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Experiments with Fonts : Deepti Kshirsagar

“Default fonts/ or standard fonts are those which are part of most software’s font library, and which never feature on designers list of favorite fonts. Fonts like Arial Narrow, Baskerville, Times New Roman are either overused or some never used due to is overtly classical form. This thought was unsettling me for a while and, I just decided to study some of these with a fresh perspective. When I started experimenting with the forms, the counters, the ascenders, the stem and the results were some stunning Typographical Visuals.  While my experiments were in Black and White, I believe right colors take typography to next level.”
Sharing some of the Typographical Designs

by Deepti Kshirsagar : Partner and Executive Director – WOW Design.

Arial Narrow : Beautiful counterspaces.

BrushScript : The Flowy curves

Avenir Light : The lightness in the stems

Baskerville : The classic solid serifs

Cooper Black : Love the Os of Cooper





Dabur Real Volo by Wow Design

What is WOW Design?
WOW Design is a Strategic Brand Design firm which has been the strength behind some of the major Brand Launches and Revamps in the country, and has been growing steadily under the able leadership of the powerful trio: Deepti Kshirsagar, Saswata Das and Saiprasad Karalkar. While it was Deepti’s brainchild fueled with creativity, it was Saswata who brought in majority of the clients and Sai who got in the best of talent, which helped lay down the strong foundations of the company. Each one of them has brought in the best industry expertise and experience to form a strategically strong, creatively fresh and technically perfect team. WOW Design, a private limited entity with a strength of approximately 40 employees, has won over the trust of its esteemed clients by its Thoughtfully Fresh approach. It’s known in the industry for its expertise in Brand Strategy, Visual Identity, Packaging, Retail and Space Design. WOW Design has been associated with the top FMCG majors in INDIA and International wiz:
JK Helen Curtis
Cavin Kare
Berger Paints
JYOTI Laboratories etc. to name a few. WOW design has been successful in implementing effective brand strategies in the NON – FMCG sectors in as well and has robust plans to extend its expertise into tapping the same in the coming years.

What was the brief given by Dabur?
The client’s brief was to extend the fruit equity of Real to the fizz category and target a new TG which was not directly being targeted by Real – the youth. It had to appeal to the target group including Males & Females, SEC A within the age group of 22-25 years living in the metro cities.

The TG looks for a drink with aspirational value and they consume the beverage as a mood enhancer, which helps them break from the monotonicity to elevate their mood. They have graduated from the Carbonated Soft Drink usage and need the fun of fizz in their drink along with tangible benefits. It is the format of the drink that is fruit & fizz which is a new appealing proposition that they want to try, also the variants is a trigger for usage due to the taste perception & exoticness of the berries.

This is a drink that gives the consumer a new tasty option of a fizzy drink with the goodness of fruits, an exotic treat that uplifts their mood. The core reason to believe was an offering with exotic fruits with the excitement of fizz from the house of Real.


Wow Captures the true essence of childhood in the launch of Hansaplast Junior

What is Hansaplast?
Hansaplast is a healthcare brand of Beiersdorf, one of the leading skincare companies worldwide, situated in Hamburg, Germany. For more than 125 years, Beiersdorf, has gained experience and competence in wound care, more recently in the field of activity support and treatment of muscular pain as well, striving to improve wound healing and care for your skin ever since.

What is Wow Design?
WOW Design is a specialized strategic brand design company. In a span of 6 and half years, it has grown from a team of 3 members to a team of 40 members. The company focuses on its core services of Branding- Brand Strategy & Visual Brand Identity, Packaging Design, Retail Communication and Space Design.
WOW Design’s philosophy is to give solutions that are thoughtfully fresh.
We at WOW practice strategic methodology, which ensures that the solutions we give, add manifold value to the Brand image and ultimately meet the marketing objectives. This approach has enabled us to grow healthily with its service offerings in various sectors, FMCG being one of the key sectors of operation. In last six years, WOW Design has successfully partnered with a number of FMCG majors as Clients: ITC, AMUL, JK Helen Curtis, Cavin Kare, Biersdorf, BERGER Paints, PIRAMAL, Abbot , DABUR , PARLE , JYOTI Laboratories  etc.  The list of clients we have worked with is more than 60 and the number of brands we have imparted our WOW touch are over 100.
WOW design has been successful in implementing effective brand strategies in the NON – FMCG sectors in as well and has robust plans to extend its expertise into tapping the same in the coming years. Automotive, Education being the key focus areas. Having just crossed over couple of year from being a startup brand Company,
We understand how the startup environment growth is elemental in boosting the nation’s economy. We also understand that Branding plays significant role for startups. Hence WOW Design has planned to play a significant role in the startup eco-system, to partner with the startups in planning and implementing effective Branding Strategies.