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Akshata Shanbhag : Illustrator

Drawer of quirky, colourful stuff.
Incorrigible daydreamer, crazy about desserts, laughs a lot, thinks of herself as a modern-day Alice (in Wonderland).
An all-or-nothing person.

Why are you an Illustrator?
All through a timeline that included a Bachelor’s Degree in Medical Electronics, an IT job, a course in animation, learning graphic design through self-study and some half-baked ventures, there was one thing I kept coming back to – illustration. So, illustration it is!

Did you attend school for fine art or design?
No, I learnt through self-study – books, free online tutorials, blogs etc. Not having a degree in any of the art-related fields, held me back mentally when I started out. Now I see it as an advantage, because I’ve realized that I have never been cut out for any kind of classroom learning. So I have been able to do things my way – be it learning or creating.


Red Cross by Y&R, Dubai

Advertising Agency: Y&R, Dubai
Chief Creative Officer: Shahir Zag
Art Director: Sajesh Pudussery
Copywriter: William Mathovani
Creative Director / Copywriter: Shahir Zag
Creative Director/ Art Director: Kalpesh Patankar
Agency Executive Producer: Amin Soltani
Planner: Nadine Ghossoub
Agency Producer: Leng Panganiban
Photographer: Mojtaba Komeili
Retoucher: Gitten Tom


Sabeena Karnik: Typography

Sabeena Karnik is a Graphic Designer from Mumbai. She is a freelancer specializing in paper typography and has developed her own style in 3D sculpturing using paper. Her recent works include a typography campaign for Tanishq jewellery and a title design for a short documentary for The American Cancer Society. She teaches painting, calligraphy and sells art in her free time.

Why are you a Graphic Designer?
Right since I can remember, art was chasing me. I always had a pencil in hand and colors were in plenty. I would be doodling all the time, even the walls of my house were not spared. So taking up art as a career was a very natural instinct. It was a hard choice to make between applied art and fine art. But I can never make something just to keep myself happy, I think that is what fine art is all about. For me creating something has to be for others be it a product, the way it looks, the way it is presented. That is basically the work of a graphic designer. Hence it had to be applied art. I do a lot of paintings too, but its again an idea that I am presenting and working around.

Kartik Iyer: Interview


Born in 1975 Chennai. Spent 8 years growing up in Africa. Returned to Chennai in 1985. Learnt to play the mridangam for 3 years. Acted in 27 full fledged theatre productions. Joined advertising in Dec 1995 as an intern. Did six years between Chennai Bangalore learning to be a copywriter. Worked in Y&R Dubai for 3 years from 2001-2004. Worked in Ogilvy Bangalore for 3 years. Started Happy in 2007 with Praveen Das. Love movies, music, design and pop art. Moonlight as a stand up comedian as The HigherIyer Show.

Why are you into Advertising?

Cos it’s the only place you get to use your creative muscles with every medium that’s exists. I also get bored easily, so it helps to keep focusing on different brands with different needs. But I didn’t know any of this when I started my career. Actually I loved commercials and asked someone who ‘thought’ of them. Someone said the agency and I decided I would learn to be a copywriter. It took me 5 years to realize what I actually wanted to do was direct ad films. Hopefully I’ll get there some day.


Planet K by Happy Bangalore

Brief: Planet Kids, Bangalore’s leading playschool chain wanted an invite to announce their Annual Day celebrations. This invite would be given to students and their parents. The objective was to create excitement around the event and get their kids buzzing. Oh, and of course the invite had to be cost-effective.

Solution: So we decided to create something out-of-the-ordinary, something that would engage their students and get them to transfer the buzz onto their parents. And voila, the ‘hand puppet’ invite was born out of a mere sheet of A4 sized paper. We then went on to create five unique characters so as to encourage greater curiosity, creativity and playfulness among our tiny TG.

Advertising Agency: Happy, Bangalore, India
Executive Creative Director: Kartik Iyer
Chief Creative Officer: Praveen Das
Creative Director: Carl Savio
Illustrator: Nalisha Chouraria
Art Director: Shatrughan R
Copywriter: Megha Ramesh

Vodafone : Celebrate Bandra – by Ogilvy

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Mumbai, India
National Creative Director: Rajiv Rao
Senior Creative Directors: Elizabeth Dias, Srreram Athray
Creatives: Elizabeth Dias, Srreram Athray, Savio Alva, Umma Saini, Calvin Austin, Ashish Sadare, C.V. Saju