Neeraj Joshi : Founder & CEO, TailorWear

One thing which strikes the most when one meets Neeraj is the passion he exudes, be it for his business or his love for fitness and travel.
He has a very impressive educational & professional background which he feels was the consequence of just going with the flow than a well thought out strategy. However he wants to now make maximum use of his pedigree by putting it all in his new venture TailorWear where he wants to revolutionize tailoring service using technology and talent.  

Tell us about TailorWear
TailorWear addresses a very unique problem of its customers in the space of their dressing needs.
Assembly line manufactured clothes are made on perfectly shaped patterns which just don’t fit an average male body. They also do not offer any scope of customization or individual expression.
On the other hand, tailors, while available for a dime-a-dozen in India, the workmanship of this set is pretty inconsistent & unreliable.
Of course, one has to make multiple rounds of markets, first to buy fabric from one place, then look for tailor & then for trials & pickup.
TailorWear takes away all these inconveniences of the customers in one go. Its team, which has a cumulative experience of around 100 years, visits the customers’ place, be it home, hotel or office. They carry fabric swatches which are from the latest collections of mostly Italian mills & leading brands. The same masters then cut and stitch the garments thereby ensuring the complete integrity of an authentic bespoke concept. The masters then carry the final garment to the customer & ensure that they fit well. So, the customers don’t need to step out at all. Through this process, a highly complex service is delivered at customers’ doorstep & at a very honest price.
We also cater to international clients through our Made to Measure service. This provides us with a deep insight of the latest global trends & quality standards as followed in those markets which we apply in the domestic market.

What made you start TailorWear
I have been part of fashion & lifestyle industry and have spent considerable time in the space of garment manufacturing & sourcing. The Raymond stint offered me an opportunity to work with tailor masters, karigars etc. all across the country & globally. I was also instrumental in carving out Made to Measure as an independent business for Raymond which involved many small & big innovations. All throughout, I always believed that there existed a far bigger scope & need for the customized clothing, not only in India but also globally for the garments manufactured in India.
Every customer, male or female would prefer a customized garment over readymade if it is available with reasonable reliability. And delivering this is possible only if one understands the process of tailoring minutely and has a great team to work with. This thought had been inside me for quite some time. So when the time was right, we put together all our resources, energy & passion, rolled up our sleeves & prepared ourselves to serve our customers & making them more stylish.

What is TailorWear’s positioning and marketing strategy?
TailorWear offers customized, tailored garments (we will add fashion accessories later) which is the result of a beautiful process of co-creation between our experienced team & the customer. However we are clear that we are a fashion products company & would like to be seen with that perspective only.

In terms of pricing, we are competitive to any reputed national level readymade menswear brand. We charge just a little premium due to the costs involved in individual piece manufacturing but compensate that with a far superior fabric and of course a fit which readymade can’t even come close to. So the other important benefit we offer our customers is our honest pricing.
We would like to communicate these two points through our entire marketing program. Our creative strategy will be more noticeable once we start bringing out our seasonal collections & our website is up & running.

Considering that Online is becoming increasingly important, what are your strategies for online marketing in India?
Technology plays a very important role in today’s businesses. It plays a critical role in our business. We have carved out a very comprehensive technology strategy which is not restricted to only having just a portal with a payment gateway. It encompasses production planning, inventory management, basically a complete enterprise resource planning system. Only technology can enable businesses to achieve scale and still continue deliver the same level of customer service which one delivers at an individual level.
Our customers are very avid users of internet and social media. Therefore we want to reach out to them digitally in a big way. Our marketing efforts in terms of time and money too are skewed in favor of digital medium.

Your mantra is,“If it doesn’t fit well, it is not stylish” How important is bespoke tailoring according to TailorWear?
Mark Twain said, “Clothes make the man.” And in clothes what matters the most is how they fit. It is better to wear an old shirt sitting well on the shoulders than a brand new one which has the sleeves longer than the wearer’s arms. In a jacket or a trouser, fit assumes even greater importance. We, at TailorWear feel very strongly about the fitting aspect of the garments. Our whole endeavor is to educate our customers about the importance of fit by giving them a nicely fitted piece of garment. This is possible only if the garments are tailored.

How important is good creative for brand building?
It is very difficult to build a brand without a powerful and emotion inducing creative. That’s the starting point. But one should not get too swayed by the creative juices & lose focus from the basic proposition.
We also believe in the power of simplicity. A nice, simple, direct creative is what I personally prefer. I think that’s the trend world over as well. All the top brands, especially in the fashion & lifestyle keep their creatives, symbols, lines, story very minimalistic, very neat.

What is going to be your Creative Strategy for 2016?
2016 is a very important year for us. This year should see TailorWear reaching out to the customers across the globe in a more planned way. The creative strategy has to lead this initiative. All the creatives will be designed to suit a global citizen, men of the world.
We are going to place special thrust on ultra short AVs to communicate our brand and product proposition to our target audience.

Comment on Social Media Strategy for TailorWear. Are you active on Pinterest?
Social media is increasingly becoming a very important part of the marketing strategy. It is a two-way, community based medium. That makes it even more interesting & powerful. It offers a scope of not only engaging the customers but also learning from them, their inputs and issues which concern them. So we feel that social media is a boon for a learning organization which we feel we are.
We are present in all popular SM formats like facebook, twitter, Instagram, Google+ and Pinterest & would like to interact with our customers through all forms of social media.

What’s your Twitter handle?

What’s on your iPod?
It is packed with all kind of Jazz & classical music.


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3 thoughts on “Neeraj Joshi : Founder & CEO, TailorWear

  1. Sagar says:

    Excellent Interview
    Just want to know where can i buy these? Coz the Blazers look excellent

  2. Mukesh says:

    Awesome. To lanch a designer wear label in this market…

  3. Neeraj says:

    Hello Sagar,
    As mentioned in the discussion, we visit customer’s home, office or any other place of convenience and do the consultation, measurement there. This way we ensure that out customer is able to avoid the hassles of traffic and wastage of time. You can drop a line to our Facebook or Twitter page. Alternatively you can write to we will take care of the rest from there.

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