Mili Biswal

Walmart Global Tech by Zensciences, Bangalore


Halloween brings its own flavor of humor to horror and while jump scares have a way of getting to just about everyone – engineers are an exception. They face many surprises on a daily basis and think on their feet to overcome challenges. This digital film captures an engineer’s resilience, in a funny and relatable way.


Agency: Zensciences, Bangalore
Co-Founders: Rahul Koul & Rohit Kumar MS.
Client: Walmart Global Tech India, Bangalore
VP Brand Solutions: Sathya Kumar
Head of Marketing: Mili Biswal
Creative Director: Madhura Chakravarty
Marketing Director: Mayank Panjratan
Account Director: Nikita Saxena
Copywriter: Sripriya Ganesh
Director: Naresh Nathan
Editor: Jovith Tellis & Dina Pallath
Actor: Kirubakaran Kumar, Senior Software Engineer at Walmart Global Tech India.