Writen by Terry. Terence D’Costa is a very dear friend and a top-notch creative in the Himalayas.

See I told you. Now that you’ve made the logo larger, it’s looking nice and visible now.

It was visible then too. Even if you had cataracts in both lenses but now it’s ruined the layout.

Can we kinda like, move it a bit to the left?

It’s aligned to the headline and if we move it any further to the left, we…

Exactly, align the headline to the logo then.

Can I align a nuclear-tipped heatseeker to your gluteus maximus?

And make the words ‘New Improved’ a bit larger.

Larger like the logo larger or like sidewinder meets keister larger?

Yes, much better and I was going through the copy and it’s nice but can we use another word for exciting?

How about… nice?

Nice! Much better. Nice is so much nicer, isn’t it?

Not half as much as barf.

In the first line of the body copy, can we have the word ‘new’ in bold please? It’s like kinda lost in there.

It’s like kinda like kinda kinda. What else is new?

After all, we need our consumers to know we’ve like, changed the formula.

Right, but that’s what the ad is already talking about in the headline.

We should make it clear to our consumers in the body copy too.

Hello. Isn’t that the entire purpose of the ad?

That’s why we must have the word ‘new’ in bold. In fact, use bold caps wherever the word is used across the ad.

How about we also take it up a few notches size wise and underline it just to be sure?

Great idea!

Yeah and how about we overlay it in tomato red and apply a fat yellow stroke, just so that it’s the first thing you see.


A bevel effect maybe with an outer glow for that, you know, aura around what you’re saying?


Right and just in case some folks are colour blind, how about we add a starburst behind it everywhere it appears across the body copy and hang on, what do we need body copy for? Let’s just have the word ‘new’ repeated thirteen times just so that we’re 100% sure that consumers get it.

Yes, yes, yes !

Here’s when you strategically withdraw and let him, her, it self-sire another Godzilla. And just in case you’re wondering, I’m NOT referring to a client here. In a lopsided world of brilliant equals, the equanimity of the wise is often tested by the brilliance of the otherwise. Go figure.


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  1. admin says:

    awesome. there wasa video on YoiuTube about what iPod packaging would look like if it were made by Microsoft! Must take a look at it!

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