Ravi Chavan : Interview With An Advertising Creative

Ravi Chavan. Day dreamer. Design enthusiast. Loves everything designer. Avid traveler. Loves working on ideas in any form (Advertising, fashion, Marketing, business etc..) Amateur photographer. And last but not the least a keen learner.

Why are you into Advertising?
I realized early in my career that engineering was not my cup of tea. Still I went ahead and completed the task of “being an engineer” given by family; worked in that space for nearly 6 months and then finally broke the shackles.
I knew that I wanted to do something interesting and exciting enough for the daily life; and which will keep me young, Always. I guess that’s the reason I am here.

Did you attend school for fine art or design or Communications?
I come from a school of life… though I had never attended any art school. But yeah…currently I am pursuing a “Post-graduation in Digital Design Pro” (part-time) from Ecolè Intuit-Lab (A French School of Design).

Tell us about your awards?
Awards…no not yet. But yea, I do believe on awards.. and the day is not too far.
Though awards are good for self-motivation and for recognition within the community; but it’s not the only thing. The real award can come in the form of client appreciation also.

Were there any particular role models for you when you grew up?
No. I never had any role models. I never believed on having any role models. When I was growing up… I was growing up and I never got so fascinated with anyone or anything for that matter; except a TV channel called “Mtv” for it’s style and packaging. So maybe I can say “Mtv” was my role model then.

Who was the most influential personality on your career in Advertising?
Well; I never followed anyone or got influenced by one particular personality; coz there are so many beautiful people doing some really beautiful work.
But then there are these 3 people who were part of my advertising journey in the beginning of my career. Who influenced me in some way or the other…Ravi Jadhav, Sachin Karle and Chandan Mahimkar… all from FCB_Ulka then.

Where do you get your inspiration from?
I get inspired by lots of things like new technology; fashion, conversations, travel, meeting amazing people, music etc etc… and sometimes I do get inspired by silence too. You never know.. be open… be curious… Jaagte Raho!

Tell us something about Brand Harvest, work environment. We know lots of creatives would love to work with Brand Harvest.
We are a small branding and communication agency. We do very niche work in the branding and communication space. As an organisation, we are in a constant quest to partner with ambitious teams and brands on exploration for the NEW. We believe NEW DRIVES GROWTH.
An open environment and thought driven culture that propels growth for our clients.
It’s a small team so very homely affair.

What do you think of the state of Print advertising right now. At least here in India, the released work is most often too sad?
Here in India people are glued to digital now; and why not. It is one of the thing that’s empowering India and world too. With digital budgets as good as the print one’s; digital is overshadowing the print medium. There’s lot of disruptive things happening in the digital world.
Though print advertising is not in a good state now; but it’s certainly not out. There was a time when digital was a support to print campaigns; now we are living in a world where digital is the mainline campaign and print is the support. Which is absolutely fine from a brand and marketing perspective.
But the way technology is evolving; it’s not too far that we see a dramatic change in the way print advertising happens and it’s craft too.

Do you think brands who’s advertising wins awards, do well in the market?
Not necessarily, there are so many examples of brands who’s advertising wins awards but brand perishes over the period of time. The award gives the brand a push but the real test for a brand is the market.

What advice do you have for aspiring creative professionals? 
Be bold. Be fast & furious (in a good way). Have fun.

What’s your dream project?
Ideally; a Big brand. Big canvas. Big money.
Realistically; every project is a dream; coz with every project I get a chance to do something different and disruptive.

Where do you see yourself in 15 years?
15 years is a long time… but surely by that time will have some awards.
I see myself donning the entrepreneur hat. (Working on my own brands)
Basically; working till I don’t have to introduce myself.

Who would you like to take out for dinner?
Lot of people actually; few of then are Lee Clow, David Droga, Scott Goodson, Mallika Favre, Sujata Keshvan, Pharell williams, Santosh Padhi.

What’s on your iPod?
No IPod..when your mobile does everything for you. My music player will always have lots of hip-hop and house, bollywood for sure and lots of not so famous artists.

Mac or PC?
Mac it is.

Whats your Twitter Handle?
But instead do follow me on instagram on “iamravii”


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2 thoughts on “Ravi Chavan : Interview With An Advertising Creative

  1. Sachin Karle says:

    Ravi and me go back a long way. We did our computer graphics course together and then of course FCB Ulka. I can say we started together in the initial years of our careers. Have been following his graph since then. It’s only rising year after year. Very happy and proud to see that. Without any art college background what he has achieved is only due to his own efforts, hunger for work and passion. He is a task master and will never stop till he completes it. And that too with perfection. Proud to be his friend. Best wishes always. 😉

  2. Nice to read about your latest accomplishments and aspiration. I remember that work for TATA that was fun. Congrats and fair wind to you.

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