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Fruit Bowl Digital : Agency Profile

Fruitbowl Digital is a full service Interactive media agency, a tight-knit team of creators, doers, organizers and overall talented souls. Their specialization starts from conceptualization to creating & designing the media for executing digital campaigns on social media, search and innovative platforms to increase the brand reach. They strongly believe in building long lasting brand impressions.

What made you start Fruit Bowl Digital?
When we were just out in the real world, we observed the market and came across a gap in Central India. As we were really interested in advertising and had a lot of ideas on our mind, we decided to start Fruitbowl.

Tell us about your designers/animators. Did they go into fine art or design schools? Or software? How do you pick them up?
We strongly believe in choosing talent over education. Education does not matter as much as the kind of work an individual can do.


Simran Sahni : Goddess

Simran. Sardarni. Army kid. Odiya husband. Identical Twins. Writer. Painter. Dreamer. Blunt. Happy.

Why are you into Advertising?
It lets me be a different person and do different things everyday. One day I am a fashionista writing for fashion. The next i am a nerd writing for technology and the day after, I am an old man writing for health insurance.

Did you attend school for fine art or design or Communications?
No. B com Honours, Jesus and Mary College, Delhi University.

Tell us about your XYZ Award? How has that impacted your career? Do clients listen to you more?
Too many to list. But yes, Cannes Gold. Clio gold. One show Finalists. Adfest Gold, Silver, Bronze. Abby Gold Silver Bronze, Spikes, Abbys.

No clients don’t listen more 🙂


Inkoniq : Agency Profile

Inkoniq is an award winning UX driven product engineering company, founded in 2011 with offices in Bangalore and New York. Inkoniq provides full stack product engineering capabilities in the space of Mobile, Web and IoT.

Inkoniq won the best Startup award at Silicon India Startup City in 2012. Inkoniq is also featured among the top 20 promising enterprise mobility companies of 2014 by CIO and top 12 iOS development companies in India by ContractIQ. The mobile apps and websites designed by Inkoniq have been showcased at TED, WIRED & INK conferences. Inkoniq’s portfolio comprises of Fortune 500 brands and hottest global start-ups including brands like Lowe’s, Flipkart, Townsquare Media, Zoomcar, NDTV, Sesame Street, Star Sports and many others.

Here we had a chat with Rajesh Kumar, Founder and CEO, Inkoniq.

How was Inkoniq born (and when)?
Prior to starting Inkoniq, I was heading the key experiences division that focuses on the user experience and mobile apps at AOL. Around the time when AOL acquired huffington post, we had the option to continue whatever we’re doing or pursue our dreams.

The idea had been bubbling for the years and we saw an opportunity when we were laid off.
The biggest dilemma at that point was product or services. One of the things that was common among all us co-founders was that we were all ux driven. So, collectively we decided until we arrive at a product idea that we feel passionate about, we’ll start a service organisation focused UX design and mobile app development.

With the little bit of savings I had, three of the co-founders and myself started Inkoniq in Feb 2011 with a vision to be an iconic brand in the space of UX driven app development.


Nishikant Palande : Thoughtline Design Studio

Illustrator and founder of ‘ThoughtLine Design Studio’, Nishikant Palande graduated from Sir J.J. School of Applied Art, Mumbai. He is the proud holder of awards including 3 silver at Asia Pacific Adfest 2011, 3 silver at Cannes Lions 2011, 2 silver at Goafest 2013 and 1 bronze at Goafest 2013.
10 years of experience in freelancing has brought about a good understanding of clients and their project briefs in him. With a specialization in Illustration and Designing, his work portrays the perfect fusion of knowledge and modern Indian style. You can see and appreciate his work here.

A little about your outfit ThoughtLine. What do you do?
ThoughtLine is a 2.5 years young design studio, based in Navi Mumbai. We are mostly into Illustration, Animatics, 3D illustration, Body Painting and Wall Painting.

Graffiti Collaborative : Agency Profile

Graffiti Collaborative is a 4.5 years young creative agency. Its expertise lies in identifying the problem of a business and finding a creative solution. It believes that the solution usually lies in identifying the problem. Most people identify symptoms but it’s another skill to be able to differentiate them from the actual problem. That is the USP of this agency.

Although it started out as a digital agency, it soon realised that problems cannot be solved through a single medium alone. Once a creative strategy has been thought through, one needs to choose the right channels of communication based on several criteria. Today, Graffiti develops 360 degree creative communication strategies for its clients and delivers on digital, design, films, events, tech and everything creative. It strictly sticks to its expertise of strategies and tactics and doesn’t venture into the more ‘lucrative’ media buying space. The company will continue to evolve in the coming years keeping up with the times. The best is yet to come.
How was Graffiti Collaborative born (and when)?
This is a little complicated story and quite honestly, is being told to a larger public for the first time. It started out as a digital agency in a small shared room – sitting knee to knee for a few months. Once we realised we had more to offer to the communication industry, we packed off to a beautiful space which became our home for the next few years. As we learned more, we observed how this industry functioned – and we found it rather competitive. We figured that the quality of work is higher when collaborating rather than competing – and that’s how from Graffiti Media, we became Graffiti Collaborative. With that small but very significant change in our mindset, we have now become an agency which strives to change many standards in this industry. Our tagline – served with love – is a testament to it! We hope to bring out love in this industry. Love for what we do, love for people working with us and love towards nature and all things around us.


Godot Media : Agency Profile

Godot Media was founded in 2008 by Vishal Dutta, an IIT/IIM graduate. The company is based out of Bangalore, and mainly focuses on content marketing and production.

“We are a content marketing firm that specializes in long-form content like blog posts, eBooks, whitepapers, etc. We have served hundreds of customers from all around the world. The strength of our team lies in their excellent research and writing capabilities, which allows them to deliver well on a broad range of projects. ”

What made you start Godot Media?
We noticed there was a huge opportunity in the content industry where businesses were in need of content to reach out to their customers. Godot Media was started to serve companies’ content marketing needs.

Tell us about your designers/animators. Did they go into fine art or design schools? Or software? How do you pick them up?
Currently, we only offer text content, and don’t have designers on board.

Avignyata : Social Media Marketing

AVIGNYATA meaning omnipresent, is a Social media marketing firm founded by the brothers duo in order to create a marketing ripple for brands across social networks. We strive each day and consider the clients goal as our own for achieving equilibrium across digital platforms.

What made you start Avignyata?
In 2007, we anticipated that there will be surge in demand for digital marketing and started Avignyata; we are one of the pioneers in social media marketing industry in India.

Eggfirst : Agency Profile

Eggfirst is a full-service, mid size advertising agency offering end-to-end creative solutions. It is now a ten-year case study of value creation and building beliefs. It’s passionate about delivering what is now known as ‘Eggfirst quality’. The team is an embodiment of the ‘work hard play hard’ work ethic.

What made you start Eggfirst?
I was in the thick of marketing strategy and consulting before I started Eggfirst. I wanted to get closer to consumers and connect with them some more. There’s nothing like advertising that touches human lives and changes behaviours; perhaps on a daily basis. Equally importantly, advertising is one step closer to action than consulting advisory. It helps us make a visible tangible difference to the lives of our clients and their consumers.

Wex Inc : A Boutique Agency In Kolkata

Wex Inc is a creative agency that focuses on effective communication giving the brands a unique identity. Art, music, books a typical Bong environment keeps the work space alive. A team of dedicated professionals make sure no matter what the outcome is the creative instinct never gets affected. We emphasise on the thought process and are always on the lookout for good thinkers. Our expertise lies in advertising and branding communication, direct mailer and social media.

What made you start Wex Inc?
When my best friend Adarsh and I started looking for an agency, who will give us good concepts for our dream ventures Roads and Collegify, we were not getting what we wanted. While most of them concentrated on basic designs we were looking for good conceptual works. We finally decided that the best way to meet our demands will be to get the things done by ourselves. This is how Wex was born in 2011.

Tell us about your designers/animators. Did they go into fine art or design schools? How do you pick them up?
Yes, they are from the school of life. We do not hire people based on their portfolios and to know exactly how we pick them please apply. 

How would you define the design style at Wex Inc?
Here at Wex, we have a team coming from different backgrounds having plenty of stories to tell that gets reflected in our design. We never restrict ourselves to any particular school of design but try and explore as much as possible for the respective brand. 

What does Wex Inc. do which sets it apart?
We do not do different jobs but do ordinary jobs differently.

Trip Creative Services : Agency Profile

Trip Creative Services is a visual communication design house. Their team of creatives, developers and producers are always on the lookout for new and exciting ways to help you communicate. Their strength lies in their ability to fuse your vision with their various backgrounds, to create constructive ideas, movements and experiences.
Their services include: Film/ Video / Animation / Motion Graphics / Branding / Graphic Design / Web+ / Digital / Apps / Games



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Is Trip Creative primarily an illustration and design company? Do you also work on brand building and corporate identities?
Trip is not just about any single medium like illustration or graphic design. We have a more holistic approach to projects and work towards finding a creative design solution, using whichever medium, that is best suited to the project- be it film or animation or illustration or in rare cases the need of strategy rather than creating another campaign.
Yes, we do work on brands and corporate identities. We also provide video, digital and on ground solutions as well.

Tell us about your designers. Did they go into fine art or design schools? How do you pick them up?
We’re always on the lookout for this inherent ‘keeda’ in our crew, something unique or new that each one brings to the table. Yes, most of our designers did go to design school but it really doesn’t matter where they come from as long as they have that creative mindset which they’re willing and able to apply to any given spectrum.