Tanya Mehtani : Graphic Design and llustration

Tanya Mehtani is a passionate graphic designer and illustrator known for her innovative approach and versatility. With a background in graphic design, she excels in crafting captivating visual experiences, from sleek UI/UX designs to intricate illustrations. Tanya thrives on collaboration and enjoys exploring new creative possibilities. Outside of work, she loves sharing memes, playing games and reading comics.

“Hello, I’m Tanya Mehtani — a passionate graphic designer and illustrator. My creative journey is fueled by my love for pushing boundaries and experimenting with innovative design techniques. I love experimenting with creative designs, whether it’s sleek UI/UX or captivating illustrations.

Beyond pixels and vectors, I find joy in sharing memes with friends, diving into games with my husband, and cherishing quality time with our adorable dog. Collaboration excites me, and I’m always up for a challenge. 🎨✨”

Why are you a Graphic Designer?
From an early age, I was captivated by art. Whether it was sketching, painting, or simply doodling, I found joy in expressing myself visually. But it was when I discovered design software that my fascination truly took off. I started with humble programs like MS Paint, where I’d create pixelated masterpieces (or so I thought!). Then came Photoshop—a powerhouse for image manipulation and graphic design. I dabbled in Macromedia (remember Flash?) and even tried my hand at basic animations using Movie Maker.

Graphic design became my compass. I decided to pursue it formally, honing my skills, learning about color theory, typography, and layout principles. Each project felt like a puzzle waiting to be solved—a chance to communicate visually, evoke emotions, and tell stories. Today, I channel that passion into crafting visual experiences—whether it’s sleek UI/UX designs, captivating logos, or intricate illustrations.


Shruti Kulkarni : Illustration

Shruti is originally from Nashik, a place known for its delicious wines and spiritual travels. Tucked away in the lap of nature, Shruti’s birthplace has given her a strong respect for the natural world. She is a voracious reader and movie watcher who is passionate about tales and her artistic endeavors.

Shruti is an incessant wanderer who discovers beauty in the well-known areas of her city. Equipped with a sketchbook, she seizes momentous occasions, converting them into enduring recollections via her artistic expression. She enjoys being creative all the time and detests being inactive.
She started her artistic career with conventional mediums like paints and pencils on paper. She would decorate and make colorful rangolis for festivals, bringing her artistic flair to the festivities.

Beyond her artistic endeavors, Shruti cherishes the company of friends. Whether it’s cooking a meal together or letting loose on the dance floor, she finds joy in shared experiences.

Why are you an Illustrator?
It was the enchantment I discovered in comics like Champak and Chandoba that inspired me to become an illustrator. Those fascinating drawings kindled a burning curiosity within me. Then, my mind took off, propelled by my father’s stories from the Ramayana and Mahabharata. I started converting such epic tales into my own visual language in order to record the close relationship I developed with the storytelling and illustration industries. I’m inspired by more than just stories, though; everything around me is vibrant! Because I’m an astute observer, the colour of my environment permeates my work, resulting in a singular reflection of my experiences.


In Conversation with Shwetha Raja, Graphic Designer

Hi, I am Shwetha, I am a Graphic Designer, avid reader and an anime lover. I have been working as a Graphic Designer for about 5 years now, saying it out loud just makes me realize that time has really gone by since I started working in this field. 

Why are you a Graphic Designer?

So this question is a first for me! I have been into art and design practically all my life, but I happened to fall into Graphic Design by accident. It’s not a general notion in Indian Households to encourage professions in the arts, so I stumbled into Graphic design in college, and I have been in love ever since.

Did you attend school for fine art or design?
I pursued by Bachelors in Visual Communication at MOP Vaishnav College for Women, in Chennai. It was this course that introduced me to the world of Graphic Design and I was hooked ever since. I am currently looking to pursue my Masters in Design from La Salle University, Singapore


You have a distinct style of Design. How long did it take you to develop
your style?

I probably started figuring out my design style during my Internship at Smudge Design Studio. I had joined there as an intern after my first year and they introduced me to the basics of design, design language and style. My style of Design includes a lot of colour, and is heavily influenced by Indian art and Indian art forms. A lot of my designs include Indian elements in a modern and contemporary art form. It took me around 2-3 years to develop my style, and I would still say it’s in the nascent stages, and there is much room for growth. Design styles are every evolving as the trends change, but my roots would always be in Indian art styles.


Deepti Sunder, Illustrations

I’m an artist and illustrator who works across multiple mediums, both 2D and 3D. I would describe my work as colourful, whimsical and highly imaginative with a strong focus on storytelling. I draw and paint to tell stories, and enjoy transporting viewers of my art into a world of whimsy and playfulness. I also have a deep love for tactile art and objects, and the other side of my creative work lives in this realm – creating murals, sculptures and crafty objects. 

Deepti Sunder is an award-winning illustrator, muralist, sculptor and educator based in New York City, originally from Bombay, India. She works across both digital and traditional media. Whether crafting giant animals and plants out of papier-mâché, making whimsical clay sculptures or creating illustrations to bring a story to life, Deepti finds great happiness in using her hands to create. She has received the SCBWI Crystal Kite Award for the children’s book Bonkers!, and appeared on Viceland’s The Untitled Action Bronson Show as a featured artist. As she continues to share her art with audiences across the world, she hopes to help viewers connect with the childlike wonder and enchantment within themselves. 

Why are you an illustrator?
As a child, I spent most of my time making art or reading. Illustration is kind of my way of combining both those passions, since the core of all of my artistic work is driven by storytelling.

Did you attend school for fine art or design?
I did my undergraduate studies in architecture (from Manipal School of Architecture & Planning), but then veered away from it. I set off on a bit of an exploratory phase after graduation, and sort of stumbled into illustration. It felt like something I would enjoy doing and be good at. Since then, I have gotten my MFA in Illustration from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, where I am currently based.


Aanchal Lodhi : In Conversation With An Illustrator

Aanchal Lodhi is an independent illustrator and surface pattern designer from Delhi, India. Her work consists of bright, whimsical, and oh-so-cute illustrations! In the last two years, she has illustrated over 5 children books and worked with a wide array of clients. Apart from client work she works on a number of passion projects allowing her to explore and experiment beyond her comfort zone.

Outside of work, Aanchal finds joy in exploring new art or craft forms and loves a cozy night in.

Why are you an Illustrator?
As someone who was NEVER good at drawing, I find it quite amusing that I ended up here! My journey into illustration began after graduation when I discovered surface pattern designs by Bonnie Christine. This led me to fall in love with the boundless possibilities,and made me slowly transitioned to creating illustrations.

Did you attend school for fine art or design?
I have completed my formal education in Economics from Lady Shri Ram College, DU. Along with that, I pursued a certificate course named “Design Innovation in Fashion and Textiles” from NIFT, Delhi.


Urvashi Dubey : Illustrations

Award-winning illustrator Urvashi Dubey has a knack for creating imaginative children’s picture books. To date, she has illustrated over 12 picture book titles, including a self-authored book about world-famous artists called ‘Grown Ups Who Never Stopped Drawing.’ She has worked as an Art Director for a Mumbai-based children’s publishing house called ‘Daffodil Lane Books.’ Known for her delightful, enticing artworks that appeal to kids and adults alike, Urvashi has always aimed to evoke feelings of nostalgia and relatability through her art, seeing it as a powerful tool in storytelling.

She lives in Mumbai with her cookie-maker husband and a very naughty ginger cat.

“Hi, I’m Urvashi. I specialize in kid-lit illustration. Just like all little boys and girls, I started my journey by participating in an art competition in school to make it into an actual career. I have a personal interest in working on stories that bring social-emotional development to little readers, especially the ones that talk about self-esteem, deforestation, mood management, and empathy.”

One of my latest title is called ‘No is a Good Word’.


Abhinai Srivastava : Graphic Designer

Abhinai Srivastava is an independent Graphic Designer with an experience of 14 years of commercial work in India and United Kingdom. He has been involved in providing visual communication solutions to clients like Pepsi, Wizcarft, Vango, Yamaha, Sahara Star etc. while during his stint at multiple corporate agencies in the past. Currently, he is working on his upcoming start-up in home décor e-commerce category. In his leisure time, he enjoys automotive content and mobile gaming*

Why are you a Graphic/UI Designer?
Since I can remember in my childhood, I always observe things in minutest of details whether it was the typographic logo on Limca & GoldSpot bottles or the colour composition in a mural ad. on the city street wall. The way things were built and designed in my surroundings intrigued me. I always loved to scribble at the back pages of my ‘rough copy’ in school and never ran out of ideas on what to draw.

I see myself as a ‘visual storyteller’ who loves to create things for an audience to see and respond. Producing original and unique prospective to any project is highly influential to why I design commercially.

Did you attend school for fine art or design or online classes?
I have done Bachelors of Fine Arts (BFA) from Lucknow University and then went to University for the Creative Arts, Surrey, UK for Masters in Graphic Design and Communications course, followed by 2 years of agency job there.


Subhabrata Bose : Illustration and Graphic Design

Why are you into Illustrations and Design?
I always wanted to be a fine artist as I studied painting in Art College. But through a friend of mine who was in advertising, I was introduced to the world of advertising, design and illustration. We are witnessing such a time where the definition of fine art and applied art is getting blurred day by day. Here, you get a lot of opportunities where you can show and nurture your creative talent. So, I started doing illustration and design as an alternative of paintings. I explored a lot and got an ample chance to create something new every day in my advertising career. That is the beauty of this profession.

Did you attend any school for fine art or design or Communications?
Yes, I did a Bachelor of Visual Arts in Drawing and Painting form Govt. College of Art & Craft, Kolkata.

Tell us about your journey as advertising art director and then illustrator?
I have been lucky enough to work with some of the finest creative directors in the country. They know how to take best out of someone. I have learned a lot from them as well as got the opportunity to use my full potential. Besides doing my design jobs as an art director, I got a lot of opportunity to do illustration on several projects, be it a campaign or a pitch or a social media post. After a point of time, I realized to give more time on my illustrations. So, I quit my job and started freelancing.


Akshita Bhalla : In Conversation With A Creative Brand Strategist

A hopeless brand romantic with over a decade of experience in digital marketing, Akshita Bhalla is all set to create her own space in the industry as an independent professional. She has worked with brands like Dabur, OPPO India, Domino’s, Bajaj Finserv and more.

Why are you into Advertising/Brand Strategy?
Because it is the most exciting world, full of imagination, ingenuity & impact. People rarely care about the business but they will connect with a brand. They influence everything, from our basic daily choices to pop culture – so I enjoy being a cog in the system, and taking a brand’s vision and purpose further. The thrill, the challenge – I love it all!

Did you attend school for fine art or design or Communications?
I did, in Communications. Bachelors in Mass Media & Mass Comm (BMMMC) from Delhi University.

Do you think brands whose advertising wins awards, do well in the market?
Not necessarily. There definitely must be impact on sales, but most brands don’t look at award campaigns as a tool for selling, they look at it to highlight impact on society or to take a stand or simply for brand love. If we take the example of Cannes Lion winner ‘The Swedish Number’ definitely did wonders for its tourism numbers, but what Visit Sweden truly got from the campaign was a chance to showcase the nature of hospitality, their personality as a country. That’s what made it tick, really.