Television Audience Measurement (TAM)

Article by Arvind Jayant, a student of Advertising at Symbiosis

The birth of television was rather caesarian, not the first born, yet an equally important child of science, money and the growing society. And since that happy day when man forever learned to see himself in a device other than a mirror, he has been set on the quest to manipulate the vision of the world, create an aesthetic collage and build a sustainable market around the artsy frame of the same.
Streaming through long cables, the box and the minds of several dedicated devotees of the small screen is the constant buzz of the above mentioned art, delicately intertwined with the whisper of a market scene- the Indian market scene or better still, the Indian television industry. Studies conducted by the Television Audience Measurement (TAM) of India slammed a figure suggesting that 134 million households in India possessed television sets.