Nithika Romy

Reposition Menopause: Student PSA Work from Edinburg Napier University

Brief: Reposition Menopause and promote the topic. 

Summary: Menopause is an ignored topic not just in the mainstream media but also at home. It is considered to be a social stigma, even though women need to prepare rather than be confused and ashamed. One in 10,000 under 20s experience early menopause. 

According to a UCL study, women who are sexually active on a regular basis were at a 28% lower risk of entering menopause early.

Repositioning menopause for everyone we present, WORK THAT PAUSE. To educate about menopause, we use a series of hand gestures inspired by Indian culture, which encourage self-touch and focus on strengthening the body and mind. 

Credits: Copywriting and Art Direction : Nithika Romy, Nanda Kovic, Paula Uzicanin

School: NIFT Delhi, Brixton Finishing School, Edinburg Napier University

Connect4Climate : Tackling Fashion Industry’s Carbon Emissions

The brief of the project was to empower meaningful behavioural change towards a sustainable lifestyle among the 16-25 yer olds with the help of Connect4Climate.

The area I focused on was how fast fashion is a growing concern and to merely be a part of a social lifestyle, our consumption patterns have caused an unprecedented situation. 16-25-year-olds today want to look new every day, wearing the latest trends, uploading a photograph on Instagram tagged with #OOTD (outfit of the day). All of this has not only led to increased consumption of fast fashion but also a huge wastage, degrading the environment.
Instagram filters and stickers are a part of our everyday living now. #ReOOTD is a campaign to encourage Gen Z to reduce their consumption patterns by involving them in an activation campaign whereby they use the Rewear Challenge filter, challenging them to rewear an item of clothing everyday in the month of December. The challenge however is started by fashion bloggers increasing the awareness of the campaign. The campaign also includes animated stickers that people can use to make their stories interesting. This campaign was also taken live and done on a small scale.

This project won the D&AD New Blood Awards 2020 and The Wood Pencil.

Project Credits:
Art Director & Copywriter : Nithika Romy