Reposition Menopause: Student PSA Work from Edinburg Napier University

Brief: Reposition Menopause and promote the topic. 

Summary: Menopause is an ignored topic not just in the mainstream media but also at home. It is considered to be a social stigma, even though women need to prepare rather than be confused and ashamed. One in 10,000 under 20s experience early menopause. 

According to a UCL study, women who are sexually active on a regular basis were at a 28% lower risk of entering menopause early.

Repositioning menopause for everyone we present, WORK THAT PAUSE. To educate about menopause, we use a series of hand gestures inspired by Indian culture, which encourage self-touch and focus on strengthening the body and mind. 

Credits: Copywriting and Art Direction : Nithika Romy, Nanda Kovic, Paula Uzicanin

School: NIFT Delhi, Brixton Finishing School, Edinburg Napier University

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