Ashish Shah : In a Chat With A Photographer

Beyond the hustle of our everyday struggle there exists a world of dreams. This is where his heart and his soul live.
Obsessed with dark stories of love and addiction, he captures the moods and emotions that write each individual story, a new chapter with every frame.

Well known for his captivating portraits and elegant fashion statements, he deftly plays with light and shadow, creating beautiful and subtle changes in texture and palate.
A perfectionist, combining an artist’s vision with a technician’s mastery of craft.

He was born and raised in the northern part of India, Ashish Shah currently lives in New Delhi and works worldwide.
He is currently represented by prestigious agency Bill Charles NY for United States.

Why are you a photographer?
I grew up listening to my grandmother telling stories and I don’t know when they affected me so much.
There was a certain feeling about the place, time, and the characters in her stories.

“A boy all alone is wondering in the mountains”.
“A girl sitting next to a river bed“.

As I grew older I started missing that cinematic journey.
Photography helps me live those moments again.
More than the idea of capturing moments through this androgynous machine called camera, I love the process of living those moments.

It is such an amazing medium to travel in time, it lets me dream.