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What Engineers Think of Marketing : By Haptik

What do you think would happen if Engineers were asked to run Marketing? We
decided to ask a bunch of them from three different companies, and they had
some absolutely hilarious things to say.

Engineers & Marketers have always been like the two sides of a coin;
integral to a company, but never really seem to understand what each other
has to do. They’d definitely not pass a chance of taking a shot at each

So we thought why not ask some of the smartest people – Engineers, what
they really think of Marketing? And this is what they had to say.

Moral of the video – However Smart, You Need To Ask The Right

​Concept By: ​Haptik Marketing Team
Shot & Edited By: Eats, Shoots & Leaves Productions

L’Oreal Augmented Reality by Wowsome

Advertised brand: Casting Creme Gloss | L’Oreal Paris | India
Advert title(s): Casting Creme Gloss | Motion Print
Client: L’Oreal Paris
Concept / Copywriter: Vishal Reddy, Anuraj Parmeswaran & Yashwanth Maheshwaram
Art Director / Illustrator: Anuraj Parmeswaran & Shaik Khaled

L’Oreal Paris Augmented Reality interactive ad for the Casting Creme Gloss hair color line, powered with Rev Eye app (now renamed to WOWSOME). Ad was published in the biggest Indian newspapers. Readers scan the ad with Rev Eye app to access extra content about busting hair color myths.

The newspaper Ad

The newspaper Ad


Kiran Kumar C K : Concept Artist, Illustrator, Matt Painter

Kiran Kumar C K is a self motivated Concept artist, illustrator, matt painter and visual designer who from India,kerala. Currently he is working in different kind of Hollywood films. He starts to draw from very young age. He has a bundle of talents and skills both Creatively and Technically. He is a self developed artist, and he has extraordinary ambition to achieve something that he loves to do. And he is so polite, humble and very social minded person too.

Why are you an Illustrator?
Thanks for giving such an interesting question and for a chance to interact trough your sites. . . !!!
I love to draw when I was very young, and my drawings was very quick. I never like to do tiny tiny details in my works,i wanted those all feelings in a single stroke if I can.

Did you attend school for fine art or design?
Yes, I finished diploma in fine arts from KGCE Kannur, Kerala. And I Believe an art school never make an artist. The Passion,dedication, Approach and hardwoks make an artist.


201 Ways To Get An Idea: Written by Stphen Baker. A Tribute by Karthik M.

In the digital age, its more and more difficult to find something interesting happening in advertising. So we are thrilled to see anything interesting. And in comes “201 Ways To Get An Idea” by Karthik M.

“201 ways to get an idea” is an effective tool to generate ideas and concepts for advertising and other creative projects. Written by Stephen Baker — an art director during  the creative revolution in the 1960s — as a part of his book Systematic Approach to Advertising creativity, the exhaustive list is a highly useful one and yet few people are aware of it. My small project is a tribute to this creative genius who deserves to be known more than he is today. : Karthik M

Karthik works as a Creative Director at Catalyst India, Bombay. Personal projects are a lot of fun and learning for him. He also tries his hand at Twitter fiction (@mysmallstories). “My parents still don’t know clearly what I do for a living, but they are happy that I have a steady job”, he says.

What is it?
It is an effective tool to generate ideas and explore various directions for the same. Written by Stephen Baker — an art director from the Creative Revolution during the 1960s and 70s as a part of his book called Systematic Approach to Advertising Creativity.
How did you think of it?
Quite a few years back, I was fortunate to come across it in a book called Craft of Copywriting given to me by my friend Asif. This list of a part of a certain chapter. The list just stuck to my mind all these years. And I found out that this great tool was never talked about offline or online. So I thought of making it into a web page and add my own spin to it.
What does it do?
Well, it helps you explore various directions when it comes to thinking about ideas and concepts. A little similar to mind-mapping, more than a concrete solution, it helps you to open your mind and explore various directions which you may have never thought possible. The biggest advantage I found about it is you don’t need to sit with a group and “brainstorm” for ideas. Sit with this list; think; scribble; doodle and ideas will come.
How do you think it will help?
The list is so simple that anyone and everyone can understand and play with it. It can be used by people in a group, or an individual. Two people may have different ways of exploring the idea using the same item in a list. The possibilities are endless. I think it will help a lot during brainstorming sessions.
How did you get the funds for it?
It is just a webpage. So no major funds needed.

It is one my initial web experiments, which I thought
I should share with people. That’s all.

The Safer City Project: Cheil’s idea for Safety for Women

We have employed a simple yet unique idea to turn advertising billboards into a tool for women safety. The billboards installed with high lumen lighting turns into streetlights at night in dark locations. Thus giving a safer, secure feeling for citizens of the city, especially women. 

The national capital of India is known as the rape capital of India. It may be a case of mislabeling, but the high incidence of crimes against women is a reality.

Every day there are reports of such incidents in the popular press.
Dark, unlit streets in the city only add to the problem. There is a direct correlation between crime rates and bad lighting.
This insight is what galvanized Halonix, a lighting solutions company, into action. The idea was simple, why not design advertising billboards that turn into street lights by night.
To kickstart the effort, Halonix invited the citizens of Delhi to name streets or area in their neighbourhood that needed better lighting. The facebook page of Halonix registered many such suggestions. The top suggestion was identified by a poll. As a test run, a Halonix billboard was put up in Vasant Kunj. Encouraged by the response, the company installed billboard at more locations.
The feedback was continually positive, so the company approached owners and agencies of outdoor billboard locations to take the idea to a national level. Again the solution was simple. The billboard would carry an advertising message by day. By night, the lights of the billboard would be turned outwards, pointed towards the street rather than the advertising message. So a dark, dangerous street could be turned into a bright, well-lit one.
The idea was well received by outdoor site mangers and owners. Some of whom even wrote in letters of appreciation for this unique effort.
In a matter of weeks, advertising billboards with a social conscience sprung up all over the country. Mohali, Chennai, Mysore, Lucknow, Allahabad, Kanpur all saw the setting up of billboards that were advertising messages by day and streets lights by night.

Chief Creative Officer: Nima Namchu
Group Creative Direcotr: Navin Theeng
Group Creative Director: Kaushik Saha
Creative Director: Shiva Kumar
Creative Director: Piyush Jain
Senior Copywriter: Saurabh Sabikhi
Senior Art Director: Deepak Bisht





FB grab1


Screen shot 2014-05-22 at 4.58.29 PM

Screen shot 2014-05-22 at 4.58.29 PM


10 Downing Street Pub by Dentsu Bangalore

Advertised brand: 10 Downing Street Pub, Chennai Traffic Police
Advert title(s): Had a Drink? Think!

Advertising Agency: Dentsu India Group

Executive Creative Director: Ashwin Parthiban, Shiv Parameswaran
Creative Director: Rathish P Subramaniam, Sachit Sadanandan
Art Director: Rathish P Subramaniam, Shiv Parameswaran
Copywriter: Sachit Sadanandan, Ashwin Parthiban

Additional credits:
Production House – Silent Picture Company
Director – Mark Manuel
Executive Producer – Balaji Selvaraj
Camera – Anbu Dennis, Vignesh Vasu, Jagadeesh Ravichandran
Assistant Director – Al Hoon
Music – Timothy Madhukar
Sound Engineer – Sean Bout
Post Production – RGB
Offline – Manohar
Online – Mohan
Computer Graphics – Velu

Short rationale (optional):
‘Don’t drink and drive’. Its a message that is so ubiquitous in big cities, it has actually become a blind spot. What this jaded ‘public’ message needed was a personal touch. An emotional connect that would not only make people notice this message, but act on it.
Had a Drink? Think!

Ambient Interactive for Forbes by Y&R Czech Republic

Client: FORBES
Agency: Y&R Prague, Czech Republic
CCO: Jaime Mandelbaum
Art Director: Atila Martins
Copywriter: Simona Lazar
Editor: Carlos Baer, Ivan Holic
Account Supervisor: Tomas Dvorak
Producer: Tomas Tomasek

The objective of the campaign was to prove that Forbes Magazine is not just a financial magazine, but a guide towards a successful lifestyle.

To get the message across, we created a social experiment based on the psychological phenomenon called „The Bystander Effect”, demonstrating how in today’s socio-economical context, success is a matter of life and death. While an average looking person was left lying on the ground for a long period of time, a successful looking businessman was attended to in less than 15 seconds.

The campaign was launched on April 16th and the video views have been growing steadily without any paid media.

The video is in Czech but English subtitles can be turned on by pressing the Captions button.

Once Again by Ogilvy Bangalore

BRIEF – Once Again is a Bangalore-based NGO that follows a unique model where it accepts donations only in the form of old items, not money.

It collects items people don’t use anymore, sells them at a minimal price to the underprivileged and uses this money for the empowerment of their community –
supporting a crèche for their children, providing vocational training to women and computer training to young adults.
The brief was to make the NGO recognizable and maximize donations to support its activities. The challenge was to accomplish this with no budgets in hand.

STRATEGY – We noticed that the youth were passionate about making a difference to their surroundings, but saw charity as a boring, guilt-driven moral obligation.
We used Facebook – a place where they hang out everyday – to involve them in this cause, by making the act of donating fun and engaging.
CREATIVE EXECUTION – We created The Tagging Drive, an online donation drive on Facebook. We started with a team of Facebook volunteers, who revisited their friends’ old pictures
and tagged ‘Once Again’ to things worth donating – shoes, toys, clothes, furniture, books, etc. When the friend received the notification of the tagged picture,
curiosity prompted them to click on it. It led them to the Once Again Facebook page where they read the message, “You’ve been tagged to remind you that someone,
somewhere needs your old stuff more than you. Please donate.” The page also invited them to become Facebook volunteers and spread the word by tagging their friends.
THE RESULTS – The tags created curiosity and thousands were directed to the Once Again page. The campaign went viral with friends tagging friends.
It gained visibility on social media, received prominent coverage in leading media publications and went on to become Bangalore’s biggest tagging drive.
In a matter of a few months, thousands of pictures were tagged and several donation drives initiated. Once Again collected over ten thousand items for sale
at their thrift shop, giving the underprivileged an access to goods they couldn’t afford otherwise. The monies generated from the sale of these goods increased by 462%,
which is being recycled to support its activities. And it all started with a tag.


Client: Once Again, Bangalore.
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Bangalore.
President: Poran Malani
Senior Vice President: Vikram Menon
Executive Creative Director: Ajanta Barker
Creative Director: Anoop Sathyanand
Associate Creative Director / Art Director: Siju RS
Copywriters: Bhumika Udernani, Dipika Aranha
Planners: Venkataraghavan Srinivasan, Manasi Trivedi
Additional Credits: Yousef Anani, Rishad Melethil, Junaid Rahman, Rahul Antony, Prem Madhu