Vans Pro Classic Test Lab

The new Vans Pro Classics have the same aesthetic as the old classics, but a higher elevated performance. Since the look themselves won’t cut it make this new show stand apart, Vans will turn abandoned buildings worldwide into skateparks, where skaters can try the Vans Pro Classics while actually skating. Their skateboard is the ticket to get in. No posers!
In the lab, they will be given a pair of shoes and a lab coat that they can customize. After testing the shoes, they will fill out a survey, and the results will be shown in real-time on the Vans website and social media. The survey reviews will honestly promote the Vans Pro Classics and turn them into the go-to shoe for skaters.

Art Director – Din Terpuni
Art Director – Yuliya Kosheeva
Experience Designer – Margaret Panoti

Vans Pro Classics
Vans Pro Classics Test Lab