The Multi-Persona women of today: Catching them young with Park Avenue’s Deodorant

Park Avenue, JKHC’s premium Apparel and grooming Brand, with a strong established equity in the men’s consumer mind space and gradually increasing recognition amongst the female consumer, intended to widen its Women’s portfolio by launching a deodorant for young women.


Post studying the brand’s equity and the current standing, which was extremely strong in the men’s mind space and relatively nascent in the female consumer’s mind, WOW Design, as per our Design Thinking process redefined the objective as – extending a predominantly men centric brand, Park Avenue into the female grooming space, such that it could start building connect with a new set of audience, in short ‘catch them young’.
The category is much cluttered and there are a plethora of brands to choose from. But we were clear, we had to position Park Avenue clearly for the right TG. So if Fogg is for the ‘smart’ and Eva for the ‘elegant’ women, Park Avenue will have to appeal to the “Women of Style” bringing alive the core brand proposition of ‘Freshness’. The PA women is confident and bold but not a rebel, carefree but not careless. She has a strong sense of who she is, yet she experiments and openly takes pride in it. Her Grooming Basket is empty without a deodorant and the multi time utility nature of the product prompts its TG to carry one in their handbag as well. Once she becomes the shopper, the brand needs to catch her attention amidst the plethora of brands on shelf as well.

Hence, to Launch the Brand, the Packaging Design needed to carry a High Aspiration Proposition and a language that she could associate her life with.

Design Solution:
Highlighting the brand ‘Park Avenue’ with a vertical orientation to give it good visibility which in a horizontal layout could have gone missing due to the structural constraint. This would also help increase Brand’s recognition in the female grooming space and gradually help the brand become an intrinsic part of this consumer’s life and aspirations.

The mood of the range was kept young, lively yet assertive, with not very stringent forms being used on the pack. The variant names carry forward the same thought and establish an instant connect with the different personas, which today’s multi-persona women are.


The color Palette is bold, vibrant and exciting with its usage of hot pink, bright blue, indigo and the chrome yellows and these shades also add a tinge of freshness to the category.


The strategic placement of the ‘8 hour freshness lock’ monemonic adds to the core proposition of “freshness’ that the brand stands for.



Design Agency: WOW Design , Mumbai,India Creative Director:  Deepti Kshirsagar
Art director : Shruti Bulsara
Copywriter: Puja Shirodkar
Illustrator: Shruti Bulsara
Digital Artist: Viren Dalvi

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