The North Face

The North Face (Spec Work) : Miami Ad School

Brand: The North Face
Campaign Title: Change The Face Of It
Advertising School: Miami Ad School, Mumbai

Copywriter – Khushali Bhansali
Art Director – Vidhi Agarwal
Art Director – Siddhant Karale
Art Director – Nihal Bambulkar

Panty Wall. Smell Of A Fat Chick. Girlfriend Skiing. Lady Wildcats. These are not just some random derogatory terms stringed together by us. These are, in fact, just a few of the many sexist terms, slangs, and phrases you will hear in the outdoors. These terms, obviously, were coined by men. They are names of rock climbing routes, a skiing technique, and female athletic teams respectively, making the outdoors an uncomfortable space for women.

But, in order to encourage and inspire the next generation of female explorers, The North Face has decided to Change The Face Of It, forever.

The North Face : Spec Work by Miami Ad School

Brand: The North Face
Campaign Name: Voice of Exploration

This project was created for One Show’s Young One’s Brief Awards and has secured a merit position.

Description: Our beliefs are formed by what we see and hear around us, and in the great outdoors while one gender is celebrated on it, another is barely ever seen. For the women who defied this norm to scale mountains and cross oceans, their voices always got silenced amidst the blaring noise.

The North Face vows to make these voices heard with the help of one voice that guides all expeditions – Google Maps. In a collaboration with Google Maps, the GPS voice on Google maps is replaced with voices of famous female explorers using past recordings and AI.

A voice that has reached millions now emboldens the voices that couldn’t.

Copywriter: Apaar Singhal, Yashashree Samant
Professor: Deep Chhabria, Siddhi Ranade
Advertising School: Miami Ad School Mumbai

Wherever. Together. Student Spec Work

Kindly note that this is STUDENT SPEC WORK and has not been commissioned by the brand. It was created for the One Show Young Ones awards.

Advertised brand: The North Face
Advert title: Wherever. Together.
Advertising School: Miami Ad School, Mumbai, India + Miami Ad School, Mexico City, Mexico
Art Directors: Xavi Ocaña, Catarina Barcala Gosende
Copywriter: Palak Kapadia
Synopsis: There are women all around the world who spend their days outdoors – often traversing over uneven and steep terrain – who we don’t conventionally consider explorers. To the next generation of explorers, what could be more inspiring? We identify women in developing countries who champion causes such as education, entrepreneurship and empowerment. Collaborating with the popular fitness tracking app Strava, their daily walking route is mapped and mirrored all over the world. When women run, hike or cycle along these special routes, we turn their miles into contributions. Bringing sisterhood to the outdoors, we dare to lead the world forward through exploration.