Spreading Love on Valentine’s Day by NH1 Design

NH1 Design is a boutique branding agency based in Gurgaon. This Valentine’s Day, we decided to spread some love. And lots of smiles.

“We designed Love Coupons and sent it to our clients, family and friends. And then we thought, hey, let’s go give it to strangers and spread some more love. And we are so glad we did! Love Coupons, are the little gifts in form of promises you give to your loved one, that can be redeemed anytime, no questions asked.

From young, excited, love struck couples, to cute aunties and uncles, everyone was pleasantly surprised and only had smiles on their faces. We were so happy that everyone unwrapped the gift for us and read out each coupon. Some of them were so excited, they filled it for their loved one there and then.

Since we good a good response, we added a digital version of these coupons so could reach more people. A microsite helps people download these coupons. Spread some love.

It was indeed, a Happy Valentine’s Day!”

Credits: Team NH1 Design


NH1 : Design and Brand Consultancy, Delhi

We are a year old Brand and Design consultancy based in Delhi. At NH1, we believe design is not just a form or an idea, but an approach to creative problem solving. The journey is as important as the destination. The quality of an idea and its execution is something we refuse to compromise on. We work very closely with our clients, and they get to interact with the team directly involved in the actual design process – nothing gets lost in translation.

What made you start NH1?
My better half – my husband needed to re-locate from Bangalore to Gurgaon. With 10 years of experience under my belt working with R+K and VGC (which has been great), I didn’t want to start looking for another job… so figured why not give this a shot.

How did you get started working on brand building and corporate identities? Why not any other form of design?
So far it has been an organic process. Our first few projects were for branding – these were exciting and a lot of fun to work on. But we do focus on other verticals of design as well – currently the team is also working on Chocolate Packaging, Editorial & Web Design.