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Be it a store, or a stall in an event, or a kiosk in a mall, we always want to draw the attention of the customers passing by, isn’t it? How do you call a customer without being an interruption but an attraction? That’s what TalkingStandee from WindowSquare does. Imagine you are walking and suddenly on your right or left side, at a distance of 4 to 10 feet, there is a light flashing and sound coming, will you turn your head? Will you turn your head to see it and listen to it?
Exactly! TalkingStandee is the Head turner for your Brand.

How does it work:
TalkingStandee detects anyone approaching it and talks the audio message that is pre-uploaded. The other function includes focus lights flashing on along with the audio message being played when a person passes by the standee. This grabs the attention of the passer by and hence the brands get a chance to deliver their message to the prospects and customers.

Top 6 Benefits
• Sensors with Adjustable Distance Range (10cm – 3.5 meters) – Based up on the crowd you can adjust the sensors detection. Basing on the crowd passing by the standee, you can adjust the motion detection sensors with their distance of detection. This will help you in interacting with the right audience in any context. The range of distance that can be chosen is between 15cm and 360 cm (up to 3.5 meters).

• Replaceable Audio Message (size of the audio file can be up to 1GB) – This Standee can be used for multiple campaigns By just changing the audio message (you need to upload the mp3 file into the micro SD card) and changing the poster you can use it for a new campaign. Make the best utilization of your TalkingStandee by its wide application.

• Focus Lights in Dual Mode(Powersaving & continuous mode) – The Head Turner You can uses these lights in two modes: 1. Lights on when it detects the customer, 2. Lights On for all the time. The first mode can be a major contributor for more surprising head turns as flashing of lights results in more head turns than. These focus lights enhance the visibility of your advertisement to a far extent.

• Inbuilt Power Source (Runs continuously for 16+ hours) – No dependencies on Power Sources You can place the standee anywhere without worry about power connections. The inbuilt power source runs the standee continuously for more than 16 hours. Now. nothing can stop your ad from interacting with your customers.

• Inbuilt Speakers with volume controller – Be it a silent zone or an outdoor place. You can change the volume of the standee with respect to its context of application. By rotating a knob you can increase or decrease the volume of the TalkingStandee

• Foldable Standee with detachable poster with trolley package (Standee size: 6×2 feet, poster size: 5×2 feet) – Take the Standee to places. Want to carry the standee to a different place? No worries! This standee comes in a trolley package. The standee is bi-foldable, can be dismantled, packed, transported and also can be easily installed at the new location.

• Can be used for in-store promotion or outdoor promotions such as store brand and advertising at exhibition stalls.
• Can also be used for retail shop or service stores like restaurants, gaming zones, coffee shops, model houses, etc.

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