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Television Audience Measurement (TAM)

Article by Arvind Jayant, a student of Advertising at Symbiosis

The birth of television was rather caesarian, not the first born, yet an equally important child of science, money and the growing society. And since that happy day when man forever learned to see himself in a device other than a mirror, he has been set on the quest to manipulate the vision of the world, create an aesthetic collage and build a sustainable market around the artsy frame of the same.
Streaming through long cables, the box and the minds of several dedicated devotees of the small screen is the constant buzz of the above mentioned art, delicately intertwined with the whisper of a market scene- the Indian market scene or better still, the Indian television industry. Studies conducted by the Television Audience Measurement (TAM) of India slammed a figure suggesting that 134 million households in India possessed television sets.


Measuring effectiveness for a digital marketing campaign

By Shalini Pal. (Shalini is a student of Advertising at Symbiosis College, Pune)

Gone are the days, when all we would be hooked up to in our free time for entertainment or to increase our know-how about the world were radio, TV and newspapers. With the advancement in science and technology, the emergence of extremely influential and powerful new digital era has overtaken all the other forms of media. Just like air, water and sunlight, today internet has become a quintessential part of our life and it’s impossible to imagine our life without internet!
In the present day, all our life revolves around is text messages, phone calls, google search, e-mails, tweets, Facebook status updates and game consoles. Clearly, we are way too overwhelmed with the new digital era and this is the prime reason why marketers are increasingly shifting from traditional marketing methods to digital marketing campaigns.
Digital marketing refers to promotion of a brand, service or product by using digital media which incorporates various digital channels like social networks, emails, cellular phones, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), banner advertising, pay per click (PPC), SMS, voice broadcast, smartphones, tablets, game consoles, fax broadcast, video streams, podcasting, etc.


The New Hero Logo

Article and research by DesiCreative reader Anas KA. Reprinted with permission from his site Kikkidu.


Brand: Hero Motocorp
Owned by: Hero MotoCorp Ltd. (Formerly Hero Honda Motors Ltd.)
Logo Designer: Wolff Olins

Design brief:
“The new logo stands for the new face of India – that youthful energy and ‘can do’ spirit. It is in true sense the “Indian Catapult” which signals that while it is deeply rooted in Indian values, it is also poised to go for global expansion – a Leap of Faith.

This Is All I Have To Say


Review by Arjun Mukherjee. Arjun is a crack Creative Director at Bates 141, Kolkata.

It arrived in a corrugated, cardboard wrapper. A noisy ‘tear away’ later, out came a crisp, fresh smelling book bathed in cream with a green spine and a sharp green edge on every page. When Swapan Seth writes the words become feathers and knives, tickling and cutting as you read along. For a man who has quietly conquered the highest peaks of advertising this book packs a surprise by steering away from the subject he has cut his teeth upon. What it offers in return is a stirring, soul-searching account of life and its many shades.


KFC tlks 2 me – The power of language for today’s youth.

Sanjeev Jasani, Vice President, OgilvyOne, New Delhi writes.

Words, words, words – the power of language is something we focus on with customers everyday, but nowhere can it have more impact than with teenagers and tweens. Harnessing the power of language for today’s multi-tasking, tech-savvy youth is the first step in effectively communicating and building loyalty among them.

To truly connect with kids – to form and keep a meaningful dialogue that will help win their hearts and minds – you must learn to have a conversation. On their terms. In their language. In fact, according to teen marketing experts “Teens identify best with someone who speaks their language, dresses like them and understands their human condition.”

Digital and the power of the community

Sanjeev Jasani, VP, OgilvyOne, New Delhi writes in.

Alcohol is a restricted category where advertising is not permitted. How do you then get consumers to sample single malt and then spread the word. How will the typical surrogate advertising model work here?

In a first of its kind event, over two hours across India, Canada, the US, Taiwan, Sweden, Denmark, Russia and Britain a quirky get-together was held. Whiskey experts, bloggers all, were on twitter for a single malt nosing and tasting session to choose a ‘special 2010 edition’ single malt. Virtual tasting? Not quite.


Cisco – Welcome to the Human Network.

Sanjeev Jasani, VP, OgilvyOne, New Delhi writes in.

What is

We often come across groups of people who selflessly go about doing their own bit for the society. As a result they inspire hundreds to come forward and join them in this remarkable movement. At Cisco, we call this the power of the Human Network.

We wanted to build a social platform for these Champions. A platform which allows individuals and organizations, championing causes to locate like-minded individuals, group, network, collaborate and if possible replicate a social experiment in a different geographical zone. In the bargain, we wanted to drive brand relevance as well in the mind of our consumers.


Setting your social media strategy

Sanjeev Jasani, VP, OgilvyOne, New Delhi writes in.

A lot of my clients have been recently talking to me about Social Media Strategy and it’s the most talked about topic over the last one year. Here is a very interesting video that walks you through the entire journey of setting up a social media strategy. It’s interesting and uses real life examples.
In future, I’ll try and post some more specific examples of Social Media Strategy that we have successfully implemented for some of our clients.
Watch this space closely and till then enjoy the video.


Yahoo! Relaunch in India

Continuing with our series on Digital Marketing with Sanjeev Jasani, VP, Ogilvy One, New Delhi

The digital market has almost exploded in India. Millions of choices exist for consumers today and the average youth practically lives online. Companies like Google, Twitter and of course our favorite Facebook has changed the way we consumer media today. Social is the new Buzz word today.
Some figures relevant from India’s point of view: Google receives over 85% search queries out of all search queries, avg. no. of people spend over 400 mins on Google’s network, people spend an average of 4 hrs. a week on facebook and over 0.5 million people are accessing facebook on their mobiles. These could be surprising and shocking figures for any online brand, particularly Yahoo! which started loosing its market to these brands despite having the first mover advantage in India.


ITC WelcomGroup – The secret is out

Another in a continuing series on DM case studies by Sanjeev Jasani, VP, OgilvyOne, New Delhi.

This was one spa that was conceived and designed to be like no other. Royal in inspiration it was contemporary in interpretation. Inspired by the Mughals love for perfection, symmetry and aesthetics it sought to revive a lifestyle perfected by Mughal emperors 600 years ago.The task was to create a buzz around this Spa and position it as the perfect tribute to the city that holds the wonder called the Taj Mahal.
There are numerous luxurious spas in India and the world and then there are spas that are the ultimate in indulgence and pampering. Now, how do you defy and transcend even this?

The answer: look back in history and reach the very courts of the Mughal Emperors to revive their love for rejuvenating therapies and exotic treatments which were transported to India from Turkey and Persia.
The result of this was the creation of paradise that would do even Emperor Shahjahan proud.

The objective was to turn the Royal Spa into the last word for rejuvenation and revival and to get the invitees to come and experience the magical treatments available. This would not only get them to experience the wonder of this Spa but also make the Spa the most talked-about.

We sent the DM to Diplomats, Ambassadors of Embassies, opinion makers, members of the press and the countries’ Who’s Who. due to confidentiality reasons, the database was drawn up by the client from the patrons at their specialty restaurants, in house guests and societies’ crème de la crème.

The strategy was to partake of a royal experience that took them back in time to the glorious era of the Mughals. And what better way of doing this than sending them the fruit picked from the garden of paradise that the Mughals so loved, and created on earth. For the Mughals the pomegranate was the fruit of eternity, the fruit descended straight from paradise. It was considered an aphrodisiac and the elixir of youth.
Given this, the recipient received a direct mailer which had hidden within it this very fruit of eternity: A full-blooded, ruby red pomegranate from Central Asia, the homeland of the Mughals.

The results were phenomenal and it whetted the curiosity of the invitees. The prelaunch was a full house affair and the spa was covered by all the leading fashion and lifestyle publications. There was a 45% response to the invites sent out and within months of opening, Conde Nast Traveler declared it the ‘World’s best city spa’.