Rohit Wani

Dove Men+Care : Spec Work from Miami Ad School

Brand Name: Dove Men+Care 
Campaign Title: The Non-tradable Bond
Media Type: Experiential / Outdoor

Most men think about the missed work opportunities if they take paternity leave, and choose to not take the leave. But they forget about what they would miss out on, at home. How could Dove Men+Care change this?

So, we executed a stunt at the New York Stock Exchange, a marketplace dominated by men. We took over the screens at NYSE showing moments of babies to new fathers working there. The campaign pushes fathers to invest more time in the bond they share with their new born.

Art Director – Hitarthy Shah, Ria Kulkarni
Copywriter – Rohit Wani, Omkcar Shethe

#EqualPockets by DDB Berlin

Brand Name: Kings of Indigo
Campaign Title: #EqualPockets
Media Type: Integrated
Industries: Fashion

DDB Berlin turns denim into a symbol for equal pay by creating the first women’s jeans collection with pockets equally as deep as men’s.

Founder: Tony Tonnaer
Managing Director: Elisabeth Verheijen
Communication: Ana Vujanić
Illustration: Salimah Gablan

Chief Creative Officer: Dennis May
Managing Directors Creative: Jan Harbeck, David Mously
Creative Director: Patrik Lenhart
Senior Art Director: Marco Lemcke
Copywriter: Maximilian Müller
Art Directors: Alice Rotelli, Sirena Grace Martinelli
Junior Creative: Hitarthy Shah, Rohit Wani, Vaishnavi Rai

Chivas Regal : By Independent Creatives

Brand Name: Chivas Regal
Campaign Title: The Rarest Chivas
Media Type: Digital
Industries: Alcoholic Drink

Chivas Regal wants to continue building on its legacy while being relevant to the next generation of hustlers. So, we made the only whiskey that grows in value after you buy it. We converted a barrel of our whiskey into an NFT, called ‘Chivas One’. Whoever purchases the NFT gets to decide how long they want to age the whiskey barrel. As the whiskey ages, the price of the NFT appreciates too.
Art Director – Hitarthy Shah
Copywriter – Rohit Wani

Unmute : Spec Work

Advert title: unMute
Campaign name: unMute
Advertising School: Miami Ad School, Mumbai, India
Advertiser: Apple
Brand: iPhone
Copywriters: Palak Kapadia, Rohit Wani

(Spec work not released)

The world has moved on to using voice commands, but still a group of people, larger than the entire population of the USA can’t make a simple phone call. With Apple, we think different and help solve this issue.
Presenting unMute, a new feature on the iPhone, that allows users of sign language to make audio calls by using Face ID and gesture recognition.With this new feature, people using sign language can call 911 during emergencies, leave voice messages, give voice commands, and also translate sign language for those who don’t understand it.

Echo Dots Kids Edition spec Work by Miami Ad School

Advert title: Plot Twist
Campaign name: Plot Twist
Media: Innovation, Digital, Experiential
Advertising School: Miami Ad School, Mumbai, India + Miami Ad School, New York, USA
Advertiser: Amazon
Brand: Echo Dot Kids Edition
Art Director: Jordan Bromberg
Copywriters: Palak Kapadia, Rohit Wani

Synopsis: When children hear stories, they use them to make sense of the world. It shapes how they think and affects choices they make even later in life. Most fairytales we’ve grown up with reiterate toxic gender roles by conditioning kids to think girls must be beautiful and docile while boys must be strong and violent, or they’re simply not good enough. If we want to change how kids see themselves, we need to change the narrative of stories they’re being told. Presenting Plot Twist – an AI-based personalised and interactive storytelling experience with Alexa on Amazon FreeTime. Our little reminder to kids that they can be whoever they want to be.

Kindly note that this is STUDENT SPEC WORK and has not been commissioned by the brand.