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Award-winning illustrator Urvashi Dubey has a knack for creating imaginative children’s picture books. To date, she has illustrated over 12 picture book titles, including a self-authored book about world-famous artists called ‘Grown Ups Who Never Stopped Drawing.’ She has worked as an Art Director for a Mumbai-based children’s publishing house called ‘Daffodil Lane Books.’ Known for her delightful, enticing artworks that appeal to kids and adults alike, Urvashi has always aimed to evoke feelings of nostalgia and relatability through her art, seeing it as a powerful tool in storytelling.

She lives in Mumbai with her cookie-maker husband and a very naughty ginger cat.

“Hi, I’m Urvashi. I specialize in kid-lit illustration. Just like all little boys and girls, I started my journey by participating in an art competition in school to make it into an actual career. I have a personal interest in working on stories that bring social-emotional development to little readers, especially the ones that talk about self-esteem, deforestation, mood management, and empathy.”

One of my latest title is called ‘No is a Good Word’.

You have a distinct style of illustration. How long did it take you to develop your style?
There isn’t a specific timeline to develop a style. Like every skill it involves continuous experimentation and learning. For me, it has been ever-changing. I try to be as versatile as possible.

Who was the most influential person in your life?
My dearest Mom. She is the reason I am what I am. She also is an inspiration to me for my final year art school project called ‘Wonder Mom’

Was there any time when you wanted to quit Illustrations?
Well, the field is highly competitive, and standing out requires a unique style and a strong portfolio, as well as time to gain recognition. There have been challenging moments, but my love for picture books has always kept me going.

Have you considered turning your illustrations into toys?
Yesss! If I would, it would be ‘Patrick’ from my picture book ‘Try your best Patrick’.

What advice do you have for aspiring creative professionals?
Pursue what you are truly passionate about, and be persistent in your efforts to improve and grow as an artist. Dedication and continuous learning are key. Never underestimate the value of networking. Use social media platforms and portfolio websites to showcase your work and engage with the creative community; networking can open up opportunities and provide valuable insights.

While passion is crucial, it’s also important to be realistic about the financial aspects. Illustration incomes can vary, and it may take time to establish yourself. Diversifying your skills or considering related fields, like Visual Design or Branding, can provide an additional scope of earning.

What’s your dream project?
I hope to collaborate with Child Rights and You (CRY) one day.

Mac or PC?
I’m currently on the team PC for my creative work. But remember, it’s your skills that matter most, not the tool you use!

Who would you like to take out for dinner?
If I could choose a dinner companion, it would undoubtedly be Oliver Jeffers, the brilliant artist behind “How to Catch a Star” and “Lost and Found.” I am eager to explore his creative process, artistic influences, and thoughts on the power of storytelling to foster connections. His ability to infuse whimsy into profound themes has always captivated me, and sharing a meal with him would undoubtedly be an enriching experience.

What’s your Instagram and Website?
Instagram: @urvashidubeyy
Website: www.urvashidubey.com

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