Seniority-Flagship Store by Insiya Pithawala


Insiya Pithawala

Insiya Pithawala

Insiya Pithawala is a spatial experience designer based in Mumbai. She got her Design degree in the field of Retail and Exhibition Design from MIT institute of Design, an esteemed Institution in Pune, India. She is a retail design specialist and have worked for one of India’s leading design firms, Restore Design, Bangalore. She has designed stores for brands like Zivame, Barbeque Nation, Imagica, Van Heusen, etc. She is currently working as a freelance professional in the file of spatial and experience design.

Seniority is India’s first destination created especially for all senior citizens, designed by the talented Insiya Pithawala. They carry a vast and specially curated product portfolio that provides comfort and convenience for all seniors and their caregivers. The store is made in an existing bungalow in a quaint area in the city of Pune, India instead of opting for a standard retail format on a high street. The aim was to seamlessly blend the retail aspects into a home environment to create a comfortable and positive space that the seniors feel comfortable walking into. The look and feel of the space is kept simple using white as a base, highlighted with a fresh green to brighten up the space and the wooden elements used to add warmth.

The floor plan is modified to make it more open and greenery is added in little pockets to bring the feeling of the outdoors, indoors. The central skylight is used as a focal point as it emancipates light throughout the entire room and adorns a colorful origami installation to add some spunk in the space. The product placement and fixtures are planned in a way that highlight the positive products and showcase the negative products in a positive light. The fixtures are modular so as to accommodate all the different types and sizes of products.

The store serves an experience center for the customers to try the products before purchasing. The store also serves as a space where the seniors can drop in and spend some time with like-minded individuals, be part of a community and maybe watch a movie or take part in a weekly workshop. They have several breakout spaces that serve as activity areas. All the furniture is movable and the space can be transformed to host the respective event.

The interiors are designed keeping in mind the various guidelines for creating a senior friendly physical environment. The entire store is designed to be wheelchair accessible along with seating areas at regular intervals and at the point of sale for seniors that have difficulty in standing/walking for a long period of time. Anti-glare & anti-slip finishes are used to reduce strain. Visible contrasts and color blocking are used to define the different functional areas in the store.

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