Aarti Thamma

Save Our Stores: Miami Ad School

Advertised brand: Google
Advert title: Save Our Stores 
Media: Integrated, Social
Advertising School: Miami Ad School, San Francisco 
Art Directors: Aarti Thamma, Katelyn Gelfand, Darian Ghaznavi 
Copywriters: David Webb

Synopsis: Small businesses compose 44% of the US economy. But the pandemic could change that forever. Over 100,000 small businesses have permanently disappeared during the COVID-19 pandemic. They desperately need help but don’t know how to ask. So how do we help small businesses get customers into the store while being cautious?

Well, sometimes the only way to get help is by being transparent about the problem. The pandemic has caused a lot of suffering across the spectrum. In times when everybody needs a helping hand, those who can help are confused 
about who they can help. In such times, if you don’t ask for help, you may not get it. 

So, let’s use the world’s most popular map to show us which businesses need help and how one can map their impact. Google Maps releases S.O.S Mode allowing small businesses to map their financial health in real-time during the pandemic.

United Nations : Student Work from Miami Ad School

Advertised brand: United Nations
Advert title(s): Razzle Dazzle
Advertising School: Miami Ad School San Francisco
Art Director: Aarti Thamma

According to Statista, as of May 2020, around 30 countries across the world reported ongoing armed clashes between state forces & or rebels. The world is at war, with many innocent lives lost, families separated & displaced. But in better parts of the world, where people have only heard of war as a thing of the past or something that happens in other places, war is often forgotten, ignored, or even covered up by the media that focuses on shiny things.
Because, if something doesn’t happen in front of our eyes or to us, we forget that it exists.
It is important for the world to come together to stop the war, create homes for those who have suffered, and rebuild society without differences. Therefore, we introduce this poster, Razzle Dazzle.

The Razzle Dazzle is a concept that derives from the dazzle camouflage design concept that was introduced during World War to disguise warships during battle. We take this concept that was used during the great war and create awareness about the war that is currently happening.
The poster is a disguise. At its first look, it is a dazzling design that attracts the eye. But there is something hidden in the design which one will be able to see only when they are ready to see it. We encourage viewers to take a closer look, when they see it, they will see a number of warships hidden in the poster.

Sometimes, we choose to ignore conflict & those who are suffering from it, but it still exists, just camouflaged by the noise of the world.