Case Study

Pepsi Black Zero Sugar: Case Study

With a legacy of producing disruptive narratives, Pepsi® has always made its mark in step with popular culture and passion points such as music, dance, art, and interactive environments. Likewise, the design strategy for Pepsi has also made a significant shift to meet the accelerating demands of a digital-forward and social media savvy world. To authentically connect with younger generations and further the mission of Pepsi to create a culture that promotes innovation, self-expression, and evolution, the brand’s design sensibilities have also evolved with the changing cultural landscape.

In 2022, the brand relaunched Pepsi® Black™ with a new packaging design and corresponding 360-degree campaign. The launch of the first Pepsi Black Zero Sugar NFT collection is another forward-thinking step in this direction. Looking at the popularity of current metaverse trends, Pepsi® wanted to create a communication touchpoint for metaverse consumers that would be anchored on the key proposition of Zero Sugar for future generations.

With the Pepsi Black Zero Sugar philosophy at its core, the Design Team created a set of 22 NFTs minted on the Polygon blockchain. Rooted in the brand beliefs, this is a series of collectible 3D art NFTs that speak directly to and connect with young Pepsi consumers. The design strategy included representing all seven passion points of the Pepsi brand executed in an appealing aesthetic for NFT collectors. The NFT art collectibles center on alterations of the classic Pepsi Black Zero Sugar visual, portraying poignant nuances of the brand passions, such as sustainability, rhythm, movement, creativity, art, and the progressing world of social media and gamification. Each piece visually captures the essence of the represented genres, including detailed elements such as fabric for fashion, sound bars for music, and moving blocks for games.

With three variations of each theme and four variations inspired from music, the Pepsi Black Zero Sugar NFT collection was listed on Open Sea, the world’s largest web3 marketplace for NFTs and crypto collectibles. The NFTs were given away free of cost to the winners of #PepsiBlackeffect challenge conducted on the homegrown Indian social media platform, Moj. Consumers could enter the contest using the quirky Pepsi Black lens and flaunt their “max SWAG” personas for a chance to win. The NFT launch was met with excitement and consumer engagement with the contest was massive, with 1B total views and 317K posts of user-generated content created to win the brand’s first-ever NFTs.

By Pepsico Design and Innovation, India


7UP® x Festival Limited Time Offer packaging design : Case Study

This 7UP® x Festival Limited Time Offer packaging was developed to drive brand consumption during the Indian festival Dussehera. Dussehera is a festive period that is celebrated all over the country with unique dimensions throughout its different regions, and is the second largest period of consumption in the year. This festival is celebrated with prayers, foods, dance, music, and togetherness collectively known as Durga Pujo in the East and Navratri in the West.

The Design Team focused on making the brand’s famous Fido Dido™ character culturally relevant for the Indian Market by participating in the region’s biggest festival. To create these regionally-specific LTO packs, the team drew inspiration from notable cultural elements such as the ethnic clothing worn during the festival, adapting patterns and colors from traditional textile motifs used in both women’s saree and men’s kurta. Fido™ is shown doing the traditional Dandiya dance and playing dhak (an Indian drum) to bring the festivities to life on pack. The packaging design was used as an anchor point to develop other consumer touch points, including social media video content, retail tool kits, and outdoor campaign, influencer campaign, and more.

7UP x Festival LTO was a hit with consumers and stakeholders alike. This specially designed packaging made a significant impact on 7UP sales. In terms of social buzz, we had successful #Celebratewith7UP influencer activity, with a 1.46 million total engagement, with 1.28 million views, and 27.1 million followers. Ultimately, by regionalizing the character of Fido, we were able to tie the global brand power of 7UP to these deeply important cultural moments with this 7UP x Festival LTO.

By Pepsico Design And Innovation, India

7UP Festival Packaging Design
7UP Festival Packaging Design

7UP Ramadan Packaging Design : A Case Study

To celebrate the spirit of Ramadan in Bangladesh, 7UP® embraced the single largest occasion of the year with its latest limited-edition packaging that fully reflected the themes of this auspicious period with green and gold packaging. Ramadan is one of the most important cultural occasions in the country, with families and friends coming together to feast each evening at the time of Iftar. 7UP is the CSD leader in Bangladesh, so it was important for the brand to embrace local relevance with Ramadan-specific designs and be a welcome addition to Iftar tables across the country.

To create a distinctive 7UP x Ramadan 2022 packaging design, the Design Team drew inspiration from the local motifs surrounding the occasion of Ramadan. A green substrate reflects the strong association with Ramadan and Bangladeshi culture, while anchoring the 7UP brand. And the design language was influenced by Islamic architecture, utilizing geometric symmetry and expanding to infinite patterns. Luxe gold tone and celestial design elements capture consumers’ initial attention. And a crescent moon and stars, which are culturally relevant icons of the Ramadan season, encircle the 7UP logo. Smaller red star accents subtly borrow from the 7UP logo color scheme, lending to brand recognition. And to really help the product shine, gems and stones were added atop these patterns.

The Design Team also created influencer kits that were sold via e-commerce channels, for in-home consumption and to increase brand love with consumers. Influencers (both paid and organic) received limited-edition packs containing two specially designed cans as part of their Ramadan gifts , and shared their joy with thousands of followers online. In addition to packaging, The Design Team also created a retail toolkit including all Point of Sale collateral to enhance the 7UP x Ramadan 2022 limited edition designs and enable the brand to stand out amongst competitors. The team’s visuals were also featured in A 7UP x Ramadan 2022 TV campaign and digital/ social platforms.
The 7UP x Ramadan campaign was well received, reaching 14.46 million people and garnering 22 total media stories (both print and online). Additionally supporting these efforts, 7UP collaborated with Prothom Alo, the leading Bangla language daily newspaper in the nation, to publish ‘Summer Cooler’ recipes under the campaign #IftaarWith7UP. These refreshing drink recipes were made and presented with the 7UP bottles in tow. This content was aired on TV (Nagorik TV) and shared on social platforms (Prothom Alo) and appreciated by viewers.

By the Pepsico Design And Innovation, India

7Up Ramadan
7Up Ramadan
7Up Ramadan
7Up Ramadan
7Up Ramadan

Spotify (Spec Work) by Miami Ad School

Brand: Spotify
Campaign Title: Trojan Jammers
Advertising School: Miami Ad School, Mumbai.
Copywriter: Anisha Chavan, Nagma Dhingra
Art Director: Nihal Bambulkar, Kanchi Undevia
Mentor: Deep Chhabria & Siddhi Ranade

Americans love listening to the radio while driving. The task at hand is to make them switch to Spotify’s Daily Drive playlist which is a complete package including music, podcasts, and news. We realized radio glitches and bad frequencies make people switch off the radio instantly. We’ll take advantage of this insight by creating Spotify’s Trojan Radio Jammers. A Trojan Radio Jammer is a low power radio station made out of a transmitter, an antenna, and an audio source. So, we will take these jammers and jam the radio signals on some of the busiest streets in America. As it’s cheap and easy to make, we will place it in plain sight and drop hints to indicate it’s Spotify’s doing. Lastly, by using the old principles of radio, we will leave a direct radio message in favor of Spotify.

BBR Saatchi & Saatchi and American Express present: HOME COUTURE

American Express x TimeOut Israel let its card members confine from home with style.

American Express card members are known for their impeccable taste and lust of life, culture, food and exclusive experiences. However, as we all know, the coronavirus outbreak has made enjoying even the most mundane of pleasures like eating out at a stylish restaurant impossible. So what do you do when your natural playground has been pulled out from under your feet? How do you provide American Express card members with that trademark stand-out experience?

Working with Time Out Israel, we created a dedicated content hub that lets the brand’s premium card members shop for the very best and very finest online has to offer. From special food packages and designer wines to online home styling services and specially created chef dinners – we curated “all deliverable to your doorstep” packages adapted for consumption from the comfort of your very own home.

Agency Credits: BBR Saatchi & Saatchi Israel
Client: American Express Israel
CEO: Ben Muskal
CCO: Yaron Perel
Creative Director: Shay Israel
Copywriter: Eliad Friedman
Art Director: Aia Bechor
VP Client Services: Lee Bryn
Account Supervisor: Sivan Bardagan
Account Manager: Yaara Mazor
VP Strategic Planning: Yossi ‘Joe’ Baruch
Strategic Planning Supervisor: Lora Goichman
Strategic Planner: Assaf Hauschner Regev
Traffic: Ronit Doanis
Marcom: Eva Hasson
Studio Director: Lea Avram Vayzer
Studio: Sefi Gev, Sophie Alon, Dana Schossberger
C – the Branded Content Agency: VP clients: Daniela Klinger
Publicis Media: Mor Berman, Chen Grabovski
Production: Sigler Communications

BBR Saatchi & Saatchi presents: “Embracing The Haters”

‘Torteet’, ‘Teami’, ‘Egozi’ and ‘Twist’ are chocolate bars from a different era. Had you come to Israel in the 1970’s you’d have found only one chocolate brand on supermarket shelves: Elite’s bars. They were the brand everyone grew up on and loved.
But with the years, the Israeli market opened up and international brands made their way into the country and its supermarkets. Israelis, many of whom had never been abroad, were enchanted by the opportunity to get a taste of being abroad even if it was only by intermediary of a chocolate bar made overseas. So they slowly began ditching Elite’s chocolate bars in favor of the international power brands – a gradual but ultimately mass exodus which ended with the shaming today of the few consumers who remained faithful to Elite bars. Consumers the public has branded as ‘weirdos’ and ‘misfits’.


Coffee Culture encourages #SplitTheBill and share the Love this Valentine’s Day

February is the month of Love, and Valentine’s Day adds a spark of celebration to it. But a relationship isn’t just about love, it’s about equality, respect and a lot of understanding. As we celebrate Valentine’s Day on the 14th of February 2020, Coffee Culture urges you to not just share the love, but #SplitTheBill!

This campaign by Coffee Culture focuses on gender equality in all terms. With the initiative #SplitTheBill, Coffee Culture wants to spread the message that no matter the gender, it is essential to partake in all activities equally, the benefits, & the payments, literally & figuratively.


Designing Aura Cinemas Brand Identity by AVCD Brand Studio

Designing a brand identity for a multiplex theatre chain is an interesting and challenging exercise. The brand directly speaks with a mass audience and it could be anyone who loves the movie. While the aura team approached us, the whole brief was “the logo should be very simple”. So we designed a simple logo that says “your cinema’s AURA” and extended the idea of simplicity to brand identity also. They want to bring the feel of the high-class experience of watching movies into their brand identity.
AVCD executed an effective signage system for AURA Cinemas. For the logo, used black acrylic for base circle and backlit to get the aura effect around the logo. We used Flama a geometric sans-serif typeface designed by Mario Feliciano for signages and communications to achieve a modern look.  


Marketing Agency Put Its Whole Reputation Into Their Competitors’ Hands

Advertising is expected to be bold and unconventional. Sherpa, a creative marketing agency in Helsinki, decided to take marketing to a whole new level by briefing its competitor to do an ad for them without seeing it before its publishment.

A Finnish marketing agency Sherpa has done something so unusual that it might just be the boldest marketing act of all time. Sherpa has reserved the front page of the biggest business newspaper in Finland and given its biggest competitor, TBWA\Helsinki, a free hand to design their ad without being able to see it beforehand.

Crazy, bold or just mental?


Soylent by Miami Ad School

Advertised brand: Soylent
Advert title(s): The Perfect Munchies by Soylent
A headline and copy text (in English): Nourish your Body & Mind.
Advertising School: Miami Ad School New York
Art Director: Daniel Feuer
Copywriter: Nick Arzhantsev
Food insecurity is a common thing when you a college student. Not enough time to cook, not enough money to order healthy food. How can Soylent solve this problem?