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Eggfirst is a full-service, mid size advertising agency offering end-to-end creative solutions. It is now a ten-year case study of value creation and building beliefs. It’s passionate about delivering what is now known as ‘Eggfirst quality’. The team is an embodiment of the ‘work hard play hard’ work ethic.

What made you start Eggfirst?
I was in the thick of marketing strategy and consulting before I started Eggfirst. I wanted to get closer to consumers and connect with them some more. There’s nothing like advertising that touches human lives and changes behaviours; perhaps on a daily basis. Equally importantly, advertising is one step closer to action than consulting advisory. It helps us make a visible tangible difference to the lives of our clients and their consumers.

Tell us about your Art Professionals. Did they go into fine art or design schools? How do you pick them up?

While most of our art and design professionals did graduate from design schools and have a background in arts, we do not consider it a prerequisite for the job. It never will be that way.
The team has individuals who have savoured glory at coveted platforms including Cannes, The ABBYs and One Show.
We believe in values and we select the ones that believe in their work more than anything else. Everything else can always be learnt.

How would you define the design style at Eggfirst?

Eclectic, bold, and beautiful. And most important, result-driven for our clients. We believe that every piece of work that we churn out should speak for itself and deliver tangible results. The design style at Eggfirst is a result of conviction and unwavering focus.

What does Eggfirst do which sets it apart?
Our values set us apart from the rest. We are a collection of result-oriented individuals whose integrity take over our actions and enable us to focus on quality. This belief system is ingrained in every member of the team at Eggfirst.
We take great pleasure in our work and our enthusiasm has a great rub-off effect on the people and the brands that we work with.
In fact we’ve heard a few of our clients use the phrase ‘That’s Eggfirst quality’ when referring to good work being delivered to them. Ten years of persistence has earned us that crown!

Were there any particular role models for you when you grew up?
Yes, my mother. Her ability to create a world full of values and joy from a very humble background has always been an inspiration. My story is no different.

Do you think the advertising business in India is undergoing a change?

Advertising is definitely witnessing an unprecedented amount of change. At a ground level Digital seems to have gained adoption at growth rates that were earlier only imagines by a few. That has changed a whole lot.
More importantly, the biggest change is the outlook of the industry: this is undergoing a change from being merely a service provider to adoption bold and revolutionary business models directly linked with results. This has enabled fresh approaches and incredible value to clients. Those (agencies) with the same old mindset of delivering ‘creative’ and not business solutions are finding it difficult to stay afloat. Eggfirst, for instance, has completely reinvented itself to deliver result-driven work. Things that clients earlier didn’t expect from agencies are now being delivered quite regularly. The biggest change is the change in our outlook towards our deliveries which clients find quite a refreshing change from most others.

How important is strategy to having good creative?

Consumers have evolved quite significantly over the last few years. Unprecedented exposure to media, interactive media and a few other key changes has dramatically changed the consumer communication landscape. There is increased mistrust towards advertising and media in general. Therefore, the need to engage with consumers differently is the key. To make this happen, having the right strategy is the key. It helps us connect and communicate the ‘what’ we want to convey. Without having the right thought process behind creative would mean that it’s just another creative.
Therefore, a good creative is more than just how it looks.

Is there any particular work that you have done which has helped build a brand?
Our work for a few brands such as Oberoi Mall, Hari Darshan, Talwalkars, Jashn, DBS Bank, Marshalls is quite notable and appreciated. While each of these brands (and many more) have been serviced and built, Oberoi Mall is perhaps the oldest and close to our heart a tad bit more. We are quite happy to see the success that the mall has been able to achieve and the small role that it has allowed Eggfirst to participate in, as its branding agency.

What do you feel about the state of design in Brand Building in India?
India is far ahead of most countries in relation to the maturity of our creative and designs. Often, even brands in US play safe and have direct communication with very little ‘creative’. (And in contrast, you do have some brands from there that define what advertising is all about!). I believe that the average Indian brand building approach is pleasantly evolved and mature.

Internet speed at Eggfirst?


Is it difficult to find good people for work?
Finding the right people has not been an issue. If at all, sometimes finding the right cultural fitment candidate may take more time than the right skill fitment. Given 10 years of our legacy, we are now known in the industry for our integrity and work quality. Our clients expect value. Our team delivers the same and in the process enjoy a great work environment and learn straight through delivering on serious responsibility.

Any other Indian agencies you admire?
I admire two ad agencies in Mumbai: both of them relatively mid-sized. Can’t name them but love their work ethic and think of them as ‘elder brother ad agencies’ to learn from and strive to become as.

What advice do you have for aspiring creative professionals? Would you advise them to take on advertising as a career option?
Join advertising as a career only if you have the passion as well as temperament for it. It is fun and unshackled in comparison with most other industries allowing you to be yourself. Having said that, it’s also about committing and delivering serious value to customers. Any imbalance either ways will cause consternation.
My 2 cents of advice to those in it is two-fold:
•    Look outside the box for delivering value to your clients. They are not looking for only good creative, art and copy. They need solutions. They need solutions that deliver results. Our task is to deliver that.
•    Take care of your health and family. Work hard but don’t pay with your health or your family time.

Who would your team like to take out for dinner?
It’s a divided house on that between Megan Fox, Ryan Gosling to as imaginative as Ayn Rand or J K Rowling.

What’s on the company iPod?

We have a variety of music playing throughout the day. Gaana and Saavn are the two dear friends. Be it from latest Bollywood hits to pulsating World EDM, the team definitely knows how to set the mood!

Mac or PC?
PC, for most part.

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