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Once Again by Ogilvy Bangalore

BRIEF - Once Again is a Bangalore-based NGO that follows a unique model where it accepts donations only in the form of old items, not money.

It collects items people don’t use anymore, sells them at a minimal price to the underprivileged and uses this money for the empowerment of their community –
supporting a crèche for their children, providing vocational training to women and computer training to young adults.
The brief was to make the NGO recognizable and maximize donations to support its activities. The challenge was to accomplish this with no budgets in hand.

STRATEGY - We noticed that the youth were passionate about making a difference to their surroundings, but saw charity as a boring, guilt-driven moral obligation.
We used Facebook – a place where they hang out everyday – to involve them in this cause, by making the act of donating fun and engaging.
CREATIVE EXECUTION - We created The Tagging Drive, an online donation drive on Facebook. We started with a team of Facebook volunteers, who revisited their friends’ old pictures
and tagged ‘Once Again’ to things worth donating – shoes, toys, clothes, furniture, books, etc. When the friend received the notification of the tagged picture,
curiosity prompted them to click on it. It led them to the Once Again Facebook page where they read the message, “You’ve been tagged to remind you that someone,
somewhere needs your old stuff more than you. Please donate.” The page also invited them to become Facebook volunteers and spread the word by tagging their friends.
THE RESULTS – The tags created curiosity and thousands were directed to the Once Again page. The campaign went viral with friends tagging friends.
It gained visibility on social media, received prominent coverage in leading media publications and went on to become Bangalore’s biggest tagging drive.
In a matter of a few months, thousands of pictures were tagged and several donation drives initiated. Once Again collected over ten thousand items for sale
at their thrift shop, giving the underprivileged an access to goods they couldn’t afford otherwise. The monies generated from the sale of these goods increased by 462%,
which is being recycled to support its activities. And it all started with a tag.


Client: Once Again, Bangalore.
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Bangalore.
President: Poran Malani
Senior Vice President: Vikram Menon
Executive Creative Director: Ajanta Barker
Creative Director: Anoop Sathyanand
Associate Creative Director / Art Director: Siju RS
Copywriters: Bhumika Udernani, Dipika Aranha
Planners: Venkataraghavan Srinivasan, Manasi Trivedi
Additional Credits: Yousef Anani, Rishad Melethil, Junaid Rahman, Rahul Antony, Prem Madhu


Copy : Bodhisatwa DasguptaArt : Bodhisatwa Dasgupta

There’s immense talent all around us. There are artists, writers, painters, programmers, app builders, actors, models, architects, scientists, doctors, chefs. Ever wondered what would happen if an artist and a doctor were shut up in a room together? What would happen if a scientist brought on a writer for a project? Interesting, that’s what. Experiment Collaborate aims to get together a group of people who want to jam with others from different disciplines, to create something new, innovative. Something they couldn’t possibly have done alone. This is a community of collaborators. And this is a series of online posters that are doing the rounds to get people to join.



Let Calcutta Surprise You

Client : YPO, Calcutta Chapter
Producer/Director: Priyanka Rungta, supported by Arka Bhattacharyya, Navsoft
Creative Agency : 100 Watts Design Studio
Branding, Art Direction & Copy : Kritika Malhotra
Production House: Arko Sen

Public Service Campaign for HOPE Worldwide INDIA

Advertised brand: Slum Children Education Programme/ HOPE worldwide INDIA
Advert title(s): Old is the New New
Category: Guerrilla Marketing
Advertising Agency (Name, City, Country): Dentsu Marcom Pvt Ltd, Gurgaon, India
Executive Creative Director: Nitin Suri
Assocaite Creative Director / Art Director: Dalip Singh
Copywriter: Robin Thomas, Dalip Singh
Photographer: Hardesh Dhingra, Anil Chawla, Dalip Singh


Inspire people to donate old books for ‘Slum Children Education Programme’.


Our idea was based on a simple thought that “An old book is new to people who haven’t read it”. To execute the idea, we gathered several old books and packaged them exactly like new ones. Wrapped in transparent plastic sheets, the books were placed among the new books in about 50 popular book shops in Delhi, India. On stumbling upon the old books every reader was greeted with an inspiring message that urged him to donate his old books. The response was delightful. Hundreds felt touched and registered. The idea acted as a trigger, readers who could see the difference, could make a difference.


Online Ad. Spends: Are We Keeping Track With Reality?

Indranil is an old friend and Vice President of Mudra Max. He wrote this article sometime in September ’09, but I think it still raises some valid questions.

In 2008 the over all ad expenditure on Internet was around Rs. 600 Crores, which makes it only 1% share of over all expenditure on Media & Entertainment(M&E) industry of India. While there is growth in net audience every year, the time spent on this medium is also growing rapidly over the years. In fact the growth in time spent on the net is higher than the growth in our share of ad expenditure on this medium.



Sachin is a Creative Director at Cartwheel Creative in Mumbai.

You are sitting alone doing nothing at home on a lazy Sunday afternoon.
And suddenly you feel that someone is watching you.
You start wondering who??
Then you realise it’s your bag that’s lying in a corner staring at you.
Not only the bag but your PC speaker, the window, the ceiling fan, tea cup etc. are looking at you.
And the Face-o-rama starts.
I believe every object has another identity besides it’s own.
Look at the things around you from a different perspective and you’ll meet a new face everytime.
I shoot these known unknown faces quite often.
And happy to introduce them to you. :-)  Sachin Karle


A shot of the first dawn of 2010.dawn

This picture should have been published on the first of January itself, but I was away, in a place which has no internet or cellular phone connection. It was worth every unconnected second!