24X7 Fresh by Seagull Pune

Advertised brand: 24x7Fresh.in
Advert title(s): Fresh Banana
Headline and copy text (in English):A Fresh banana provides instant energy and restores balance in the body. Its peel on the other hand can just do the opposite.
Buy the freshest fruits only on 24x7fresh.in
Advertising Agency: Seagull Advertising, Pune, India
Creative Director: Sanju Ayyar
Art Director: Shailesh Meshram
Copywriter:Sanju Ayyar
Illustrator:Shailesh Meshram

Short rationale (optional): The ad campaign through quirky, interesting lines explains the innumerable, unknown facts about farm and dairy products which are available on the client website.

24x7 fresh copy


Perceive the Unperceived by independent

Advertised brand: Educational Company
Client: Cerebral Pandits
Advert title: Perceive the Unperceived
Advertising Agency: Freelance, Pune, India
Concept / Art: Ashwin Hirwe
Copywriter: Amol Mahajan

Short Rationale:
Campaign Rationale: Being successful doesn’t always involve doing things differently, sometimes it can be perceiving them in a ‘never-before’ way. Sustaining in this competitive world is all about enhanced perception, flawless judgement, concrete reasoning and logical thinking. This creative campaign promotes ‘cerebral pandits’ and its idea of expanding the cognitive horizons and perceiving things at a macro level. At cerebral pandits, we create innovative educational products and provide comprehensive mind-training workshops helping you to excel in all aspects of life.
The more you ‘Perceive the Unperceived’ the more you attain success.


Perceive the Unperceived by Ashwin Hirwe

Perceive the Unperceived by Ashwin Hirwe


Anti Superstition by Independent

Advertised brand: Public Interest
Advert title(s): Stop Superstition
Client: Maharashtra Andhashraddha Nirmoolan Samiti, Pune, INDIA
Client’s Website: www.antisuperstition.org
Concept / Copywriter: Amol Mahajan
Art Director / Illustrator: Ashwin Hirwe
Additional credits: Nikhil Kukalwar

Short rationale (optional):
In India, irrational beliefs are the biggest stumbling block in the path towards a healthy society.
It’s high time we stopped believing in dubious facts and archaic dogmas.
Let’s inculcate a scientific temper and steer our minds away from superstition.





Divyayog by Seagull Advertising

Advertised brand: Divyayog
Advert title(s): Ancient Yogis
Advertising Agency: Seagull Advertising, Pune, India.
Creative Director: Debashish Sinha, Sanju Ayyar.
Art Director: Debashish Sinha
Copywriter: Sanju Ayyar
Illustrator: Satish Ghatpande


Adopt One by Nikotin Pune

Talking to pets is good – one, they don’t talk back and secondly they don’t spend rumours!
Pets, at times they are more humane!

Advertising Agency: Nikotin, Pune, India
Creative Director: Nitin Adake
Art Directors: Nitin Adake, Nikhil Kukalwar
Illustrators: Nitin Adake, Hrishikesh Deshpande
Copywriter: Nitin Adake
Photographer: Vijay Powar