Grand Theft Auto

Spotify in Grand Theft Auto

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Grand Theft Audio

Descriptive Paragraph:
During the pandemic, people are no longer commuting to work, and instead they have taken their driving to Grand Theft Audio – hitting 140million copies sold in 2020. However our research shows players are already fed up with the in-game radio. So what if Spotify could bring Your Daily Drive, a playlist composed of tailored podcasts, news, and music into the game? Introducing Grand Theft Audio.
Now, players can switch on Your Daily-Drive whenever they hop in a virtual car. To get more users to turn on Spotify while driving their actual car, we’ll combine real driving data with GTA data to create a monthly wrapped featuring achievement badges that participants can share on social media. Grand Theft Audio has the ability to reach millions of drivers, whether it’s in their GTA Dinka or their Honda.

Art Director – Din Terpuni
Art Director – Yuliya Kosheeva
Experience Designer – Margaret Panoti
Copywriter – Ethan Sims