Bajaj Allianz Life Future ULIP Plan

The launch of the new ULIP plan by Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance took place at St. Regis, Mumbai on 8th Jan, 2018. We had tweeted a lot about the event and its special features. We were one of the invited bloggers to attend the event organized by Bajaj.
The event started with some introduction by the host, Surprise package was Suresh Menon who told about his experiences on saving and how people act in terms of investments and different means of saving, His witty humor kept the audience well engaged Then the event was followed by a dart game amongst various bloggers
The ULIP plan focused on how you can plan for new house, child’s education, startup, business etc
About The New ULIP plan: Bajaj Allianz Life Future wealth gain is a non participating, individual, unit-linked, regular/limited premium payment endowment insurance plan which provides a cushion of security and growth to meet future financial goals.
The Event followed with a presentation by MD & CEO of Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Mr. Tarun Chugh. He brief about ULIPs, Why you should aim for long-term planning, How you set goals and try to achieve them
It followed by a much detailed analysis explained by CIO (Chief Investment Officer) of the company Mr. Sampath Reddy on Bajaj’s new ULIp plan. His thoughts were well placed on the Funds performance.
1. Every ULIP plays a dual Role: Investment & Insurance
2. The Premium plays two major roles: One part gets invested in risk protection and other gets invested in generating returns.
Why are ULIPs good investment option?
1. Easy Diversification: 100% Debt to Equity Ratio & Fund asset allocation tailored to the goals
2. Long-Term Flexibility: Partial Withdrawal of money during emergency
3. Transparent Investment: Regular Portfolio disclosure

Bajaj Allianz Life eTouch Online Term and Health Cover Plan

The launch of the new eTouch Online Term and Health Cover plan by Bajaj Allianz Life took place at St. Regis, Mumbai. We had tweeted a lot about the event and its special features. We were one of the invited bloggers to attend the event organized by Bajaj Allianz Life.

The event started with some Q&A’s, then some witty jokes by the presenter to keep the event lively and engaging.

Here are the special features of the Bajaj Allianz Life eTouch Online Term and Health cover plan which you do not want to miss:


Understanding Crowd Funding with Satish Kataria


We always hear about surrounding ourselves with people who are like us, who understand us and who encourage us inspite of our failures and mistakes – NO, NOT TALKING ABOUT YOUR PARENTS.

Go For It Ventures is organizing an event on Business & Entrepreneurship to do exactly this.

We want to connect individuals; committed to building a business; with successful professionals & business owners for exchanging knowledge, ideas & information.

We are pleased to have Mr. Satish Kataria, Founder & MD of Catapooolt (India’s largest & fastest growing crowdsourcing & community engagement platform) as our speaker for our event on “Crowdsourcing Your Dreams”.

Satish has more than 13 years of experience in PE/ VC, PR & Brand Management. Apart from helping startups in fundraising, he helps them with networking, organizing offline fundraisers, preparing investor meetups & providing help & resources for global expansion.

Satish is quoted regularly on topics related to business, entrepreneurship, startups, funding & investing in major media outlets. He is one of the few people to have worked in India’s first SEBI registered Film Venture Capital Fund.

Click on the link below to book your tickets:

When – Sunday, 28th August 2016, 5PM – 8PM

Where – ISDI Indian School of Design & Innovation 4th Floor, Tower 2A One Indiabulls Centre Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel, Mumbai 400012

Click on the links below to know more:

Crowdfunding your dreams with Satish Kataria – Founder & MD Catapooolt (India’s fastest growing crowdfunding & community engagement platform)

Go For It Ventures aims to help individuals connect with successful professionals & business owners for exchanging knowledge, ideas & information. To learn about building successful businesses & organizations by learning from the examples cited by speakers of the various experiences that they have had in their careers.

We regularly update our blog juststartitblog.wordpress.com to help business owners & aspiring entrepreneurs with different ideas and information.

So guys don’t wait for it:

Just Go For It – Because one day the world’s gonna know your name.

Click on the link below to book your tickets:

Vebbler : Social Camera App

This is a sponsored post:

2 decades ago, mobile phones were in themselves a novel phenomenon. Zip past to 2014 and smart has been the way to go. We are literally getting ‘smart’er by the day, aren’t we? Smart phones, smart glasses, smart watches and an entire gamut of ‘smart’ gadgets.

So when the founder of Vebbler connected with me to check out their social camera app, I was intrigued to know its use-case and how it stood against other photo-sharing apps in the market. When I spoke to them, I was impressed with the way they are presenting themselves and how unique this app really is. I must add, being a new kid on the block, it was very interesting to see what Vebbler had to offer. Once it launches; I am sure they will be able to reach where they desire to be – to offer a fresh look to the way we share photos from our phones in real-time instantaneously. In tech specific terms it’s a camera first application for collaborative group photo-sharing in real-time.


Adobe Make It Everywhere Tour, Mumbai

Discover the very best in creativity at India’s biggest creativity event – MAKE IT Everywhere on 30 June at The Lalit Hotel

 Register to join and learn how Adobe Creative Cloud delivers on our vision of a creativity platform that allows you to work seamlessly across desktop and mobile devices. See how you can ideate with our companion mobile apps and learn how they link with our desktop apps, via creative sync.

 You will also get a chance to meet Adobe Evangelists Paul Burnett & Karl Soule and also hear from fellow industry professionals & creative visionaries – Kunel Gaur – Cofounder Animal, Design agency and Debashis Das, post production consultant & understand what inspires them to create their best work.

To learn more & register visit here.

What drives creativity in your world?

We at Adobe are undertaking a survey into the importance of creativity across the Asia Pacific region. We understand that creativity and innovation in any organization are vital to its successful performance. For creative professionals like yourself, this means a constant pressure to step outside of traditional roles, update your skills at a rapid rate and deliver creative content faster and into multiple new mediums.

The crux of this study is to understand how you as a creative professional are responding to the pace and nature of this change. How is technology and mobile transforming the face of creativity? How critical is creative thinking to your business? What motivates you as a creative?

Your insights are extremely valuable to us. This survey will take 10 minutes of your time to complete. Additionally, we will be happy to share the survey finding with you at the completion of the study.
Start the survey!

Mobil 1 Honda takes on the ‘bad guys’ : BBDO Singapore

(This post is sponsored by Mobil 1)

In this Mobil 1 film, a Honda takes on the ‘bad guys’ through a thrilling display of speed, agility, precision and fine film craft.

The ad goes on to show how a car powered with Mobil 1’s proprietary Multi-Layer Anti-Wear Technology has the performance and agility to outdo other cars, using a martial arts movie as a metaphor.

Advertising Agency: BBDO Singapore
Executive Creative Director: Ravi Eshwar
Production Company: Stink Shanghai
Producer: Ann May Chua
Director: Eric Augier
Editor: Frederic Baudet

More here: po.st/CarFuIN


Are you a Doer?

The awards season is here. All the year long, now. Will you create something unique, or will you just buy the awards’ almanacs. Get that great idea of your’s executed. Be a doer. Doers do today what the rest of us leave for tomorrow. Doers aren’t unique. Anyone can be one. All you have to do, is do. Think of a nice idea, pick your Lumia 640 and shoot it. Manage your awards deadlines with the built in calendaring. The Outlook email is a true push email to ensure you never miss an awards day notification. Go to Goa to write your campaign. Use the excellent Skype to chat with your team mates. The Lumia 640 and Lumia 640 XL will help you be a doer, giving you the freedom and flexibility to choose when and where you want to get things done.

Lumia 640 and Lumia 640 XL give you a long-lasting battery, great imaging features, single and Dual SIM for 3G and LTE, and signature Microsoft experiences such as Office, OneNote, Outlook, Skype and Cortana built in. Use the Bing Maps to drive you back to your office via your chosen routes. And finally when done, send your entry via Outlook email.

Check out what being a Doer is about.




Why Webydo’s Sweeping The Design Industry With Its Code-Free Parallax Scrolling Animator.

Sponsored Post.

Parallax scrolling has skyrocketed in popularity since 2013 and is starting to become every designer’s top choice for creating a site. Parallax, paired with spellbinding animation with potentially endless scrolling, makes content king, and keeps visitors engaged and coming back for more.
Webydo’s 97K designer’s community voted and their team has created the first pixel-perfect, code-free Parallax Scrolling Animator. With it, not only can you implement this amazing feature on your website, but you can finally do so without writing a single line of code.




After a successful month in its closed-beta trial, Webydo has released their Parallax Scrolling Animator, code-free to designers to create pixel-accurate sites for their clients. This comes at an exciting time for designers, as they are now privy to all the design features available on the market, but completely code-free so they can enjoy more creative freedom.




What is Parallax Scrolling Animation?
The theory behind the technique is quite simple and grew out of the multi-plane camera used in traditional animation since the early 30s. The application in computer graphics was popularized after the 1982 arcade game Moon Patrol. By having the background images move by the camera slower than foreground images, the developers of yore managed to create a greater illusion of depth in the 2D video games and add to the immersion and the gamer’s experience.

To apply this same technique in a web page we make the different elements of the web page move at different rates (or remain static) when a user scrolls up or down the page.
Unfortunately the practical application of the effect is not as simple as it sounds. The Parallax Scrolling effect as you can imagine requires a heavy amount of JavaScript/jQuery code to implement it. And if your code isn’t well-optimized or well-written you will probably ruin the users experience with very slow page load times. So your whole effort will backfire and be wasted.





Meet Webydo.
Webydo is a cloud-based design studio, where you can manage, design and create professional websites efficiently, through a WYSIWYG interface. The Parallax Animator integrates seamlessly into the other features of the design studio. And with it you can create parallax scrolling animations with pixel-perfect accuracy.
With the Parallax Scrolling Animator, you can:
Move elements individually as the user scrolls through the page creating motion and the illusion of depth.
Set motion paths, opacity, rotation and speed for the various objects as well as define the scrolling events.
Design visually and have full control of the design process from start to finish.



With Webydo you can control the entire design process from start to finish. That’s why over 97,000 professional designers use Webydo on a daily basis for all their web design needs. And thanks to their continued participate and suggestions, Webydo has been able to provide the most powerful design studios for their community.

Webydo is a community-led platform. We’ve developed the pixel-perfect Parallax Animator because this is what our designer community voted for. Our designers are leading the platform and shaping its features. If designers will vote for a digital unicorn, our team will develop a digital unicorn! Now, we’re dying to know what you think of our parallax scrolling animator,” said Shmulik Grizim, the company’s CEO Webydo.

You can join the community of other creative professionals by signing up HERE today for free to take advantage of this great opportunity to unleash your creative freedom. Webydo was created by designers and for designers like you to be able to create and publish professional sites for your clients from start to finish.



This article is proudly presented by Webydo’s community of professional designers.


MakeWebVideo – Produce Your Professional Business Video in 30 Minutes

(Sponsored post)

It is a well-known fact that the attention span of users on the web is even shorter than that of real-life. On the web you only have a couple of seconds to make an impression and grab the site visitor’s attention before they move away. In such an environment – the use of a professionally produced video is most certainly a great way to promote anything – from a product to a service to a brand. And in an era predominantly characterised by self-publishing, the idea of a simple yet powerful software that can enable the less tech-savvy among us to produce their own video is an enticing proposition.

MakeWebVideo logo

This is where MakeWebVideo comes in. This web-based tool is marketed as one which enables any user to produce their own professional HD quality business video in just 30 minutes. And if that is not enough, MakeWebVideo also enables easy creation of stunning 3D effects – all at a fraction of what it would cost to have it done by a professional videographer.

Creating a Professional Video Using MakeWebVideo

True to the site’s promise, creating a video using MakeWebVideo involves 3 straighforward steps:

Step 1 – Choose Your Template: After clicking the ‘Get Started’ button, select 1 video template which you feel would be ideal for your objectives.

makewebvideo home page Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 8.13.22 pm

Step 2 – Customize It: according to your needs. MakeWebVideo offers several customizations including the ability to change the graphics, music and text of the template that you have chosen.

Step 3 – Download Your Video: Although you would need to register with the site or use Google account to log in, the video that you have created is absolutely free to use. The only drawback is that it is of a lower quality and contains a watermark. Yet you would still be able to download and share it. To obtain the HD quality video, you would need to pay for it.


Key Features of MakeWebVideo

  • Easy & Fast – You can produce your own professional videos even if you are a novice and possess no graphic design or video editing skills
  • Affordable – The price for professional HD videos start from just $29. In addition to this, you can preview, download and embed the low quality version of the video for free. In this way you can easily test your video and only proceed to purchase the high-res version when you are convinced.
  • Hosting Included – All videos are hosted by MakeWebVideo on a fast and reliable server at no additional cost.
  • 3D Effects Available – The more adventurous can step up their videos using 3D graphics and advanced special effects that are available with the tool.
  • Wide Array of Customizable Templates – Templates are continuously being added so as to cater for the diverse user needs. These are categorized into sections such as ‘Explainer Videos’, ‘Ink Effect Videos’, ‘Tablet Videos’, ‘Cartoon Videos’ and much more. Additionally there are also the newest templates and popular templates too.
  • Video is Compatible with Multiple Platforms – MakeWebVideo offers support for HTML5 video formats. Videos can be downloaded as MP4 and WEBM in 1920 x 1080, 960 x 540, 640 x 360, 480 x 270 resolutions. You can thus easily upload them to YouTube, Facebook and your own website.
  • Full HD Videos – You can create 1920 x 1080 full HD resolution videos in just 30 minutes.
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee – If you are not happy with the video, the good folks at MakeWebVideo will refund you in full or else give you a chance to make another video.