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Ad Verbatim IV

Terence D’Costa is a dear friend and a top notch creative in the Himalayas!


Interesting how greetings have evolved with time from a genuinely enquiring “how are you” to the mandatorily flippant “sup”. Movement from interest in the person per se, to interest in the person’s world has been gradual but definite. Having realized that our social interactions rest more on the eventful world we live in, we delicately moved on from “how are you” to “how’s life” and from there, on to “how are things”. And if that wasn’t enough we’ve taken our love of things even further. After all, we did need to focus a bit more on those that may be of interest to us. So we came up with “what’s new”. Which made room for the “sup” greeting – just to cater to the present and keep things hip and simple. We’ve now relegated the “how are you” for the most infrequent and formal interactions and ‘wassup’ (read ‘waddup’ if you will) for our most repetitive ones. And if you’ve begun to imagine that this is entirely an occidental aberration with no relevance to the vernacular, don’t. Far from the spiritual goodness of “namaste”, look at the current movement from “sanchai?” (a positively wishful step warmer than the comparatively objective ‘how are you’ enquiry) to “ke chha” (a blood brother of the ‘sup). Now, that’s more than a linguistic coincidence.

Killer Jeans : Statue

Vintage denim from Killer Jeans

Advertising Agency: Grey, Mumbai, India
National Creative Directors: Amit Akali, Malvika Mehra
Executive Creative Directors: Karan Rawat, Rohit Malkani
Art Director: Karan Rawat, Suhas Panchal
Copywriter: Rohit Malkani
Client Services Director: Aparna. K
Account Supervisor: Kamia Wahi
Illustrator: Sanjay Shetye
Photographer: Karan Rawat


Mother’s Pride outdoors by Out Of The Box, New Delhi

Advertising Agency: Out of the Box, Delhi, India
Chief Creative Officer: Viral Pandya
Art Directors: Komal Tandon, Viral Pandya
Copywriters: Vaibhav Pandey, Viral Pandya, Sabu Paul
Illustration: Bombay Duck Designs
Typographer: Ajay Yadav


Ad Verbatim III

Terence is a very dear friend and a very hot advertising creative. ‘Ad Verbatim’ is written by him.

Basically, I mean, nice, you know, of course, sure. Did we mention basically ?

Careful now, we’re on slippery ground here. Resist the urge to choke on your own conscience and watch diplomacy work up a lather on the twin cheeks of confusion. If you’re wondering where to park yourself, check out the fence. Standard edition comes custom-built with bells and bucket seats attached. The new ones have cute little blinkers in the sleeve just in case you forget to bring your own. The higher up you go, the better the fences get – this one’s top of the line with cushions, a hookah and a potion that helps you vaguely regurgitate what anyone just said. Smile, nod and twitch the occasional eyebrow. Ask pointless questions. Point out the obvious. And let the sudden interest in your cuticles obfuscate all desire to think. To egg you on in the circumlocutory excursion, you have the infallible alibi of an agenda. Riddled with double-speak and whine, it’s the chiropractic cure for the spineless. Learn to read it with an intellectual squint and you’ll see happy gaussian blurry sense oozing blissfully out of every word spoken thereafter. Bask in the oblivion of it all and wallow warthog-like in the didactic choler of it all. The point is meant to stay missing and don’t you send sniffer dogs after it. The onus is one word you aren’t meant to split into two. Should you per chance make the glorious mistake of straying anywhere near the point, spill your coffee, fiddle with the airconditioning or better still, lick the window panes. Your apology will be promptly accepted and everyone can safely return to the random minutes of communal nostril-mining without further ado.