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The Eggshell Mayo by Miami Ad School

While the majority of us simply bin these outer layers without a second thought, it has been verified that eggshells carry some serious nutritional worth.
Just a single shell provides around two grams of calcium. 
Hellmann’s is on the side of food. So, why waste something so beneficial?
Art Director: Nidal Koteich, Lisette Azulay
Copywriter: Ranjana Naik.
Advertised brand: Hellmann’s
Advert title(s): The Eggshell Mayo
Headline and copy text: We Are On The Side Of Food.
Media: Film, Integrated, Design.
School: Miami Ad School

Music For Every Mood by Miami Ad School

Millenials love emojis. They’re the perfect visual representation of their day. Why don’t we connect the two things they love the most, music & emojis?

Advertised brand: SOUNDCLOUD
Advert title(s): MUSIC FOR EVERY MOOD
Headline and copy text (in English): Update playslists based on recently texted emojis.
Media (see available options below): EXPERIENTIAL
Advertising Agency: MIAMI AD SCHOOL
Art Director: UNNATI MARDA

Soundcloud by Miami Ad School


Soundcloud by Miami Ad School

Reggolution Eggs by Miami Ad School

This Miscellaneous Design is a satire of totalitarianism, inspired in the novel Animal Farm, written by George Orwell. We made a parody to the tone and some concepts of the Stalinist discourse and transfer the meaning into a campaign for cage free eggs.
For us, this campaign is about reflecting the empowerment of the hens that freed from their cages and farmers will be able to be happier and therefore they will produce even more eggs.

Art Director: Nidal Koteich
Copywriter: Lazaro Gonzalez / Nidal Koteich
Published: February 2018
Advertised brand: Miscellaneous Design
Advert title(s): Reggolution Eggs
Headline and copy text: No More Cages!
Media: Outdoor, Content, Integrated, Design.
School: Miami Ad School

Diesel by Miami Ad School

Diesel is a lifestyle brand for rebellious and irreverent people. They challenge norms and prioritize having fun over following the rules. Our Idea is to create pint ads that will embrace the absurdity of the current news cycle.

Advertised brand:  Diesel
Advert title: Stormy News
Translation of headline to English:
Advertising Agency: Miami Ad School, NY, US
Tutor: James Wohl
Art Director: Alessandra Divizia
Copywriter: Burk Smyth

Diesel by Miami Ad School Diesel by Miami Ad School

GlobalPartners by Miami Ad School

Advert title: Bad [W]rap
Campaign name: Bad [W]rap
Agency: Miami Ad School, Miami, USA
Brand: GlobalPartners
Art Director: Yann Loussouarn
Copywriter: Yessenia Downs

Short description:
In a time when hatred outweighs unity, how do you strip the headwrap of its bad rap?

Twitter has served as a platform for those who oppose muslims, as well as those who support them, so PartnersGlobal decided to stop the hate speech by injecting themselves at the heart of it, in hopes of moving the conversation from hate to encouragement.

We created a video of muslim women showing that, under their headwraps, they are just people. Anytime someone tweets the hashtags #WrapGrab, #MuslimBan, #LoveBeforeFlags or #antimuslim, they will be given the option to include this video with their tweet. Those who are pro-muslim will be given another tool to spread their message of love and tolerance. Those who are anti-muslim will be able to put names and faces to the people who they vilify and see that under their headwraps these women are no different from their mothers, daughters, sisters and wives.

Kayser Permanente by Miami Ad School

Advert title: Kollate
Headline and copy text: Results worth the feeling.
Agency: Miami Ad School, Miami, USA
Brand: Kayser Permanente
Art Director: Yann Loussouarn, Calvin Monterrosa
Copywriter: George Loftus


Short description:
Kollate brings down the cost of health insurance by promoting a healthier and active lifestyle. Using wearables that monitor heart rate, steps, distances, quality of sleep, etc., we use this untapped data to bring custom insurance costs to users based on their health activities. By partnering with the health provider Kaiser, we can track and monitor physical activities through the “Kollate by Kaiser” app to bring down the cost of monthly insurance premiums.

Pearsons SIA by Miami Ad School

Advert title: Sia
Campaign name:Sia
Agency: Miami Ad School, Miami, USA
Brand: Pearson
Art Director: Yann Loussouarn, Dora Sarkadi
Copywriter: Yessenia Downs, Adam Rathbun

Short description:
Pearson will create Sia, an aid that will give teachers the extra help they need to maintain a high quality of education while providing students with a personal helper that will preserve the ever important personal communication between students and educators.

Netflix by Miami Ad School

Advert title: Picture My Mood
Campaign name: Picture My Mood
Media: Online
Agency: Miami Ad School, Miami, USA
Brand: Netflix
Art Director: Yann Loussouarn
Copywriter: Adam Rathbun


Short description:
Have you ever had music that listened to you? Music that changed based on both what you were doing and how you were feeling? As part of its new movie-suggestion algorithm, Netflix teamed up with Spotify to create a cinematic music experience independent of tiresome browsing. Introducing Picture My Mood. All you need to do is open it on Spotify and select the genre of film, such as rom-com, western, and noir.
Picture My Mood constantly evolves your personal film score as you move about your day, as if you are your own protagonist. And when you finally come home, you can simply open your connected Netflix account to pick from a special queue that suggests based on what you have been listening to.

Nike : Stridekick : Miami Ad School

Advertised brand: Nike
Advert title(s): Stridekick
Headline and copy text (in English): Hey, it is time for new shoes.
Advertising Agency: Miami Ad School, Miami
Art Director: Yann Loussouarn
Copywriter: Yessenia Downs
Additional credits: Lina Trejos

A typical person’s foot strikes the ground approximately 1,600 times when walking or running a mile. Each foot strike requires a cushioning system to compress and rebound
but, after about 200 miles the cushioning system in most shoes has started to lose its resiliency and the body begins to absorb more of the impact.
So, Nike created Stridekick, a product that will let you know, “hey, it is time for new shoes.”

This spot won a Silver Clio Sport.



NARS Cosmetics (Spec) by Miami Ad School

Advertised brand: NARS Cosmetics
Advert title(s): ‘So simple, it’s significant’ by NARS Cosmetics
Headline and copy text (in English): So simple, it’s significant.

Advertising Agency: Miami Ad School
Art Director: Joao Magalhaes
Art Director: Anais Benoudiz
Copywriter: Brenda Fernandez
Photographer: Anais Benoudiz

NARS Luminous Weightless Foundation, so simple, it’s significant, print campaign offers a captivating visual of the flawless natural-looking coverage that this breakthrough formula offers.