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Perceive the Unperceived by independent

Advertised brand: Educational Company
Client: Cerebral Pandits
Advert title: Perceive the Unperceived
Advertising Agency: Freelance, Pune, India
Concept / Art: Ashwin Hirwe
Copywriter: Amol Mahajan

Short Rationale:
Campaign Rationale: Being successful doesn’t always involve doing things differently, sometimes it can be perceiving them in a ‘never-before’ way. Sustaining in this competitive world is all about enhanced perception, flawless judgement, concrete reasoning and logical thinking. This creative campaign promotes ‘cerebral pandits’ and its idea of expanding the cognitive horizons and perceiving things at a macro level. At cerebral pandits, we create innovative educational products and provide comprehensive mind-training workshops helping you to excel in all aspects of life.
The more you ‘Perceive the Unperceived’ the more you attain success.


Perceive the Unperceived by Ashwin Hirwe

Perceive the Unperceived by Ashwin Hirwe


Bring Back The Balance ; Greenpeace, by McCann Erickson

Advertised brand: Greenpeace
Advert title(s): Yin Yang
Headline and copy text (in English): Bring back the balance
Advertising Agency: McCann Worldgroup India
Chief Creative Officer: Prasoon Joshi
National Creative Director: Prateek Bhardwaj
Executive Creative Director: Ravinder Siwach
Creative Director: Denzil Machado, Dalip Singh
Art Director: Dalip Singh
Copywriter:Dalip Singh, Seby John
Illustrator: Sanjay Singh, Tanvi Jaiswal, Dalip Singh
Photographer: Amit Dey
Retoucher: Milind Aglave, Kuldeep Soni
Background :
Greenpeace is one of the largest and most active organizations in the area of environmental protection. The organization runs various initiatives across the globe in the area of environmental protection, conservation and sustainability with the help of volunteers.
Brief from the client:
Greenpeace has always had one brief – to create awareness about the state of affairs the world is in, in terms of environment. It’s a well known fact that mankind has pushed the environment to brink. We are increasingly moving towards a state of no return. The brief was to create a campaign that makes people stop and at least ponder about the state of affairs.

Our campaign simply puts things in perspective. It portrays how we as mankind have created an imbalance in our environment by our sheer greed and indulgence. We chose to use symbols of ‘yin’ and ‘yang’ to portray how off balance we really are today!
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15- newspaper

15- newspaper


Spec PSA for organs/blood donation 

As we all know Bollywood movies, songs & dialogues are Most popular in india & across the world. This ad campaign spreads awareness amongst public to donate organs/blood by using famous songs & dialogue of bollywood. The interesting lines engages the youth which is there on social media and connects with there psyche effectively.

Advertised brand: Public Interest
Advert title(s): Donate Organ/Blood
Concept / Copywriter: Shankar Choudhary, Ashwin Hirwe
Art Director : Ashwin Hirwe
Additional credits: Sourya Bhattacharjee

Bollywood_Donate_Organs2 copy


Ad Against Domestic Violence by Independent

Advertised brand: public_interest
Advert title(s): We Men
Art Director / Photography: Ashwin Hirwe
Concept / Copywriter: Amol Mahajan
Additional credits: Amey

Rationale :
Over the years, the percentage of male victims of domestic violence has increased substantially. It is not always women who are left with physical and mental scars. Domesticviolence against men is as distasteful as it is against women.

We_Men_Campaign_1 - Emotional



Anti Superstition by Independent

Advertised brand: Public Interest
Advert title(s): Stop Superstition
Client: Maharashtra Andhashraddha Nirmoolan Samiti, Pune, INDIA
Client’s Website:
Concept / Copywriter: Amol Mahajan
Art Director / Illustrator: Ashwin Hirwe
Additional credits: Nikhil Kukalwar

Short rationale (optional):
In India, irrational beliefs are the biggest stumbling block in the path towards a healthy society.
It’s high time we stopped believing in dubious facts and archaic dogmas.
Let’s inculcate a scientific temper and steer our minds away from superstition.





Aviva by Dustbin Bengaluru

Advertised brand: AVIVA
Headline and copy text (in English): You’re your makeupist.
Advertising Agency: Dustbin, Bengaluru.
Creative Directors: Vinay Saya, Siddarth Basavaraj
Art Director: Vinay Saya
Copywriter: Siddarth Basavaraj
Photographer: Deepak Vijay

Print ad for Aviva Mirror 1

Stop Illegal Ivory Trade by Hammer Communications India

Advertised brand: Homestead India   
Headline and copy text (in English): Last year up to 36,000 elephants were killed for their ivory. Trigger an initiative to save elephants.
Advertising Agency: Hammer Communications, New Delhi, India
Creative Director: Gaurav Bahl
Executive Creative Director: Suman Sengupta
Copywriter: Gaurav Bahl
Additional credits: Sudipto Das