising agencies don’t evolve, they will die. As long as you exploit new media and the opportunities they bring, you will get exciting talent, keen to do that kind of work.

Do you think brands whose advertising wins awards, do well in the market?
Around the world, the most successful brands are also the most awarded. We have not yet completely reached that level of bravery here. I believe, the day we have the courage to put our best, (not our safest) work out in the market, is the day the new creative revolution will begin in India. This vision needs to be shared by marketers and agency folk alike for it to be more than just talk.

What advice do you have for aspiring creative professionals?
1) If you’re creative in any way, be curious. Don’t just surf the net, 
observe the world around you. You can lift the best ideas from life.
2) When you think you know everything about creativity, you might as well quit and start prawn farming.
3) John Bartle famously said that the enemies of creativity are
 Conservatism and
Keep trying.
 Something new. 
It will happen.
4) Forget about the results (awards, promotions, attention, fame) have fun with the work.

What is your dream project?
One where I sleep and am paid for my neural activity.

Mac or PC?
Mac. Born and bred, from Bandra men.

Who would you like to take out for dinner?
My wife and kids.

What’s on your iPod?
Don’t have one anymore. I listen to a lot of different music on my iPhone.

What’s your Twitter Handle?

Ian Pereira : In A Chat With A Photographer

Ian grew up in Colaba. He was educated in Mumbai and graduated with a B.Com degree. He went to London in 1979 and studied photography at the Polytechnic of Central London, UK and worked at Colorama Processing labs too. Spent 3 months in Chicago assisting various photographers. In 1984, Ian returned to Mumbai and begun his career as an Advertising & Industrial Photographer and have successfully completed 30 years in the profession. He specializes in Still Life, Industrial, Jewellery, Food, Industrial and Product Photography.

Why are you a photographer?
As a teenager I began to love photography. My Dad is a serious amateur photographer. I got interested in photography and on a holiday, one day, he let me use the camera. My parents then realised that I had some talent and encouraged me to pursue photography as a career. They then sent me to London to study photography


Do you remember any decisive moment when you felt “I want to be a photographer”?
As I mentioned, my talent for photography was obvious from a young age. My parents took us on a holiday to the UK and US in 1976. I shot a lot of images on the trip. My Dad, who was Co-founder of Chaitra Advertising, was able to use one of the images of the Statue of Liberty that I had shot, in an advertisement. It was then that I decided that I would make a career out of photography



Our Little Studio : Disha Gupta Sangal


Disha Gupta Sangal, a Graphic Design Consultant and founder of ‘Our Little Studio’ graduated from Wigan & Leigh College with a degree in Graphic Design. With an experience of 5 years in the industry, Disha has developed a good understanding of clients and their design briefs. For her graphic design is about the perfect fusion of passion and knowledge. She specialises in Identity, print, illustrations and icons. She has recently started her own venture ‘Our Little Studio’. One can see and appreciate  portfolio here and she blogs here.

A little about your outfit “Our Little Studio.”
Our Little Studio is only 4 months old, a graphic design start-up, based in New Delhi. We believe in creating the wow factor with every design to ensure that our client’s products stand out amongst all the competition. Logo Design, Branding, Illustrations, Icons and Print design is our key areas.
Is Our Little Studio primarily an illustration and design company? Do you also work on brand building and corporate identities?
I am looking forward to work on brand building and identities .

Tell us about your designers/animators. Did they go into fine art or design schools? How do you pick them up?
Currently I am working alone, I prefer working on project basis to avoid an unwanted pressure of deadlines. I like to put my efforts in one or two project at a time, this helps to give quality work and my clients don’t need to worry about the deadlines.