Juice Salon : Hairstyles

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9 thoughts on “Juice Salon : Hairstyles

  1. geet says:

    cul style i love juice hair as it always comes up wit new trends n styles, keep up the good work guys……………

  2. Rush says:

    <p>You have built a good websites</p>

  3. Radnor says:

    Haha ^^ nice, is there a section to follow the RSS feed

  4. Shabs... says:

    I visited Juice salon which is located at jublie hills in Hyderabad. I would like to give my feedback on the service and my experience. I had been there 3 weeks back for my hair wash and blowdry setting. What I expected from Juice is international standards and the products what they use will obviously be international standards, But the shampoo and conditioner they use for any hair wash is of Lo’real product, which I use at my home as well. And the person who did my hair wasn’t a professional at all. The way he handled was rough and the girl who was holding the dryer for my hair almost burnt my front part of my hair, the people working there aren’t professionals at all, they don’t even know how far they should hold the dryer from hair while drying. And the cost is same as any other international Salon. I think Juice Salon jublie hills are not doing a good job at all. The service is very poor there. I rate this salon 1/5. These people only know how to talk and get the customers but I’m sure none of the customers are satisfied with their service, coz I’ve seen other people also complaining on the service. We cannot term this salon as international salon as the products they use is local ones. I never want to visit Juice again.

  5. Chaitali says:

    Well…this could be the case with Hyderabad, however, I have had a decent experience in Mumbai..even in terms of products they use…

  6. saumya says:

    probably shabs has a point, some of the franchisees may not be giving the best of service. has happened to me at a couple of other places too…

  7. anam says:

    we hve booked for bridal make up at juice. can anyone pls let me knw if the services provided at the hyderabad branch of juice are good or nt??

  8. anam says:

    how is the rebonding at juice?

  9. neelam says:

    guys wanna say that khar juice and all the juice in mumbai rocksss…..

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