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Vladivar Befreshed!

Advertising Agency: Contract Advertising, Bangalore, India
Creative Director: Raj Nair
Art Directors: Tejali Shete, Pravin Sutar
Copywriter: Raj Nair
Director: Atul Manjrekar
Producer: Tushar Raut
Music Director: Ashu Pathak
Production House: Coconut Films


Metallica may have cancelled the concert, but these Metallica fans didn’t cancel their flashmob in an Indian cinema.
After the announcement that the concert had been cancelled, angry fans were seen trying to damage equipment near the stage; some tried to set fire to banners near the stage
However, before Metallica cancelled the concert in India, Vladivar produced a great viral to promote the gig!
Metallica & Vladivar and a theatre full of strangers, what could go wrong? A Vladi Rockin Surprise, that’s what! Metallica and Vladivar have teamed up to create a very special promo for the Metallica Rock N India Concert. *SCREAM* to get there! Follow us on

Crowded Rooms

Review by Arjun Mukherjee.
Book written by Prem Nath.

I smoked up. The long dangling ash quivered for a second and then fell in slow motion on the hard floor shattering into a zillion tiny pieces. An acrid smell was melting my lungs and the pupils were dilated to an all cap O. The blinking red light on the monitor opened its gaping mouth wider, felt the air with its slimy long tongue and tightened like a noose around my neck. It was the book, it was breathing, the voice in my head hissed out loud ‘you can’t escape from these crowded rooms you dumb fuck’. The page marker showed 164, the book was finished but my journey had just begun.

TicTacToe PreSchool by Paradigm Plus

Advert title(s): tic tac toe
Advertising Agency: paradigm plus, pune, india
Creative Director: nitin adake
Art Director: nitin adake, nikhil kukalwar
Copywriter: nitin adake
Illustrator: nitin adake, nikhil kukalwar
Additional credits: rajat sarkar, vinayak raut, vinay joy, tejas kalkar