Finding your own Moses

by Arjun Mukherjee
Arjun is a Creative Director with Bates 141 Kolkata

Arjun Mukherjee

Sometimes you have this queasy feeling that sacrifice is such a bitch. As a strappy 22-year old one fine day I decided to chuck a bank job like one tosses an unwanted banana peel carelessly by the roadside. Ann Rynd got the better of me and like Ché crisscrossing the virgin countryside I decided to follow my heart. Jaws dropped, eyebrows took the shape of previously unseen arcs and discouraging words dropped like sharp icicles when I announced that I wanted to be an advertising copywriter.

Armed with fresh smelling resumes I started calling up advertising honchos and doing the rounds of big agencies. The rejections were quick and brutal. The drowsy secretaries bleated out the same answers and catching a glimpse of the Creative Director seemed as difficult as spotting a snow leopard in
a blizzard. After experiencing several such ‘push aways’ I resorted to lies, calling up as car loan agents, making appointments as book suppliers and several such cheesy disguises. The results as expected were disastrous and broke away big chunks from my fragile confidence.


The Dilbert Career Advice

  Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert, reflects on his own career (which includes majoring in economics, picking up an MBA, and working at a bank and a phone company before becoming a world-renowned cartoonist) and gives his thoughts on what it takes to develop a successful career.

If you want an average successful life, it doesn’t take much planning. Just stay out of trouble, go to school, and apply for jobs you might like. But if you want something extraordinary, you have two paths:  

 1. Become the best at one specific thing. 

 2. Become very good (top 25%) at two or more things.The first strategy is difficult to the point of near impossibility. Few people will ever play in the NBA or make a platinum album. I don’t recommend anyone even try. 


The second strategy is fairly easy…

Cannes 2007 : The Desis

 GochiIn the desi party there was Usha Uthup singing. Piyush Pandey danced. and there was this guy who shot nike cricket film, and Josy Paul and Prasoon Joshi and Khai. and Sonal Dabral. there was free food and lot of goras could be seen as well. some gori girls gave a belly dancing show and the white girls dressed in saris also danced to bollywood number. 

Desi Party at Cannes Gori in Sari at the Desi Party Desi Party at Cannes Desi party at Cannes Usha Uthup at Desi Party at Cannes