Agency Profiles

Jacob Creative: The Difference

An interview with the Founder & Creative Director of Jacob Creative.

Tell us about how different is working as Manoj Jacob in ad agency and Manoj Jacob in your ad Agency.
The difference is quite enormous. As creative head of an agency, I only really had to worry about the quality of work. Now I’m Chief Everything Officer. I’m responsible for creative, client servicing, recruitment, finance, new business, coffee… I now do a lot more with my 10 to 6.

You started in 1996 as Junior Copywriter, After 19 Years in Advertising, What made you start Jacob Creative?
When you’re employed, no matter how high up the ladder you are, there’s always someone above you. So there are several things that you’d like to do, but simply cannot. Being your own boss changes that, gets rid of the conflict between your own belief system and that of the agency.

For example, I do not care for advertising awards, a pursuit which takes up too much time and money in the big agencies. I believe award shows are counter-productive, because they encourage creative people to save their best efforts for the awards season. Check this out – Indian agencies win more international awards today than we did 15 years ago. However the work you see in the newspapers today is embarrassing. Back then, agencies were proud to put their key numbers on ads. Today?


FruitBowl : Agency Profile

In 2010, FruitBowl was co-founded by Faisal Amin and Dedeepya Reddy. The company is a creative digital marketing agency of the freshest minds brought together to conjure the most creative effective solutions to all the brand challenges. It has successfully served more than 300 accounts which include national giants like Reliance Energy, Mumbai Metro, Hilton, TATA, Vadilal, Zodiac, BMW, Saint Gobain, Sansui, and more. The company has also won numerous prestigious awards like Asian Consumer Engagement Forum, Drivers Of Digital Awards, etc. Today, FruitBowl is a formidable name in the industry with a strong physical presence in three countries; India, USA and France, and has a marquee of 300+ happy clients and award winning campaigns. FruitBowl’s co-founder Faisal Amin has been featured in the list of Top 50 Digital Marketing Professionals in India. He has also been featured on the list of The 30 Most Influential Young Entrepreneurs of 2016.

What made you start FruitBowl?
As a budding advertiser, I had a humble beginning. Post my management studies, I worked with a few companies and realized the fact that decision-making processes in big places were often a tedious process, I planned to take control and go solo. Cutting out unwarranted time on discussions and meetings, I focused more on getting result oriented decisions with low time slack. The result of putting this decision making to the test was Fruitbowl Digital.


Ladyfingers Co : Designing in Bangalore

Ladyfingers Co. is a Bangalore based 3 member design team. We do everything from branding and identity to websites and illustration.
Above all, we provide a very unique service called Graphic Recording – it’s a live illustrated note taking that we do during conferences and other public events. It’s super exciting and we’re probably the only design studio that offers it!

What made you start Ladyfingers Co.?
We started Ladyfingers Co. right out of college. I think we all felt we had the right components for a dream team. Amongst the three of us we’ve got a wide variety of skills covered. We all specialize in different things so we’re also experts for the team in that domain.
Running our own studio seemed intuitively like the right choice – we’re not the normal graphic designers. We’re interested in many different spaces and having the flexibility to choose our own projects has given us the chance to chalk out a pretty unique practice that we’re very proud of.

Tell us about your designers/animators. Did they go into fine art or design schools? How do you pick them up?
All of us attended the Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology, Bangalore.
I suppose we were all in tune to the same pick up line, so we sort of ‘picked up’ each other.


The MediaHolic Co : Digital Solutions for Brands

Well, we started in our heads long before we actually did. We are based out of Mumbai, the crazy city that makes everyone believe their dreams can come true.
Ours did when we actually did get our office.
We are a digital solutions company.
We don’t think we are a marketing agency; we do what great marketers can’t execute. We actually channelize their brand ideas and bring them to life and thus we give solutions. So we are a marketing partner essentially than an agency.

What made you start The Mediaholic Co.?
One afternoon of June 2015, we were having a candid talk over lunch. We all wanted to build something that we could call our own. We spend 70% of our day on social media, then why not use it effectively? That is when the thought of starting a digital marketing and web designing unit struck us.

Tell us about your designers/animators. Did they go into fine art or design schools? Or software? How do you pick them up?
We strongly believe that there is a creator in everyone, just a different kind. All our designers have not been to art schools. Their ability to think out of the box and aesthetic understanding makes them a valuable part of our team.

NetBramha : Strategy and Design Studio

Netbramha studios is a full service strategy+design studio with a passion to craft functional products, platforms and compelling software experiences. We help businesses with the power of design. From serving fortune 500 customers to billion dollar startups our UI/UX practice has been delivered across web, mobile, touch and everything digital. We combine strategic thinking & design expertise to create impact.

What made you start NetBramha Studios?
The need of design in India. I believe design has the power to transform anything, anything at all!

Tell us about your designers/programmers. Did they go into fine art or design schools? How do you pick them up?
Our studio houses 25+ designers apart from the contract designers. Most of them have completed their graduation in design or picked up design from practice.
As long as designers can tell the difference between art and design we are happy to have a conversation with them for open positions. We hire for passion and excellence in craft. Rest really does not matter much.

Pixel Fox Studios : Agency Profile

Pixel Fox Studios is serious fun! We are an award-winning full-service creative studio based out of Mumbai that creates meaningful creative experiences and crafts each pixel carefully to make the work memorable and unique. We are a team of young creative professionals who essentially started working out of home in 2014 and moved to a double-terrace office in 2015.

We started off focusing on a simple goal – to create great work for clients. Initially being a production house, we are now evolving into a full-service creative studio.

What made you start Pixel Fox Studios?
As the saying goes, if you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life! We are very passionate about what we do and are always looking for new ways to make a difference to the advertising world. We started Pixel Fox Studios for our love of challenges and problem solving.

Tell us about your designers/animators. How do you pick hire them?
While hiring, focus on quality; test their skills first because sometimes, résumés are all fart and no s#!T. A first impression is everything; so always remember how they made you feel. Don’t bite off more than you can chew. It always leads to quality being compromised.


Wow Design : Agency Preview

WOW Design is a independent strategic branding consultancy located in Mumbai. The journey started 6 years ago, by me as a founder in a 100sq ft room in my House along with Sai Prasad and Saswata being the co- founders. Currently I work with the team putting best of my sharp strategic insights and my eclectic design understanding into key strategic branding projects apart from focusing on growing the business for WOW Design. Mission is to bring WOW Design in the top 5 list of the most sought after branding houses in INDIA.

What made you start Wow Design?
An immense passion for branding and design coupled with an adrenaline rush to test the deep waters with the knowledge gathered over a decade of experience in the branding industry.

Fruit Bowl Digital : Agency Profile

Fruitbowl Digital is a full service Interactive media agency, a tight-knit team of creators, doers, organizers and overall talented souls. Their specialization starts from conceptualization to creating & designing the media for executing digital campaigns on social media, search and innovative platforms to increase the brand reach. They strongly believe in building long lasting brand impressions.

What made you start Fruit Bowl Digital?
When we were just out in the real world, we observed the market and came across a gap in Central India. As we were really interested in advertising and had a lot of ideas on our mind, we decided to start Fruitbowl.

Tell us about your designers/animators. Did they go into fine art or design schools? Or software? How do you pick them up?
We strongly believe in choosing talent over education. Education does not matter as much as the kind of work an individual can do.


Simran Sahni : Goddess

Simran. Sardarni. Army kid. Odiya husband. Identical Twins. Writer. Painter. Dreamer. Blunt. Happy.

Why are you into Advertising?
It lets me be a different person and do different things everyday. One day I am a fashionista writing for fashion. The next i am a nerd writing for technology and the day after, I am an old man writing for health insurance.

Did you attend school for fine art or design or Communications?
No. B com Honours, Jesus and Mary College, Delhi University.

Tell us about your XYZ Award? How has that impacted your career? Do clients listen to you more?
Too many to list. But yes, Cannes Gold. Clio gold. One show Finalists. Adfest Gold, Silver, Bronze. Abby Gold Silver Bronze, Spikes, Abbys.

No clients don’t listen more 🙂


Inkoniq : Agency Profile

Inkoniq is an award winning UX driven product engineering company, founded in 2011 with offices in Bangalore and New York. Inkoniq provides full stack product engineering capabilities in the space of Mobile, Web and IoT.

Inkoniq won the best Startup award at Silicon India Startup City in 2012. Inkoniq is also featured among the top 20 promising enterprise mobility companies of 2014 by CIO and top 12 iOS development companies in India by ContractIQ. The mobile apps and websites designed by Inkoniq have been showcased at TED, WIRED & INK conferences. Inkoniq’s portfolio comprises of Fortune 500 brands and hottest global start-ups including brands like Lowe’s, Flipkart, Townsquare Media, Zoomcar, NDTV, Sesame Street, Star Sports and many others.

Here we had a chat with Rajesh Kumar, Founder and CEO, Inkoniq.

How was Inkoniq born (and when)?
Prior to starting Inkoniq, I was heading the key experiences division that focuses on the user experience and mobile apps at AOL. Around the time when AOL acquired huffington post, we had the option to continue whatever we’re doing or pursue our dreams.

The idea had been bubbling for the years and we saw an opportunity when we were laid off.
The biggest dilemma at that point was product or services. One of the things that was common among all us co-founders was that we were all ux driven. So, collectively we decided until we arrive at a product idea that we feel passionate about, we’ll start a service organisation focused UX design and mobile app development.

With the little bit of savings I had, three of the co-founders and myself started Inkoniq in Feb 2011 with a vision to be an iconic brand in the space of UX driven app development.