Fighting Skin Cancer with a Hashtag : Talent Marcel : Brazil


By Instagram alone, and nearly no budget, the Beaba Institute found an opportunity to deliver its message within highly relevant context.
As summer now approaches in the northern hemisphere, the effort of a Brazilian NGO against skin cancer draws attention. By hacking a previously popular hashtag, they have garnered the support of many, including influencers with millions of followers.

The hashtag #nofilter, used in social networks around the world to show that a particular photo was not edited, is translated in Portuguese as #semfiltro. But in Brazil, the word FILTER is also used to mean sunscreen. That was how Talent Marcel, Beaba Institute’s agency, created a hashtag response: #poefiltro, something like #wearsunscreen.

The action began at the end of last year, shortly before the National Day of the Fight Against Skin Cancer and early Brazilian summer. Through an Instagram profile with several not-so-strong prevention tips, @poefiltro, they tracked photos with #semfiltro, and used #poefiltro to remind people to wear sunscreen. What really stood out was that, for each tracked photo, the team created a customized comment, according to the photo’s topic.

That way, @poefiltro invited people to draw a “#” on their own skin using sunscreen. From then on, the campaign got the engagement of thousands of people: artists, musicians, athletes, comedians, digital influencers, brands, dermatologists and many others participated, including profiles with millions of followers

The action’s success brought the initiative to the attention of the press, generating even more exposure and more participation for months, and even until today.

With very low cost and no investment in publiposts or paid media, #poefiltro has impacted more than 32 million people, generating more than 522,000 interactions, helping fight the type of cancer that reaches the highest number of Brazilians. According to the National Cancer Institute (INCA in Brazil), about 135 thousand new cases are registered each year.

“We are able to explain how important it is to prevent the most frequent cancer in Brazil, in an easy and fun way, not having to show shocking images. This is one of Beaba’s primary goals for cancer as a whole, and the #poefiltro action shows that it is all very possible. “- Simone Mozzilli, Beaba President.

The @poefiltro profile is still running to come to action in new phases. Check out the tips for fighting skin cancer:

Do not forget to watch the campaign result video, and get to know more about the Beaba Institute’s work:

Title: #poefiltro
Agency: Talent Marcel
Client: Instituto Beaba
Global Creative Director: Bruno Bertelli
CCO: João Livi
Creative Director: Marcello Droopy Almeida, Rodrigo Lugato
Digital Strategy Director: Jean Boechat
Creative Team: Paulo Almeida P.A., Marcelo Carvalho, Lucas Siqueira Cesar, Jean Boechat, Marcello Droopy Almeida, Rodrigo Lugato
Design/Illustration: Elisa Sassi
Animation: Julio Figueredo
Content: Gica Yabu
Accounts: Fernanda Faria, Mayara Valadares, Alex Isnenghi
Social Media Strategy: Vitor Ayrosa, Mario Torre, Rafael Amorim, Paulo Stephan, Daisy Köhler, Marcela Ferreira
PR: Luiza Siffert Porto, Cláudia Nascimento
Community Manager: Anfíbia
Agency Producer: Maria Hermínia Weinstock, Ubiratan Rio
Videocase Production: Daemon Filmes
Videocase Soundtrack: Comando S Áudio
Client Approval: Simone Mozzilli