Pernod Ricard – Change lies within

From this month, with the help of Sanjeev Jassani, Vice President OgilvyOne New Delhi, and a very old and dear friend, we start a 15 episode series on DM case studies at OgilvyOne. This week we cover Pernod Ricard.

The Brief:
How do you celebrate and present the new face of an iconic spirit without denigrating the existing? More so when the spirit in question is Chivas Regal 12. The task gets even more challenging when the communication is aimed at the top rung of the core brand team that has lived through so many ‘changes’. So how do you shake them out of their ennui, raise excitement levels and ensure that this enthusiasm percolates right down to all those below them?

The Solution:
The old holds within it, the new face of exuberance. And this was demonstrated quite aptly by literally turning the carton inside out! As the old carton is folded back, the new one emerges from within, with the new bottle resting on a pedestal at its centre.
But the drama is not just reserved for the brand manager alone. It’s also to be shared with the team. And doing this to perfection are six identical miniatures of the ‘inside-out’ cartons, tucked into the base.
As each miniature is pulled out and reversed, from within emerges an exact new bottle replica holding an even bigger surprise. Hidden within each new Chivas 12 bottle replica are pen drives loaded with the new brand manual.

The Results:
Sometimes the impact of announcing change without the usual razzmatazz is more lasting. Not only were the core team taken aback by the multiple surprises the mailer held, but the levels of revelation intrigued them to go through every aspect in detail. And the piece de resistance – the miniature Chivas 12 bottle pen-drive, became as coveted as the new Chivas 12 bottle to be shared amongst all. What’s more, request for more miniature pen drives were placed to be gifted to the trade.

9 thoughts on “Pernod Ricard – Change lies within

  1. Yogee says:

    15 episode series on DM case studies is too good.
    But can bigger pics (jpgs) be posted or can there be links?

    One needs to see in detail what was done — I mean, the line, the copy, the finer details if possible!


  2. Atin says:

    Fantastic Series!
    Could’ve been even better if we could read the stuff.

  3. deepika says:

    hey great work! want to see more of this!

  4. paramvir says:

    thanks for the likes, guys! will try and get larger size files that all can read. stay tuned!

  5. Sanjeev Jasani says:

    Hey guys, im glad u all like this series … im looking forward to sharing a lot of stuff with you guys through param …

  6. Takesh says:

    great work guys! how did you choose the people on the mailing list? how do you analyse the results of a campaign like this? is there a call to action? do people reply? do people ask for another small bottle?

  7. paramvir says:

    for all those wanting a higher resolution where you can read the text is here:

  8. Yogee says:

    I have a few questions for you Sanjeev.

    I feel the production of something like this would have been a nightmare.
    Who did the printing and fabrication?
    Which printer? Delhi / Mumbai?
    What was the print run? and how much did each of them cost?
    How was it delivered?

  9. @yogee – the production was a nightmare. but then who said great dm work is easy. A single pack costed us around 9500 bucks including the cost of the bottle and the 6 pen drives. but was worth it. the fabrication was done in delhi. we printed around 20 bottles.

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