YUWEUS creates Rotary’s global symbol for Thalassemia

Rotary Clubs of Rotary International District 3291 joined hands to launch a ‘global symbol for Thalassemia’ and a ‘global mission statement’ with the vision to ‘strike off Thalassemia’ from the society by creating widespread awareness and undertaking focused initiatives for a ‘Zero Thalassemia’ world. The symbol and mission statement has been created by YUWEUS, a new-age brand communication agency from Kolkata.

The symbol was launched at a historic seminar on Thalassemia Awareness and Prevention ‘SACHETANATA 2018’ organized by Rotary on 19th November 2018 at Kolkata. Termed as ‘T in the blood drop’, the symbol is a strong reminder of the fact that how deeply is the disorder affecting the human blood, especially that of children.

Speaking about the mission statement, one of Kolkata’s leading Orthopedic Surgeons and the man behind the mission Rotarian Dr. Ramendu Homchaudhuri said, “When carriers of thalassemia marry each other and intend to have children, there is a very high possibility of them conceiving a thalassemic baby. The new statement ‘Check the T. Strike off Thalassemia.’ aims to create mass awareness on ‘checking for Thalassemia before marriage’. And we expect to make it as impactful as our ‘End Polio Now’ campaign.” 

An awareness booklet designed by YUWEUS, containing vital information about the disorder, titled ‘End Thalassemia. Strike it off!’ was also unveiled at the event. 

Sharing their views on the movement, Sanjeev Dassani and Aanton Mookherjee, the guys behind YUWEUS said, “It’s an immensely prestigious opportunity for us. It’s like creating the ‘Plus’ for Red Cross or the ‘Red Ribbon’ for AIDS awareness. The symbol and the statement play crucial role in familiarizing movements like this and we hope we have done justice to the cause. The work has just begun and we shall always be there to support Rotary till we ascertain a ‘Zero Thalassemia’ world.”

Thalassemia Symbil from Rotary Club International


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