Do You Have What It Takes To Go Fund Yourself?



We spoke to Anshulika Dubey, Co-Founder | Strategy at about crowd funding.

Srinivas Sunderrajan, a bassist in a metal band and an innovative filmmaker, wanted to make a movie called the Greater Elephant. Based on a mahout who has lost his elephant, a faithless constable, a fangless Dracula (and many others), Greater Elephant delves into the hunt for something significant and meaningful. Vasuda Sharma, an artist who rose to fame in her earlier days at Aasma, the famous Channel V band, went on to study at the Berklee College of Music. Her dream was to get artists from across the globe together and produce an album that brought to life a fusion of western and classical music—Stay Attuned.

What was obstructing both these artists from realising their dreams? Money. Srinivas lacked funds to market his movie or sell it to theatres and the distribution of Greater Elephant largely restricted to friends and family. Vasuda needed the money to hire the right music technology and bring together all the people she wanted in the album. Similarly, many other creative and innovative people in this country face the problem of limited funding and most ideas die without having a chance to be implemented.

Enter Wishberry.

Setting your social media strategy

Sanjeev Jasani, VP, OgilvyOne, New Delhi writes in.

A lot of my clients have been recently talking to me about Social Media Strategy and it’s the most talked about topic over the last one year. Here is a very interesting video that walks you through the entire journey of setting up a social media strategy. It’s interesting and uses real life examples.
In future, I’ll try and post some more specific examples of Social Media Strategy that we have successfully implemented for some of our clients.
Watch this space closely and till then enjoy the video.