Supra Press by Monkey Wrench Kolkata

In India, marks are one of the primary parameters of judging a child’s worth and children are constantly subjected to comparisons by their parents. Our campaign highlighted examples of renowned geniuses who were not born geniuses but paved their way towards glory by tapping into their passions while honing their skills, conquering the odds in their way towards greatness. In the coming exam season, let’s remind our children that they are not defined by their grades.

Advertising Agency: Monkey Wrench Communications
Creative Director: Ashis Mridha
Associate Creative Director: Madhura Chakravarty
Art Director: Aritra Das, Ashis Mridha
Copywriter: Suchetana Ghosh, Madhura Chakravarty
Illustrator: Santanu Mitra
Head Client Servicing: Kusumanjan Banerjee
Account Management: Ankita Chatterjee


Supra Press by Monkey Wrench

Supra Press by Monkey Wrench




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  1. Great post. It is really important to make children that grades are not the definition of success.

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