Rahul Paul

Desi Belle by AutumnWinter

The print campaign was designed with the core thought of creating a world that has been heavily influenced by the Western Fashion. To add the millennial connection to the campaign, we took the widely popular internet abbreviation WWW and gave it a new meaning – World Wide West. The campaign captures the essence of western fashion through a striking collection, jewelry, maps and decor items.

Advertising Agency: AutumnWinter Communications & design, MUMBAI, India
CCO & Creative Director: Karan Rawat
Jr. Art Director: Aditi Haldankar
Sr. Writer: Rahul Paul
Photographer: Priyank Nandwana
Sr. Account Executive: Yesha Kavaiya
Stylist (Harshad): Jimmy
Makeup: Gayetri Chakravarthy
Hair: Zeba Shaikh
Production & Props (Aura Production Thailand): Hiren Sonie
Producer (India): SpringSummer Films
Graphic Artist: Diwakar Jakkani
Photoshop: Naresh Berde
Retoucher(India): AVF Studio

Desi Belle
Desi Belle
Desi Belle

Desi Belle by AutumnWinter, Mumbai

Advertising Agency: AutumnWinter Communications & Design
CCO & Creative Director: Karan Rawat
Art Directors: Karan Rawat, Naresh Berde
Senior Writer: Ribayah Memon, Rahul Paul
Photographer: P Pond Sr.
Account Executive: Yesha Kavaiya
Fashion stylist: Amonwan Dolly Mirpuri
Stylist assistant: Nathamon Throngchak
Makeup Artist: Kitty Hair
stylist: Tanon Tanabhataravaratorn
Production: Hiren Sonie / AL2U Production Bangkok
Producer: SpringSummer
Retoucher: Punit Chhag
Photoshop Artist: Naresh Berde
Graphic Artist: Diwakar Jakkani

Desi belle by AutumnWinter