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PAW : Miami Ad School, Hamburg

70 million stray cats live in the US. Most people know you can adopt them, yet there is a lot of misinformation about the subject.

What’s the best way of making people empathize with stray cats? A video game where you play as the stray cats themselves! An open-world game where you’ll have various missions which revolve around the daily lives of stray cats like scrounging for food, harsh weather, etc. Stray cats are social, and we use that to add multiplayer to our game.

The cat you play with will end up being found by an animal shelter. This shelter and the cat you played as will actually exist in the city you play in, waiting to be adopted. PAW is not just extremely fun to play with, but also serves our purpose: a safer world for stray cats.

Team Members
Creative Technologist: Sukratti Jain, Paras Juneja
Art Director: Shadab Wajih

Titan ‘World Environment Day’ by 22Feet Tribal Worldwide

In the past year, time ticked backward to a cleaner, brighter planet.
As we move forward from these trying times, let’s take a pledge to continue
giving our planet the time it needs to heal.

Agency: 22feet Tribal Worldwide
Client: Titan
Group Creative Director: Janardhan Nataraj
Group Creative Director: Mansoor Jamal 
Creative Director : Balamurugan Subramaniam 
Creative Director: Debdatta Bajpai 
Group Creative Partner: Tejas phansekar 
Content Strategist: Arjun Raj 
Client Solutions Director: Neha Shaw

Reposition Menopause: Student PSA Work from Edinburg Napier University

Brief: Reposition Menopause and promote the topic. 

Summary: Menopause is an ignored topic not just in the mainstream media but also at home. It is considered to be a social stigma, even though women need to prepare rather than be confused and ashamed. One in 10,000 under 20s experience early menopause. 

According to a UCL study, women who are sexually active on a regular basis were at a 28% lower risk of entering menopause early.

Repositioning menopause for everyone we present, WORK THAT PAUSE. To educate about menopause, we use a series of hand gestures inspired by Indian culture, which encourage self-touch and focus on strengthening the body and mind. 

Credits: Copywriting and Art Direction : Nithika Romy, Nanda Kovic, Paula Uzicanin

School: NIFT Delhi, Brixton Finishing School, Edinburg Napier University

Back To School with Pepsi : Student Work From Miami Ad School

Advertised brand: Pepsi
Advert title(s): Back to School with Pepsi
Advertising Agency: Miami Ad School, Miami, USA
Creative Director: Gustavo Sanchez
Art Director: Tassia Valim
Copywriter: Tassia Valim
Illustrator: Tassia Valim
Design: Tassia Valim
Short rationale: “A dynamic and fun promo video for a Back to School campaign attracting younger audiences to Pepsi’s new app.”

Lay’s : Student Work From Miami Ad School

Advertised brand: Lay’s
Advert title(s): #SaltyNotSorry
Advertising Agency: Miami Ad School, Miami, USA
Creative Director: Manolo Garcia
Art Director: Tassia Valim
Copywriter: Skyler Braswell, Luvkumar Khemlani
Design: Tassia Valim
Short rationale: “#Saltynotsorry is an integrated campaign encouraging people to be honest and have fun, no matter the situation. According to Urban Dictionary, the word “salty” is to be bitter or upset. However, thanks to pop culture, the term has generated a trend of memes that we can laugh about. We want people to experience fun moments of enjoyment with any interaction throughout their day.”

Polar Electric by Monkey Wrench, Kolkata

Polar Electric is a 4-decade-old electronics brand that has been diversifying its range of home appliances with special emphasis on fans all across India. Powering ease and convenience, the brand takes a step further to instill a new wave of awareness in the air with its digital film.

Headline: Polar Electric brings social message forward – iss Holi, bura na bano!

While the popular act of celebrating with colours is cherished among friends and families, often this very act of smearing colours is extended to pets and stray animals as an act of teasing. Our four-legged friends are seen frantically harassed and afraid on this day. Adverse effects like blindness, skin allergies and respiratory disorders work no less than poison for them.
To impart the message of excluding pets and animals from Holi, Polar Electric decided to bring awareness in the air distinctly. The narrative gently communicates an important social message to children & young adults about respecting every being’s safety & not channelling our idea of a Holi celebration on to our furry friends.

Client: Polar Electric
Agency: Monkey Wrench Communications, Kolkata, India
Creative Director: Tamal Talukdar
Associate Creative Director: Madhura Chakravarty
Client Servicing Head: Kusumanjan Banerjee
Concept: Kusumanjan Banerjee
Copywriter: Madhura Chakravarty
Production House: No Country Films
Director: Nirjhar Mitra
Producers: Nilanjan Chakraborty, Shayak Roy
DOP: Shubhajit Roy
Edit & Colour Correction: Tushar Sarkar
Music & Sound Design: Mainak Mazoomdar
Make-up: Deboshree Bhattacharya
Art & Costume: Adrija Bhattacharya
Assistant Director: Poushali Saha
Voiceover: Pranjal Vaid
Actors: Subhash Chandra Pachisia, Yash Vardhan, Sidhant, Rohit, Jaan.

Leo Burnett Israel and Samsung present: “Flight of the Bumblebee”

Nowadays you have to be alert, attentive, on the lookout. You’ve got to keep your phone at hand and be prepared to draw it out in an instant, because you never know what situation you will encounter that will warrant documenting.
It could be an elephant giving birth at the safari.
It could be a triple rainbow.
or it could be a traffic cop dancing in the middle of a busy street intersection.
At those moments, it is crucial you be able to operate and access the right camera features on your mobile at lightning speed because that may just determine whether your footage becomes the next big video sensation and ends up conquering the web.
That’s why for the launch of the new Galaxy S21 series with its advanced photography and video capturing features, we brought the story of a bumblebee that surprises a Dad making him do all kinds of goofy stuff you wouldn’t want to miss capturing. So while Dad is seen dancing to the tune of the bumblebee, his kids pull out their devices and document the moment, each using a different feature of the phone.
Watch our commercial here:

Agency Credits: Leo Burnett Israel
Client: Samsung Israel
CEO: Ori Gal
CCO: Ami Alush
VP Client Services: Yonatan Regev
Creative Director: Oren Ben Naim
Creative Team: Hezkush Yeshurun, Meital Miller
Agency Producer: Menny Zarhia
Account Supervisor: Hagay Zaken
Account Manager: Efrat Gelfand
Director: Eran-Shushu Spanier
Production Company: Green Productions
Marcom Director: Eva Hasson

Mayor : Spec Work By Miami Ad School

Touristification of a locale may seem beneficial but locals may not always agree with this idea. Apart from the obvious economic upside, it brings a lot more issues in the city like crowds, pollution, an increase in rates of commodities, etc. All this leads to friction between tourists and locals. To ease this friction, Niantic developed ‘Mayor’. It is an application that caters to both locals and tourists. The locals recommend their favorite spots and activities to tourists. Tourists can vote for these recommendations. Each month the local with the most votes gets to be the virtual mayor of the city. Being the mayor brings a lot of perks such as discounts, free parking, and the like. With Mayor, locals get a new way to enjoy the touristification of their city.

Awards and Publications
Vega Digital Gold Award
Published in Ads of the World

Team Members
Creative Technologist: Sukratti Jain, Paras Juneja

Monetise Your Influence

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