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How Branding and Marketing of Colleges is Helping More and More Students to Be Aware

Today’s generation is very much brand conscious as they brain storm even over the brand of their clothes to the brand of their toothbrush. So, one can imagine the height a student will go before choosing the institute to pursue his/her education. And that is why there is so much need of branding and marketing of colleges, as it helps in understanding and comparing different colleges and helps them to know about various colleges in the first place.
Let’s take the example of MBA. It is the trendiest professional course in India. Everyone dreams of getting an MBA degree from the top brand names like Harvard, Stanford, The Wharton, Yale Xavier’s, IIMA and many others, because it can make them a millionaire or a billionaire. MBA is a degree which student of every stream or subject wants to have. But what will make a student to know about such colleges which can help them in getting that degree? Everybody knows about IIMs, but what about other colleges for MBA? Well, that is the part where branding and marketing comes.
By branding and marketing colleges do not aim to sell their college’s name but rather aims at letting the students know about their establishments where any student can come and get his/her dream fulfilled of having an MBA degree. Through branding colleges want to tell the students about the kind of experience they will get from their institute.
There are thousands of colleges in India, half of which are still unknown to students. All they need is branding and marketing of their college to make students aware of their existence and they can help number of students as well as themselves. Through this they can help all those students who fail to get into top ranking colleges and are forced to drop out for a year or more because they just don’t know about other existing colleges which can offer them the same degree one desires to have.

Here is a list of some of the best MBA colleges in India, which have used the same technique of branding and marketing to make students aware of their capabilities to enlighten a student’s future:

Indian Institute of Management : Ahmedabad
Indian Institute of Management : Bangalore
Indian Institute of Management : Kolkata
Indian School of Business : Hyderabad
Indian Institute of Management : Lucknow
Xavier Labour Relations Institute : Jamshedpur
Indian School of Business : Mohali
Management Development Institute : Gurgaon
Indian Institute of Foreign Trade : New Delhi
Christ University : Bangalore