Student Work

Mejuri Jewellery by Miami Ad School

Client: Mejuri Jewelry
School: Miami Ad School
Description: Bridesmaids are getting tired of the cult-like nature of being asked to be in a wedding party. It’s unorganized, chaotic, and impractical. Mejuri decided to help them.

Target Audience: Classical Brides.

Credits: Georgia Luquini (Copywriter)
Tan Wan (Art Director)
Courtney Davis (Art Director)

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AudioBooks Student Campaign

Our main motive for the campaign was to represent our legends and there biography with there own words in Audio Lab. And if you zoom in over the portraits you guys can see how the portraits has been made with the help of typography in a very simple and cute manner.

Advertising Agency (School): Chasmawala hai na!, Mumbai, India
Art Director: Chintan S. Gopani
Copywriters: Babusona Ghanti
Jr Designer: Dipen Jain, Niyomi Jerajani, Babusona Ghanti


Sirona Menstrual Cup : Student Work from

The given project is a Problem-solving Advertising Campaign that was designed as a college project.
Menstruation has been an inevitable part of a woman’s life and the discomfort caused by menstruation is the oldest problem they have to face for almost half of their life.
Women should upgrade with the progressing world and opt for comfortable menstrual experiences. So, here is an attempt to make their life easier by promoting a new age product- Menstrual Cups.
Menstrual cups are a convenient and safe option designed according to every women’s needs. Each and every woman needs to be educated about this rising product and should feel empowered to use one.

Designer- Samruddhi Mahajan
Rachna Sansad College of Applied Art and Craft


Save Our Stores: Miami Ad School

Advertised brand: Google
Advert title: Save Our Stores 
Media: Integrated, Social
Advertising School: Miami Ad School, San Francisco 
Art Directors: Aarti Thamma, Katelyn Gelfand, Darian Ghaznavi 
Copywriters: David Webb

Synopsis: Small businesses compose 44% of the US economy. But the pandemic could change that forever. Over 100,000 small businesses have permanently disappeared during the COVID-19 pandemic. They desperately need help but don’t know how to ask. So how do we help small businesses get customers into the store while being cautious?

Well, sometimes the only way to get help is by being transparent about the problem. The pandemic has caused a lot of suffering across the spectrum. In times when everybody needs a helping hand, those who can help are confused 
about who they can help. In such times, if you don’t ask for help, you may not get it. 

So, let’s use the world’s most popular map to show us which businesses need help and how one can map their impact. Google Maps releases S.O.S Mode allowing small businesses to map their financial health in real-time during the pandemic.

PAW : Miami Ad School, Hamburg

70 million stray cats live in the US. Most people know you can adopt them, yet there is a lot of misinformation about the subject.

What’s the best way of making people empathize with stray cats? A video game where you play as the stray cats themselves! An open-world game where you’ll have various missions which revolve around the daily lives of stray cats like scrounging for food, harsh weather, etc. Stray cats are social, and we use that to add multiplayer to our game.

The cat you play with will end up being found by an animal shelter. This shelter and the cat you played as will actually exist in the city you play in, waiting to be adopted. PAW is not just extremely fun to play with, but also serves our purpose: a safer world for stray cats.

Team Members
Creative Technologist: Sukratti Jain, Paras Juneja
Art Director: Shadab Wajih

Reposition Menopause: Student PSA Work from Edinburg Napier University

Brief: Reposition Menopause and promote the topic. 

Summary: Menopause is an ignored topic not just in the mainstream media but also at home. It is considered to be a social stigma, even though women need to prepare rather than be confused and ashamed. One in 10,000 under 20s experience early menopause. 

According to a UCL study, women who are sexually active on a regular basis were at a 28% lower risk of entering menopause early.

Repositioning menopause for everyone we present, WORK THAT PAUSE. To educate about menopause, we use a series of hand gestures inspired by Indian culture, which encourage self-touch and focus on strengthening the body and mind. 

Credits: Copywriting and Art Direction : Nithika Romy, Nanda Kovic, Paula Uzicanin

School: NIFT Delhi, Brixton Finishing School, Edinburg Napier University

Back To School with Pepsi : Student Work From Miami Ad School

Advertised brand: Pepsi
Advert title(s): Back to School with Pepsi
Advertising Agency: Miami Ad School, Miami, USA
Creative Director: Gustavo Sanchez
Art Director: Tassia Valim
Copywriter: Tassia Valim
Illustrator: Tassia Valim
Design: Tassia Valim
Short rationale: “A dynamic and fun promo video for a Back to School campaign attracting younger audiences to Pepsi’s new app.”

Lay’s : Student Work From Miami Ad School

Advertised brand: Lay’s
Advert title(s): #SaltyNotSorry
Advertising Agency: Miami Ad School, Miami, USA
Creative Director: Manolo Garcia
Art Director: Tassia Valim
Copywriter: Skyler Braswell, Luvkumar Khemlani
Design: Tassia Valim
Short rationale: “#Saltynotsorry is an integrated campaign encouraging people to be honest and have fun, no matter the situation. According to Urban Dictionary, the word “salty” is to be bitter or upset. However, thanks to pop culture, the term has generated a trend of memes that we can laugh about. We want people to experience fun moments of enjoyment with any interaction throughout their day.”

#EarthMode : Student Work from Miami Ad School

Advertised brand: Connect4Climate
Advert title(s): #EarthMode
Advertising Agency: Miami Ad School, Miami, USA
Creative Director: Manolo Garcia
Art Director: Tassia Valim
Copywriter: Skyler Braswell, Luvkumar Khemlani
Design: Tassia Valim
Published: May, 2020
Short rationale: “The environmental effects of climate change are affecting our planet to the point where Earth is losing its color. Therefore, Connect4Climate introduces #EarthMode, a movement that reflects Earth’s loss of color in our digital world. Influential brands partnered with Connect4Climate will remove the color from the icons of their apps and challenge users to return the color by taking small sustainable actions. Together we will bring back our beloved colors digitally and in reality.”